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    My brothers and sisters in Christ, God is real, God is love. As he loved us from the outset of the world, he sacrificed his only son to die for our salvation. He promised sending the Holy spirit who also came to help us understand the truth by revealing hidden things, many of which had already been revealed to us. This is a tangible example that can make us see the light, open our eyes and ears. We have been taught not to think, but to listen to what we have been told to do by others.

Our ancestors knew God. But they made so many mistakes in the past. This is an awakening speech that can help us understand our obligation to recovery and go back to the roots in order to fix the broken link between God and his beloved people through the power of the holy spirit.

   We have to stop contradicting ourselves as we became slaves of doctrines that our ancestors had never known before. But were forced to believe on them. Some may say that this speech was only for Kongo. No,no,no. The rules were all the same everywhere in the continent. Everything starts from the foundation in order to be well clarified and know the truth. Nobody at this present moment was present when our ancestors Adam and Eve had committed sin. But we all are paying for it as all started from the foundation. In this generation, let's please our ancestors showing them that we have recovered from where they were lost. If we do so, we will be blessed. God is real, he loves us forever. Yes, we can, yes, we can, yes, we can.

Please read these chapters: Deuteronomy chapter 38:7-8
Deuteronomy chapter 13:7-11
Jeremiah chapter 5:19-23
Deuteronomy chapter 32:15-27

Thanks, and may God bless you.
by papa Dieu (John nsundidi)

  Reverend's father, Pastors and dear compatriots

Welcome to our great land of the Belgium Congo. The task that has been given to you to fulfill is very delicate and demands many tactics. Priests and Pastors. You certainly came here to evangelize, but this evangelization is linked to our principals. Foremost, the Belgium interest.
The main objective of your mission is therefore not to teach black people to know God. They already knew God since their ancestors. They pray by trusting on Nzambi a Mpungu, nzambi mawenzi. They know that killing. stealing, sleeping with somebody else's wife, slander and insults is wrong. Therefore, have the courage to admit it. Do not teach them what they already know.
Your essential role is to facilitate the tasks in the administrative and industrials by interpreting the gospel in a way which will best serve our interests in this part of the world.
For that brother, you will practically disinterest our black savages on their natural recourses so that they neglect them to impeach them to turn against us by deadly competition, dreaming one day to dislodge us from this part of the world before we enrich ourselves. Your knowledge of the gospel will help you find texts that recommends loving poverty such as Blessed are the poor, as the kingdom of the heaven belongs to them. "It is very difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of the lord, then a camel to pass through the hole of a needle etc.......". You will do all you can by making them afraid of becoming rich to better deserve the heaven. Help them slightly so that they don't uprise against you one day. Industrials and administrations are bound to conform to what I recommend. You priests and white pastors', from time to time make them fear to violence, insults, fights. It should not be niggers to revendicate in trying to use revenge. For that, you will teach them by using all means and insist that they take examples of all saints who accepted to be slept on their cheeks, who have forgiven offences, spits and insults without turning back to them. Do all you can to discourage and detach them from everything that might give them the courage to confront us.
As they specially think of their war fetishes which they tend not to surrender. Your action should be focusing more on young people so that they do not hesitate to welcome us. when the recommendation of the father is in contradictory with the missionaries, who are the fathers of their souls, you will particularly Insist on submission and obedience on priests. Imposition works better when there is luck of critics. Teach them to believe so that we can think better. Dear compatriots, some of the principals that you will apply without fail. You will find some of the rules and principals in the books and texts which will be presented at the end of this session. You will see what i recommend you priests and white pastors. Evangelize blacks to the spiral bones so that they don't revolt against injustices that you will make them suffer. Make them recite every day "Blessed are those who mourn, as the kingdom of heaven belongs to them." Convert black people by wiping. Keep their women in the mission for nine months, so that they work for you. Courtises them if necessary and then require them to convert and show a sign of recognition of good meats, goats, hens, chickens and eggs, whenever you visit their villages. Do all you can to avoid blacks to become rich. To do this, sing them every day that it is impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Make them pay fees every Sunday programs and indirect this money allegedly destined for poor to get important shops where you are. Parishes, procures, transform your mission in large shopping malls and slightly help the poor to encourage other whites to invest regularly. Ask blacks to starve and your others eat five times per day. In addition, your bellies are always full of good things and your mouths exude the smell of onions. Create a system of confession for them. A system that will make you good detectors to denounce all black to the claim of national independence. 

Teach them doctrines that you will never put into practice. And if they ask why you are behaving in contradictory to what you are preaching? answer them "as black follow what we say and not what we do." If they reply by saying, a faith without works is dead, get angry by applying whips and answer them "Blessed are those who believe without protesting. Tell them that the statues that you own belong to Satan. Confiscate them, take them to your museum such as Tervuren in the Vatican. Make them forger their ancestors so that they praise ours that will never answer to their prayers. As an example of virgin Maria, saint Teresa, saint Martha. Make them pray by kneeling down as punishment. Make them recite the rosery three times or more. Never give a seat to a black who come to visit you. Never give to black a piece of cigarette. Never invite them to eat with you even if you are full to the top of your throat. When you accomplish all that, I recommend you, our country the Belgium will become rich. Maybe later when the black will be able to understand that we are trying to help them by God's love. Because.................................................................................I thank you. The king of Belgium Leopold2


Speech translated by Papa dieu ( John Nsundidi)

                                                Black Codes Article # 3

 We forbid any religion other than the Roman, Catholic and apostolic faith from being practiced in public. We desire that offender be punished as rebels, disobedient of our orders. We forbid any gathering to that end which we declare to be conventicle, illegal, seductions and subject to the same punishment as would be applicable to the masters who permit it or accept it from their slaves.