Papa iyefa Asked father Diangienda if the small beings are really true ot not ?


   Father I'm a soldier, I need to know about these short soldiers that we hear about. Are they real or not?

Father Diangienda answered, 'Papa Iyefa, on the third day of this week, when everyone is asleep at the welcoming center, come to my place because, I would like you to meet with someone. When you come, knock at the doors and My wife will wake me up.’

       I went exactly at the time father Diangienda had given me, I went to knock at the window, father Diangienda’s wife woke her husband up. After a short time, father Diangienda came out of his bedroom, he was wearing a fleece. He called me, ‘Papa Iyefa, Follow me.’
We both walked until we got close to the door, he uses to enter the tribune from his Residence. There was some tree, or a flower planted there, it was like a banana tree, and olive tree.

So, when we got there father Diangienda was standing, he told me to kneel down and asked me, ‘Papa Iyefa, in what language would you like me to pray?’

Papa Iyefa replied, father pray in whatever language you wish.’

father Diagienda said, ‘Papa Iyefa, I am going to pray in a language that you do not know.' Then father Diangienda started to pray, but papa Iyefa could not understand anything out of that prayer.

When he finished praying, father Diangienda asked me, Papa Iyefa, in what language did I pray? Papa Iyefa replied Father, I don’t know.    My son, the language I have used in my prayer is the one spoken where the person I called will come from.

   After that father Diangienda clapped his hands for three times. Suddenly I saw someone coming out of the ground like a mushroom. He was a short soldier. I was kneeling down next to father Diangienda. In height that short soldier reached my shoulder. His body was large at about 2 meters wide. He was dressed like a soldier; the sleeves of his uniform were rolled up to his chest. His eyes were brightly shining like a projector. His body was very cold iced; smoke was coming out of him like something coming out from the freezer. Then father Diangienda greeted him in Kikongo language,
Kiambote kiaku mbuta muntu. (Hello, how are you)
The short soldier replied, Greetings to you father.

I papa Iyefa noticed that the way he was speaking was not like we do. He had a very loud voice like someone coming from a big barrel.

Father Diangienda said to him, I called you to meet and connect with papa iyefa our officer (Champlain) do you know him, don’t you?

   The short soldier replied, absolutely father I know him very well. Then father Diangienda said to papa Iyefa to greet the little soldier,
Papa Iyefa said father I can’t, because I’m so scared
father Diangienda said, I know that you are scared. Then father Diangienda started to laugh at papa Iyefa, he looked at the short soldier and said, papa iyefa is scared of you. Then the short soldier also laughed with his big voice. It was obvious that I was scared to greet him.
Dear brothers and sisters, I papa iyefa have to say this to you. That day was very spectacular for me. Then father Diangienda said to me, my son Iyefa don’t be afraid, shake his hand. To obey on father Diangienda, I shook the short soldier’s hand.
    Father Diangienda asked papa Iyefa, now that you have shaken his hand, how did you feel? Papa Iyefa replied, father I felt as if an electric shock was coming out of his hand.

Then father Diangienda said to papa Iyefa as follow, I have called you both so that you can meet and know each other, because it’s very important for both of you. Then father Diangienda started revealing to papa Iyefa as follow, “my son Iyefa, you have to know that in every parish I have placed three of these soldiers. Except in the parish of Kimbanseke where I have placed six of them because demons come to torment my children a lot in this particular area. Also, their headquarter is settled here in Kinshasa mainly at the welcoming center of kasa-vubu.
After this day,
   I papa Iyefa saw this short soldier again during the battle of AFDL (The democratic forces Alliance of liberation). At that time father Diangienda had just left us shortly. The church was being led by father Dialungana Kiangani the second son of Father Simon Kimbangu.
When the battle of AFDL was raging on, I papa Iyefa as an officer, was sent to Kivu where the battle was really intensive. Under the battle, all of us were scattered and had to flee from our enemies. We were trying to reach Kisangani. I papa Iyefa as a commander in chief was in a Jeep with my team soldiers.

At night when we arrived close to the river; we stopped. I sent my captain to check whether the bridge was good or bad so that we could cross on it. The captain went and shouted from afar, ‘My Colonel Iyefa, the woods on the bridge has been dismantled, there is no way to cross the bridge.’ So, when he had just finished talking, we realized that the enemies were already on the other side of the river, and then started shooting at us. The captain got killed on this attack, our jeep tires were all flattened we had to abandon the car and ran inside the forest to hide and realize that our lives really ended as we could hear shootings close to us coming from everywhere. I papa Iyefa began to pray. After praying I felt some cold wind coming where I had knelt down to pray.

As I looked behind me, I saw the short soldier that father Diangienda had shown me in the welcoming center. He told me as follow,
‘My Colonel, you and your troops, must take the downward way.’ Then he disappeared. But the soldiers who were with me papa iyefa did not see the short soldier.
I called my soldiers who were still alive. There were only three of us left. I told them that, we have to take the downward way. My soldiers replied to me, ‘My Colonel, how can we do that? Don’t you see that we are already surrounded by our enemies?’ I papa Iyefa said to them, ok whoever want to survive have to follow my steps. By saying that, they obeyed on my advice. But I was really amazed, because as we took the way that I was directed by the little soldier. We no longer heard of any shootings around us.

We really wanted to reach Kisangani. We walked night and day without eating or drinking anything. As I papa Iyefa was suffering from diabetes, I could no longer walk. At one point I told the soldiers, ‘You guys can go your way, leave me here alone because I can no longer walk. But before you go, I want you to shoot at me so that I could die. Because I don’t want the enemy to find me here alive.’ The soldiers replied, ’My Colonel, we can’t shoot you. Just wait for us here, we’re going to find you some water to drink so that your body could gain some strength.’

The soldiers left, I stayed by myself, I looked at the forest around, all I could see is that my end was near. I knelt down and prayed. In my prayer I said, ‘Oh father Diangienda, if really this is the end for me, come and take my soul…’ After my prayer I fell asleep, I slept on my stomach. All of a sudden, I felt a cold and sweet breezy air in my back as if Someone just touched on my shoulder and said,

‘Papa Iyefa, wake up!’

When I woke up and looked behind me, I saw this short soldier for the second time. This time he was wearing a blue shirt with short sleeves. He said to me as follow,

Papa Iyefa, father Dialungana Kiangani had sent me to tell you that he is waiting for you in Kinshasa at the welcoming Center of Kasa-Vubu.
Then papa Iyefa replied to the short soldier as follow, would you be able to carry me now? The short soldier replied,
No, I did not come to carry you. But I can assure that you will get to Kinshasa no matter what, because father Dialungana is waiting for you in Kinshasa. Papa Iyefa replied, now that my body is so weak how will I get to Kinshasa? After saying this to the short soldier, he touched me and disappeared. At once I felt my body got strong again and stood up.  After his disappearance, my soldiers who had gone to look for some water for me came back at the same place they had left me; they could not believe that I was still alive. I was standing up and looked in great shape. I said to them, ‘Come on, get your weapons and let’s go!’ In short, we reached Kisangani after a couple of days walking. From Kisangani we were able to come back to Kinshasa.

Papa Iyefa’s comments.


What I just testified; it is something that really happened to me. The cause of all this was that I papa Iyefa did not do what father Diangienda had told me not to do. Meaning that I did something without his permission. What really happened? Here is my short story:

I had a friend called Papa Jean who we had studied together at the Kimbanguist Faculty of Theology in Lutendele. After our studies, my friend papa Jean was given a job to work in a church that I shall not name here. In this church, he became as someone very important. In fact, he had signed a pact with white people who were in charge of that church so that they could change his skin color from black to white. Meaning that he no longer wanted to be as black, he wanted to become white.

Before going to the battle, one day we met again, as my friend Jean came to the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu looking for me papa Iyefa. He wanted me to take him to father Diangienda. My friend Jean knew that father Diangienda was at the welcoming Center. When I told him that actually father Diangienda was there and they could have a meeting, my friend Jean refused, he said it was no longer possible on that day. He will manage to make it on a different day.

When My friend Jean left, I went to report everything to father Diangienda. Then father Diangienda said to me, “Papa Iyefa, I saw both you and your friend Jean talking. I knew that your friend wouldn’t come to where I was. Therefore, his days of life are now short numbered.” About one month later, I papa iyefa was heading to Lutendele with my soldiers, as we were on our way, I saw the mother-in-law of my friend Jean coming, she asked me to stop, she was in tears crying and said to me,
Papa Iyefa, your friend Jean is dead. His body is at the hospital. After her saying this, right at that moment,
We made our way to the hospital where his body was kept. When we got there, I saw that my friend was dead indeed, his body was lying there. But his spiritual body was standing beside his corpse. I papa iyefa saw that his body was tied with ropes. I felt very sad and told him, ‘Jean, Jean, why have you done such foolish things? You are not dead because I can still see you there. Why did you sell yourself? I’m going to report what you have done to father Diangienda.’

I papa Iyefa drove to the welcoming center and met with father Diangienda. I said father, on my way back from the headquarters I was given the news about my friend Jean, the one who used to be one of our theologians in Lutendele biblical center. But the truth is that I saw his body tied with ropes and he was standing next to his own body. When father Diangienda heard everything, he said to me ‘Papa Iyefa, I told you it was too late for your friend because he sold himself to those white people. As for you, go and keep making your way to Lutendele as planned.’ I obeyed to father Diangienda and went to Lutendele.

When we came back from Lutendele, as we got near Pompage in Kinsuka close to the place his body was kept, we found out that Jean’s body was no longer at the hospital. It had already been taken to his house for Mournings. One of my soldiers suggested and said, ‘My Colonel Iyefa, as your friend has left us, it would be better to go where his body is laid just to sing for him a farewell song.
As we arrived where the funeral was taking place we prayed and started singing. However, my colleagues who were with me noticed that the body of my friend Jean smelled very bad. I need to explain that those white people who had bought my friend Jean’s soul, had used the same procedure as sorcerers use. What they often do? If they are after something they will make the body smell bad so that it can be buried very quickly. Then the metamorphosis of the dead person will occur.

When I went near my friend Jean’s body, I could see some white people holding him and his body started to change into white. I wanted to say something, but I did not want to, I stepped back. Because even if I said something at the funeral, people wouldn’t understand nothing because they could not see what I was seeing at that moment. I just looked. After singing, the soldiers and I got into the car. As we were leaving, all of the sudden, I heard the voice of my friend John who was already dead behind me shouting,’ Papa Iyefa, Papa Iyefa, why are you leaving me like that? Please go and ask father Diangienda to come get me out of here.’
after hearing all this, my face had changed. I was so mad to see that. I saw how people were putting my friend Jean inside the coffin. I asked the soldier to let me get off the car. I told them to stay inside of the car so that I would follow people who were carrying he coffin by foot. Behind me I could hear my friend Jean crying, ‘Papa Iyefa, I’m begging you, please don’t leave me...Come and save me...’ When I heard that, it really made me very sad. I said to myself I would try to do what father Diangienda told me no to do just to save my friend.

I knelt down I prayed, asking if I would be able to follow my friend Jean. One thing to know is that the world of the living and the world of the dead are separated by a river. That river is like a boundary, once you have crossed it, you will find yourself on the other side, the side of the deads and there is no way to come back to the side of the living people.
So, I was following them, I tried to get near that river but as I looked behind me where I had left my human body, I saw my soldiers surrounding my body. They thought I was dead as well, so I went straight back inside my human body and said to the soldiers, ‘If anyone has some Nkamba water, spray it on me. I am not dead; I am following Jean, because evil people are taking him to a bad place. As they sprayed some Nkamba water on me I went back following my friend Jean again. I almost caught them, but it was too late, because they had already taken him on the other side of the river.

All of the sudden I found myself on the other side, the side of the dead. My human body turned into a corpse. I could no longer come back to the side of the livings. Out there in the world of the dead I was told that, there was no place for me because I had gone there without permission, and it was not my time to be there yet.
But what I papa Iyefa saw there really surprised me, instead of taking my friend Jean where all the dead people were, they took him somewhere else. At the same time everything that was happening in the world of the livings I could see it. I saw how my own body was unconscious; they carried me and put me in Papa Zeyi’s car. I wondered if where they were taking my body.
In fact, they were taking me to father Diangienda at the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu.

When they arrived, father Diangienda slapped on my body. In fact, at that moment, I could see father Diangienda standing on the other side of the river where the dead people are as well as on the side of the living people, father Diangienda was calling me…Papa Iyefa, papa Iyefa, then I responded I'm here father. At once my spiritual body came back inside my physical body and I woke up. As I woke up then I saw father Diangienda standing in front of me and said, “My son, what you have done shouldn’t be that way. Before doing such a thing you need to have permission because you cannot just follow someone in the world of the dead and tell him to come back. You cannot do it that way.”

The next day in the evening, I when to meet with father Diangienda again he told me, ‘Papa Iyefa, in the future if someone dies, even if you can see those who have killed him in your eyes, do not do or say anything. Can you hear me? Otherwise, they will say you are a liar, and they could even have you beaten on the spot in front of everybody. Because the family of the dead person have already arranged to ‘eat’ that person so that he or she will no longer be among them, so who are you to try and prevent that? They cannot be pleased with you if you intervene.

That is why from then, I papa Iyefa, whenever there were funerals, I would not be there if I had a strange feeling on what caused the death of that person. Or if I really decide to go, I will sit far behind because there could be hard things to withstand seeing as father Diangienda already opened my eyes to see what a normal person could not see.