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  There was no Christmas in early Christianity. It is only from the II century that the Church sought to determine the day of Jesus birth on which the Gospels are silent for years to explain how Christmas was invented. Lack of documents establishing this date of birth allowed the field open for ecclesiastic figures to choose a date for this historical event. Different dates were proposed such as: The 6th of January, the 25th of March and the 10th of April. Around 330 the Emperor Constantine set the date of December 25 to coincide with the winter solstice to counter pagan holidays of the deity Mithras and other demonic gods. But in 353, under Pope Liberius (or liberos) the feast of Christ birth proposal was brought to Rome. In 425, the Emperor Theodosius officially codified the Christmas ceremonies to become exclusively Christian feast. "The Council of Agde in 506 made this a mandatory holiday and the Emperor Justinian in 529, made it a holiday" Of the foregoing, it can be said that today it is universally recognized by historians that December 25 is a matter of Catholic convenience imposed on the world.

The Jewish calendar begins with the month of Abib or Nisan (Exodus 12: 1-2; 13: 1-4), which corresponds to the month of April of the Gregorian calendar. The twelfth month of the Jewish calendar is Adar. The angel said to Mary: "you are Welcome because the Lord has granted you a particular grace, he is with you." Do not be frightened Mary, because you have the favor of God. You're going to become pregnant and give birth to a son named Jesus. He will be great, and you will call him the son of the God high. The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestors David. And he will rule over Israel forever. "His kingdom is endless." (Luc1: 28-33)
Mary asked to the Angel: "how will it be possible, since I am a Virgin?". (Luke 1: 34) The Angel replied: "the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of God will overshadow you." So, the Baby born to you will be holy and will be called the son of God. Elisabeth has become pregnant in her old age! People used to say she was barren, but she is already at her six months. For nothing is impossible to God. "(Luke 1: 35-37) Mary responded, "I am the lord servant” I ‘am willing to accept whatever he wants. (Luke 1: 38).
In December, Marie baby had only 4 months and could not arise, Christ cannot be a 4-month premature child because God is perfect. Thus, from the sixth month that is from September until May it's been 9 months of pregnancy. It is clear that Christ was born in May, and the Kimbanguist revelations specify that it was May the 25th.

Furthermore, in December, Europe and Israel, the weather is very cold, (winter). The shepherds could not, therefore, remain outside grazing their animals. The shepherds were doing so under good weather outside, as described in the bible: "In the same region, there were shepherds who spent their night in the fields to keep their flock." (Luke 2: 8) In all cases, the shepherds and their animals cannot really survive in the extreme cold of winter in December. The happy couple, Joseph and Marie could not remain in a place that was exposed to cold during the birth of their first child. She wrapped him snugly in strips of clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the village inn. (Luke 2: 7) couple is therefore found in the feeder for animals filled with straw and was completely exposed to the outside air. To cover the body Holy and gentle baby Jesus, Marie simply used a small rectangle of wool or cotton (mixtures) no hot clothes was typically used to protect the babies in winter. This shows that Jesus Christ could not raise in December in the conditions as described in the Holy Bible. (Luke 2: 7).
This is what can be read in the Dogmatic Constitution of Del Verbum (Catholic)
In His goodness and wisdom God chose to reveal Himself and to make known to us the hidden purpose of His will by which through Christ, the Word made flesh, man might in the Holy Spirit have access to the Father and come to share in the divine nature. Through this revelation, therefore, the invisible God out of the abundance of His love speaks to men as friends and lives among them so that He may invite and take them into fellowship with Himself. This plan of revelation is realized by deeds and words having in inner unity: the deeds wrought by God in the history of salvation manifest and confirm the teaching and realities signified by the words, while the words proclaim the deeds and clarify the mystery contained in them. By this revelation then, the deepest truth about God and the salvation of man shines out for our sake in Christ, who is both the mediator and the fullness of all revelation. Through divine revelation, God chose to show forth and communicate Himself and the eternal decisions of His will regarding the salvation of men. That is to say, He chose to share with them those divine treasures which totally transcend the understanding of the human mind. As a sacred synod has affirmed, God, the beginning and end of all things, can be known with certainty from created reality by the light of human reason but teaches that it is through His revelation that those religious truths which are by their nature accessible to human reason can be known by all men with ease, with solid certitude and with no trace of error, even in this present state of the human race.

On 24 December 1990, midnight, father Diangienda Kuntima Joseph had broken with the Catholic tradition of organizing the vigil of Christmas by stating: "Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of another different month." Sooner or later, you will know this month. It is a secret that you will discover through research. (Kimbanguist Archives). Note that the vigils of Christmas, midnight masses are conventional symbolism. Indeed, how biblically these midnight masses? The question may still be asked with interest: Jesus Christ was really born at midnight? The biblical research will continue in the next chapters. On 24 May 1996, at midnight, after church program devoted to the anniversary of father Dialungana Kiangani Salomon’s 80th anniversary, he uttered loudly three times with joy: Christmas! ÉÉ; Christmas! ÉÉ; Christmas! ÉÉ.
The faithful in turmoil and boiling understood that the month of May is ended Christmas as they referred on father Diangienda Kuntima revelation 66 months after.

The General Assembly of the Kimbanguist Church, held from 27 to 31 March 1999 in Nkamba Jerusalem, after extensive biblical research and serious analysis, resulted in the logical conclusion that the "Christmas", day of the birth of Jesus Christ, is now celebrated by the Kimbanguist on 25 May of each year. Our Lord Jesus Christ was born May 25, not December 25. This drop of water shaked the ocean and stirred the ocean of lies on the birth of Jesus. May the 25th is African day, also the anniversary of father Dialungana Kiangani Solomon (1916-2001). Papa Dialungana Kiangani Salomon, second son of Simon Kimbangu was appointed by his father to be the keeper of Nkamba new Jerusalem. Therefore, the faithful affectionately called him Mfumu'a Mbanza, that is to say, the custodian of the Holy City (Nkamba). In his legendary hospitality, he would seriously discuss with his hosts upon their arrival in Nkamba New Jerusalem and reassure that they were already housed and properly fed. Father Dialungana also loved agriculture, livestock and fish farming. He accomplished his mission successfully through his manifest divine attributes. His name Dialungana means "Completion." His love was particularly out of the ordinary showing that he was and is truly the son of God. He healed all sorts of diseases, resuscitated dead, had walked on water, had the gift of ubiquity (omnipresence), etc. He showed during his life signs of power, revealed the secrets and mysteries as his father Simon kimbangu had done in the past.

Kimbangu was and continues to show many mysteries and secrets to non-Kimbanguists even away from his native land. God shows his treasures to those who love him. (1Corinth.2: 9) The year 2000 was full of revelations by father Dialungana Kiangani. In early 2000, when people were troubled by westerners false alarms on the end of the world, father Dialungana Kiangani, called kimbanguists faithful to persevere and remain in prayer. He also announced in Nkamba New Jerusalem that: "what was in the right side has now shifted to the left side and what was in the left has shifted to the right." Indeed, on the 10th of April 2000, 17 months before returning to heaven father Dialungana Kiangani Solomon made a great statement in Nkamba new Jerusalem by saying: "If you are asked who is the Christ that the world has been looking for a long time, answer them back that it is me." I am back. "You can now announce it to the world."

This may seem like good news to those who truly believe in God revelations. But doubtful to those who are still in darkness relying on human imagination. Churches around the world failed to give details to its Christians on the date of Jesus birth. Nobody talks about it. As a whole, it’s clearly known that the 25 of December is considered as a conventional date believe it or not. Now, should Christian churches continue celebrating this date even if the history tells us how and what mechanism that was used setting up this date in the past?
Why the lord Jesus Christ who is an expert of his own history promised the coming of the Holy Spirit the one who reveal hidden things that no one would reveal? It is simply because as him being God, he knew how history would be altered by human imagination as lie easily get into people minds. The fulfillment of Jesus promise came to be accomplished on father Simon kimbangu the Holy Spirit. The only one in this generation who sat, conversed with the lord and was instructed to continue his undone mission. Because when the lord Jesus was appearing to father Simon kimbangu to trust him this tough mission, he was coming in spirit and human form. Father Simon Kimbangu during his sentence was asked about the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ, he was confident to say that he was black and will appear in the black race. This was among the reasons why they arrested him. The colonists were clear to explain that when a prophet in a country appears, it is the end of everything because people will receive revelations coming from God. Since the coming of the Holy Spirit, we are no longer subject to believe on imagination or invention. But a revelation which leads to knowing God’s secret. As results, the Kimbanguism as being a dwelling of revelations already had broken with the Chains of imagination and so should you as son of God High. The 25 of May is indeed the true anniversary of the lord Jesus Christ as revealed by the Holy Spirit. On the 25 of May which is the revealed date, everybody is asleep. But in the conventional date of 25 of December everybody is awake. It is clear to see how lie is welcomed to human. In the Kimbanguism it is not just word but actions that show the power of the lord manifested to human for awareness. Amen!

 The True Christmas Day Revealed