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    The KImbanguist Principles And Methods 

     What really defines the Kimbanguism and its followers around the world? The answer would simply be the principles and methods that are enforced to its members, the faith, and a collective life. It is obvious to recognize that a mutual respect is linked to the principles and methods which represent the true code of conduct on each kimbanguist. The Kimbanguism has a strict and severe moral code that bans the use of tobacco, marihuana, the use of alcoholic beverage, unusual dancing, frequentation of clubs or bars, participation to cultural events which requires dancing, arguments among family members or friends, grudging, stealing, lying, coveting somebody’s wife or husband, the use magical power or fetishes, taking bath cloth less, sleeping cloth less, buying or doing any work on Sunday, eating pork or monkey meat, owe money without paying back, women to leave their heads uncovered without scarf, men to keep long growing hair without cutting them and keeping long beard or mustache.

       These principles remotes kimbanguist Christians from what goes on in people minds and society. Whoever is caught practicing unlawful acts is subject to a punishment. Mutual respects and obeying the church’s rules takes kimbanguists far from doing evil acts to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in a clean house and facilitate a pure connection. A true kimbanguist is the one who respects rigorously these principles and methods. Whereas a false kimbanguist is the one who disrespects all of these principles and methods by acting just like pagan. For kimbanguists, these principles and methods enforcement are placed between Christians and animism that kimbanguists always considers as Christianity to be authentically African. Now if a kimbanguist behavioral acts are based on principles and methods, it means that the foundation of their faith In God is also linked to that. Just measure the role of kimbanguists who holds that kimbangu is the Holy Spirit, the third person in the trinity, the counselor promised by the lord Jesus Christ. It is truly a vital spirit that God acts on.

    This spirit is used as a weapon to fight any satanic behaviors that brings sadness among people. This is the raison why kimbanguists take advantage of this super powered spirit to fight sorcery, magical power and other satanic actions. So, in order to win Satan, kimbanguists always place these principles and methods in the first place to allow God to act and answer to their prayers in any circumstances through the power of the Holy Spirit. Kimbanguists give themselves time to perform regular fasting at home, in remote places away from cities like forests and bushes from one up to three days foodless and drink less. During these days they focus on praying and singing continuously. From these engagements, kimbanguists in fasting feel the power of the Holy Spirit manifested on them as it comes in different ways. There are individual and collective visions. One of which is seeing Simon Kimbangu standing up to the sky and his three children surrounded by angels. God also give revelations on things that already passed long time ago and things to come in the future for our awareness and also capture songs, melodies inspired by the Holy Spirit. On some occasion, A non kimbanguist believers are also allowed to participate in the fasting programs. Being in a direct connection with the Holy Spirit, brings joys among people in fasting as they are touched by the Holy Spirit. Many of non kimbanguist believers who participate in the program have turned themselves into being as kimbanguist Christians.

    On the other hand, these principles and methods create a pure connection with God. Besides fasting, kimbanguist give themselves times to perform regular fasting and prayers. Here are some given time that kimbanguists frequently use to pray such as: before doing anything, before bedtime, after bedtime, and must pray at ten o clock, twelve o clock, three o’clock in the afternoon, six o’clock in the afternoon, ten o’clock in the evening, twelve o’clock (midnight), three o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the morning. It is also to mention that in the kimbanguist church, there is no need of using biblical chapters to compose songs. There are people who have gifts of capturing songs from angels which is the daily message that God transmits to his people in order to know God’s mission, desires, secrets, revelations and the truth of what that had already passed and what to come in the future. A good kimbanguist is always protected by the Holy Spirit in times of troubles or any circumstances that they face in life. As the Holy Spirit manifests in a supernatural power, they are kimbanguist who also have the power of operating miracles such as: the power of healing and revealing things to come transmitted by the Holy Spirit. 

But these are only effective to a dissent good Christian who respects all of the principles and methods ordered by S. kimbangu and the twelve commandments given by God which allows the Holy Spirit to act. The other step is based on the prophesy realization. The establishment of the Kimbanguism is organized in a collective way of living among kimbanguists. The principles and methods bring hope and spiritual salvation that shows a total liberation from wickedness. Besides church programs and retreats, the kimbanguist congregation put themselves into well-formed church associations to enforce cultural, social and economic aspects as we can find divers associations like choirs, women and men associations that creates an integral part in the true kimbanguist way of living, as it shows how the kimbanguist church and its Christians impregnates all of the aspects of all individual life into a collective one. It is imperative to mention that kimbanguists are involved in the society by putting a dissent behavioral conduct linked to the principles and methods that I early mentioned. In conclusion, the principles and methods that were elaborated by Diangenda Kuntima who the late spiritual leader in connection with the Holy Spirit was himself, governs the kimbanguist’s daily behaviors. The implementation of this way of living in the society has made a true kimbanguist to become more touched by the Holy Spirit. This is the contrary to a false kimbanguist who disrespects the principles and methods including the Ten Commandments. This is a very spiritual connection to God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.