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     Why father Simon kimbangu is not a prophet

Who is a prophet? He is a person who acts as an intermediary between God and men, reminding them of the obligations arising out of the spiritual alliance that the creator has concluded with them. He is somehow God spokesperson who announces in time and in space the divine will to humans. He is also the intercessor by excellence that transmits the different expectations of humans to God. In Fact, he hears his voice and speaks with him; A Prophet is regarded as "the ear and the mouth of God among men." As such, it remains an important character whose opinions are actively sought, and recommendations implemented to the letter.

Even if each Prophet is often aimed at a specific people, his message is by universal nature that is intended for all mankind. The actual mission of a prophet begins with the discovery of his vocation (call) and automatically ends in death. Historically, the Kimbanguist Church considers that the prophetess Kimpa vita and the biblical prophets were true servants of God, but however the church doesn’t officially recognize neither yesterday nor today any prophet who calls himself a prophet.

Jesus Christ in his time spoke on behalf of his father who had sent him; he preached, healed and blessed all who came to him and predicted the future beyond human understanding. Suddenly, he was described as a prophet while he told the men that God was his father. But her immaculate conception, her bloodlust and his ascension... eventually convinced the world several centuries after his death that he was not a "prophet." but rather the son of God and better yet God the son.

In 1921, when Father Simon Kimbangu began his Ministry that was ordered by Jesus Christ, he spoke also on behalf of the latter because he was the one who had sent him. Before the crowds that flooded Nkamba, he did not have another alternative rather that preaching the Gospel, healing and blessing them. His sermons, his actions and his predictions being worthy of a prophet, his contemporaries (colonizers and his own people) considered him as a prophet, while himself Father Simon Kimbangu had never ceased to claim himself as being "Ntumua Ya Yisu Klisto" "the special Envoy of Jesus Christ’’.
But curiously, from 1959 to the beginning of 1990s, the Kimbanguist Church was registered in the Belgian colonial administration annals. The church is known as ‘’ the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by the Prophet Simon Kimbangu". Today, we realize that it was done by a pure strategy, because the time had not yet arrived to reveal to the world that: Father Simon Kimbangu was the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus Christ. It has also been officially announced in September 1991 after the ceremony of Father Simon Kimbangu rehabilitation. Now we can proclaim loudly and clearly that Father Simon Kimbangu is really the Holy Spirit, because his auto resurrection, rising and his various manifestations from beyond death (not to mention all) are conclusive evidence that he is more than a prophet and therefore God.

Until then, this was just a simple demonstration to prove "why Father Simon Kimbangu is not a prophet?". Now we will try to prove it in three different categories by using the reincarnation at first namely: the reincarnation of Father Simon Kimbangu, his manifestation, his daily appearances, and the similarities between him and Jesus Christ.

Reincarnations with or without prior death.

Unlike a certain majority widespread opinion – the incarnation and reincarnation are not the preserve of Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism or Hinduism. These concepts are also Christian to the extent where the bible alludes clearly. Indeed, in the Old Testament, the Prophet Isaiah speaks well of the incarnation of Jesus Christ in Chapter 9 verse 5, i.e., of the coating by the spirit of the human body. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ himself confirms the reincarnation of Elijah does the person of John the Baptist (Matthew 17: 10-13).

In fact, it occurs several years after the Prophet Elijah was rose from Earth to Heaven (2 Kings 2: 9-11). This rising is humanly akin or similar to death, since father Diangienda Kuntima has always said that: "nothing of what is land or mud can go to heaven without death. Same as Jesus, the son of God was able to access it with his material body, firstly, he died and resurrected before going with his body not carnal but a spiritual one. What about Elijah who was only a simple Prophet?

As a general rule, the reincarnation occurs only after death, meaning that it only after leaving the first body that the mind can be reborn then in another. Unfortunately, except for a few rare cases, but God made it impossible to reincarnate people to remember their previous existence.

The first reincarnation of Father Simon Kimbangu is exceptional because it took place in his lifetime. Without prior death. In 1910, Father Simon Kimbangu aged just 23 years predicted that “I will be born again in 1918”. Some believed that he would first die and reborn again. But while he was still alive, his wife mother Muilu Kiawana Nzitani Mary gave birth on March 22, 1918, to father Diangienda Kuntima. As a Child, the latter failed to hug his father, and then his father tells him that you could not hug yourself. His mother consoled him reassuring him that one day you will understand why you couldn’t hug your father. It was father Kumbesa, brother of father Kuyela, who explained to father Diangienda Kuntima why he never managed to embrace Father Simon Kimbangu. Father Kumpesa is also the one who will confirm to father Diangienda Kuntima that in 1910 his father had predicted that he will be born again in 1918, the year where he came to the world. That implied that they both were spiritually one and the same person. Between 1950 and 1951, while Father Simon Kimbangu was still in prison, the wives of his three sons were all pregnant. Before this state of fact, Father Simon Kimbangu predicted that if one of them has a born boy, it will be him who would be back among us. All Kimbanguist know that Father Simon KImbangu Kiangani was born October 12, 1951, in Nkamba at the same moment when his grandfather Simon Kimbangu was dying in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi current). No offense to the detractors of this historical truth, the current spiritual leader and legal representative of the Kimbanguist Church was well born October 12, 1951, under the name of Simon Kimbangu; his last name Kiangani" is a late addition, which is a corollary of the politics of authenticity initiated in 1971 by President Mobutu. It was to replace all Christian names to be typically African last name.
What is special in these two reincarnations of Father Simon Kimbangu is the fact that he had announced them himself during his lifetime. In the biblical tradition, no Prophet could be reborn twice or predicting its future rebirth Events post-mortem (visions, dreams or appearances in flesh and bones)

The list of Biblical chapters, as well minor as Major Prophets, is so long that we cannot mention them all here. Regardless of the period and the place where they have prophesied, none of them had to occur by day or by night, physically or spiritually, beyond death. Why? Because the mission of a prophet is limited in time: it often begins by calling or vocation and naturally ends in death. In fact, people can read the Old Testament and the New Testament from the beginning to the end, we will find that, there is no biblical passage recounting the story of a Prophet who died, who appeared here and there in the world in a dream, vision or in flesh and bone. It’s true that during Jesus' transfiguration (Luke 9: 29-33), John and Peter saw Jesus Christ in glory to speak with Moses and Elijah. But they were not manifested to themselves because they did not have that power. God alone is able to auto-resurrection and manifest himself in time and space, everywhere he wants to be seen. The arrest and incarceration of Father Simon Kimbangu led to understand that he really had the gift of ubiquity. Indeed, while he was in prison in Elizabethville, he was arrested several times in different places in the Congo Belgian, while he did not escape being imprisoned.
After his Death, father Simon Kimbangu resurrected himself appearing in flesh and bones everywhere at (Leopoldville, Kinkole, Lowa, Kounzoulou, Mukenzi...). Since his bloodlust, father Simon Kimbangu continues to manifest himself so far as well in dream, vision and in person, both with the Kimbanguist and non Kimbanguist. David Wabeladio Payi on March 17, 1978, while he was still a Catholic Christian, he received the divine call of Father Simon Kimbangu. He was ordered to go to Nkamba to bath in the sacred water to receive a special mission for the black race. This will lead eventually to the discovery of African writing commonly called "Mandombe". (For blacks) This is one example among many others.

Similar events between Father Simon Kimbangu and Jesus-Christ.

There are many similarities between these two characters, but we quote a few.
• The advent of one and the other was predicted to the people of their times whom they were born and grew together respectively. The coming of Jesus Christ had been announced by Prophet Isaiah (9: 5) and that of Father Simon Kimbangu by prophetess Beatrice Kimpa vita (before she was burned alive by Portuguese in the ancient Kongo Kingdom).

• Jesus Christ died on April 6 of the year 33 on Mount Golgotha, while Father Simon Kimbangu began his Ministry in Nkamba April 6, 1921.

• After his death, Jesus Christ auto-resuscitated before visiting his disciples, who lived secluded in Jerusalem for fear of the Jews. October 12, 1951, Father Simon Kimbangu died in Elisabethville and auto resuscitated. He manifested himself in flesh and bones in several places. He spent exceptionally a week (from July 29 to August 5, 1952) in Lowa to the Kimbanguist relegated.

• From his birth to the beginning of his Ministry, Jesus Christ lived in anonymity for 30 years. Curious fact! It happened also 30 years between the verdict of the military court of Thysville (Mbanza Ngungu) and the unexpected death of Father Simon Kimbangu in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi).

• Among all the miracles that he had operated on behalf of Jesus Christ, there is one that ceased to amaze. It's the resurrection of Dina, a young girl who died several kilometers from Nkamba whose body arrived on-site only after three days of walking, in a State of decomposition advanced and proven. This reminds us of the famous miracle operated by Jesus Christ, who had resurrected his friend dead Lazarus him also three days before his arrival.

• To the Jews who asked him "you are not yet 50 years how could you know Abraham who was already dead?", Jesus Christ said: "
Truly, truly, I tell you, that before Abraham birth, I was" (John 5: 8). In a quite different context, at the age of 10 years, Father Simon Kimbangu will tell his own father: “that he existed before him”

• One day, Jesus Christ asked his disciples to proceed to Capernaum. They chose to go by the waters of Tiberius by the means of a boat. Evening, Jesus Christ joined by walking on the same waters, and when the disciples saw him, they prompted cries of fright believing to see a ghost. In Lutendele father Simon Kimbangu was put inside a drum that was hermetically closed and sealed thrown in the Congo River, Father Simon Kimbangu miraculously came out then returned immediately engage in his tormentors by walking on top of the water. The same phenomenon was repeated in Kindu where Father Simon Kimbangu got out of the boat that was carrying him in the middle of the river, and then the boat came back calmly at its place (starting point).

Our belief as being Kimbanguist is that Father Simon Kimbangu is far from being a prophet. His history, His spirituality and his continuing manifestations beyond death speak for themselves. In our everyday faith, father Simon Kimbangu is God the Holy Spirit incarnated. that is to say; he is equal to God the father and God the son. It belongs therefore to those who refute this assertion but we will prove the contrary.