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  The ancients pharaohs vases discovered in Kasai (congo, Africa) meaning that the egyptians ancients lived in Kongo

  Archaeologists will slice and analyze the discovery of these vases corresponding to the small cube in which the internal intestines and liver of pharaohs was conservated after his death. This secret circulated among political and cultural entities in France before being revealed.

Egypt presents a unique characteristic to be the root of the civilization which is continuously maintained without any tangible evidence for about three millenniums. But this affirmation is about to be contradicted after the discovery that occurred in the gold mining in kalulu. A village situated in the surroundings of a tiny town of Kabemba and konyi which is less than two hundred miles from Kananga, in the occidental Kasai where four vases in which the Egyptian internal organs such as stomach and his internals were conservated and was finally found.

These vases found in Congo, represents all four directions according to the Egyptologist. the human and little god Issis protecting the canoe vase containing those organs that were discovered by a Congolese Mohamed Betu Abba. Even the green stones that the Egyptian queens used for their make-ups were also found.

Again in the south of Congo precisely on lualaba River, the place where in 1918 an Osiris in gold was discovered. that means, the Egyptians and pharaohs lived in Congo before migrating to the north side of Africa. Archaeologist are trying to find answers on this discovery, which will allow rewriting the African history.