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   Papa Iyefa Adama's Testimony On What He was Revealed By Father Diangienda Kuntima

  . Since 1992, the Kimbanguist Youths of Ndjili municipality had the idea of gathering every Monday after the Spiritual daily evening program. So, after this program everyone attended a chat or teaching program called Forums. At this Forum, the kimbanguist youth had the privilege of learning in details the works of Father Simon Kimbangu and his church. For that reason, different people such as our church spiritual elders and many others who knew lots of teachings regarding the Kimbanguism were invited to share their experiences and pass them onto the kimbanguist youth. All of the teachings were being documented and recorded into a book called the forum. A book of references that would help those who did not have the opportunity to attend the forum. Here is an important testimony that was given by papa Iyefa Adama. A question may be asked to know if who was he?

Papa Iyefa Adama was a Kimbanguist with high education background. After his studies at the Kimbanguist theological Faculty of Lutendele, he went to continue his studies in Europe where he earned his doctorate at the University of Sorbonne in France. Papa Iyefa was so doubtful, but his doubts were not in a bad way but to know the truth. This was the reason why father Diangienda allowed him to ask any question that he had doubt for, so that he could reveal few of God secrets to him.
father Diangienda had demonstrated that Father Simon Kimbangu and him were as one person incarnated.  Before starting their conversation, father Diangienda had told him: "My son Iyefa, I want you to know who I’am then you will spread to others what you have seen and heard from me. To obey the words of father Diangienda, papa Iyefa came to testify everything openly in January of 2000 at the meeting called "Forum". In this forum he talked about all he knew about father Diangienda, father Kisolokele and father Dianlungana Kiangani. The following are answers to what papa Iyefa had asked to father Diangienda Kuntima on September 18, 1989, in the Kimbanguist welcoming center in Kinshasa.

Dr IYEFA: father Diangienda, why your Kimbanguist children always live in struggle? Nutrition, clothing and financing has been always difficult to them including your pastors; their lives is miserable. Whereas in Europe, the servants of God are in good life, why is this father?
Father Diangienda replied: Truly my son, your question is good, but you should know that in this world we are divided into two groups. The children of God and those of Satan. Since Satan was rushed into this world, he established his kingdom in the ocean, that's where he lies down with his servants. He has filled his children and those who follow him with material wealth. But it`s only ephemeral or short-term pleasure. Because Satan’s servants' duty is to disturb the children of God. This is why Satan poured wealth to his children in order to attract the children of God so that they could follow their path. But this wealth is not good and does not last for long time. They know well that after their lives here on earth, they will not fit in the New Jerusalem; they will go into hell. Satan children’s work is to complicate the lives of angels who came to serve God in the world. But papa Iyefa, my children will get an endless wealth (eternal wealth). So, when they starve; at the end they will always have something to eat to meet their needs.
My son, you must also know that in this world, God's children are divided into five groups: The first one is
THE ANCIENTS: these are those who have worked with me in the past generations, they have already overcome the world.
Some of them were eaten by wild animals, others killed by swords, arrows ... etc for the works of God. They already have conquered the world but returned to this generation to give me a hand. In heaven, they had asked to come along with me in this generation to finish the work. As they have already overcome the world in the past, God does not take any account on their sins meaning that, if this kind of person commits a sin, and that sin is not repeated for three times in one day, God will not count it and will not be written in the book of life. For example, if he steals, he has to do it three times in one day in order to be mentioned in the book of life. But these formers do not recognize themselves of who they were because there is veal preventing them to remember their past.
    During their conversation, papa Iyefa saw a man standing a little further; he was one of our builders in the Kimbanguist welcoming center of Kasa Vubu. Father Diangienda asked papa Iyefa: Do you know that man standing over there? Look he wants to come where we are sitting, but he can’t. He was with me in the old times; He is a valued man just as you see him. He had asked a permission to come with me in this generation to witness the end. In heaven, he even suggested not to place him into any high level in the church. A builder would be good for him. So even if I don’t pay him, it doesn’t matter to him because his desire is just to witness the end. Papa Iyefa emphasized that with our human eyes, this man is so simple. But father Diangienda did not allow me to mention his name to others. After this gentleman I saw another one coming and father, father Diangienda said to me papa Iyefa: look closely at that man coming and then tell me what you see on his face?
   Papa Iyefa answered, father I looked and saw nothing. Then father Diangienda touched on papa iyefa’s eyes. Suddenly his eyes had opened. Papa Iyefa saw a solid gold on his forehead. On the right side of his head was written the date of his death That is why if God open your eyes, you will be able to read the lives of every human being on their faces. On the left side of his face was written the date of his birth, but it was fading. Just the day of his death that was openly seen. So, when papa Iyefa looked on his face, he saw that the day of his death was getting closer. Truly this man had died even before the physical disappearance of father Diangienda. This man was the provincial representative of our church at the Bas - Zaire then was transferred to Bandundu. He even passed away in Bandundu. His name was papa KINSENGUA. So, when I saw the date of his death was near, I felt very sorry for him then I told father Diangienda: This gentleman’s death date is near?
  Father Diangienda answered me: Papa IYEFA, this man is a giant and very big one. He worked with me in old times, as you see him; he is a great man, even if he dies and leave this world today, he will go straight to the New Jerusalem. On the day of his death, Yah! Yah! Yah! There will be a big festivity there in heaven. Father Diangienda also commented that, For the Ancients, their sins are not written int the book of life. Only if they commit the same sin three times in one day. If not, God doesn’t count that sin.
Then father Diangienda continued to reveal the second group that is the Supreme angels.
The SUPREME ANGELS: are angels who are on the top of the angels. The receive tasks that only concern God himself. They are angels who came down from heaven with us, to give us a hand here on earth in our time. They can replace us or supply in our spots. Among them you will find our children. So, if one among them does not behave accordingly, he will be sent back. Papa Iyefa you need to know that in the worldwide, the supreme angels are present only in our country Zaire (DRC).
The third group is the "Archangels"
The Archangels: are angels whose mission is to search everywhere that is localized the fallen angels of Satan to fight them. They are very angry and very strict regarding God’s works. They do not like to see people disturbing the work of God in their presence; they can even hit you right in full church services when you disturb the worshiping program. But they are not so many in the world. My son the fourth group is the Seraphins.
The SERAPHINS: they are the ones that glorify God based on instruments, and among them we find GGKI, FLUKI, FAKI and more .... Since the heaven their work is to glorify God based on instruments. The fifth group is the Cherubim . THE CHERUBIMS: are the angels who glorify and praise God with their voices. Among them we find choirs like Dirigeants, GTKI, CHOREKI and others. For the cherubims, if they don’t sing just in one day, they are not happy. In any choir in the church if you appointed them as chief or a leader, they are not happy because they always want to sing. If they happen to enroll in a different group, they will end up joining any singing group in the church because singing was their way of glorifying God there in heaven. But papa Iyefa the only sad part is that, if one of them happens not to follow God’s path here on earth, they will become as great world music singer. This really makes me very sad to see this.  

  Father Diangienda Kuntima Reveals Where Some People Go After Their Lives


      Papa Iyefa: father Diangienda, when you are asked a question, why do you always say “You know where your brothers father Kisolokele and father Dialungana came from. But they don’t know where you came from; do you think it's good or a pride for you? Father Diangienda Kuntima: My son, my answer to your question will be very short. If I say this, It`s not a pride but my honest truth because I know why I always say that. Father kisolokele is ended God the Father, father Dialungana is God the Son and I the Holy Spirit. We have worn the human body but in spirit. So, if you assemble us together, we become as one Person which is the Spirit. Now, who is this one person? It’s me father Diangienda Kuntima, Kimbangu the Holy Spirit as I had demonstrated to you shortly when you failed down on the floor unconscious, seing a giant man standing in front of you changing face from Simon Kimbangu to me Diangienda. This is why I often say, father Kisolokeke and father Dialungana if they hide from me, I’ll see them but if I hide from them, they will not see me. Simply because "I am the uniqueness of three", "that is to say, I'm just one of the three of us" that's me Diangienda Kuntima Kimbangu the Holy Spirit.

I papa Iyefa, before I continue with my questions, I would like to share this with you that;“father Simon Kimbangu has seven faces.” I did ask this question to father Diangienda. He told me papa Iyefa, it’s true that Father Simon Kimbangu has seven figures. Brothers and sisters, this is how I found this out. On the day of my first presentation at the Sorbonne University on the thesis called: "History of Religions" I was given a letter of recommendation to go to the Belgian Royal Military Museum. When I got in there, I was given a permission to view photos and read the letters of Father Simon Kimbangu as much as I wanted, but I wasn’t allowed to make any photocopy. My brothers and sisters, it’s true that many photos of Father Simon Kimbangu a held or kept by white people, we don’t have them. For example: I saw a picture on which King Albert and father Simon kimbangu were side by side. King Albert the 1st holding a pen. What were they doing? I don’t know. Below the photo was written in Flemish. I asked the white lady who was next to me, if she could translate what was written under the photo. She replied: I don’t speak Flemish, but I speak French I saw another picture of Father Simon Kimbangu with seven faces; on the other side of his face, he was white, mestizo (mixed race) and black. Below it, was written Boma, on the other photo written Ekafela. So, in one day, faher Simon Kimbangu appeared with seven different faces. Another where Father Simon Kimbangu was chained with hands behind tied, white people standing on his side. On the other photo, was written in French as follows: "Simon Kimbangu arrested because he just escaped from prison," he was standing with white soldiers. When I told these things to father Dialungana, he wanted me to become an Ambassador in Brussels, but father Diangienda refused. That why I returned to Zaire (Congo) and became a soldier.

I have to tell you that father Diangienda Kuntima has also seven faces. One day I asked father Diangienda as follow: Father, that day your face was different, yesterday you were very angry and now your face has changed again, this is due to what? Father Diangienda replied: "Papa Iyefa, be careful, you have a drop in the ocean, and you want to follow my rhythm? I'll show you how I can split or multiply myself. “Having said that, at once father Diangienda multiplied himself. He appeared where we were sitting and appeared over there. Then he appeared up in the sky or in the air there and everywhere all in one instance, my bfrothers I was so amazed to see this happening. Now a question to you my brothers and sisters, such man, who can he be?
Give yourself an answer.


 Papa iyefa Asked father Diangienda if the small beings are really true or not?

Father I'm a soldier, I need to know about these short soldiers that we hear about. Are they real or not?

Father Diangienda answered, 'Papa Iyefa, on the third day of this week, when everyone is asleep at the welcoming center, come to my place because, I would like you to meet with someone. When you come, knock at the doors and My wife will wake me up.’

I went exactly at the time father Diangienda had given me, I went to knock at the window, father Diangienda’s wife woke her husband up. After a short time, father Diangienda came out of his bedroom, he was wearing a fleece. He called me, ‘Papa Iyefa, Follow me.’
We both walked until we got close to the door, he uses to enter the tribune from his Residence. There was some tree, or a flower planted there, it was like a banana tree, and olive tree.

So, when we got there father Diangienda was standing, he told me to kneel down and asked me, ‘Papa Iyefa, in what language would you like me to pray?’

Papa Iyefa replied, father pray in whatever language you wish.’

father Diagienda said, ‘Papa Iyefa, I am going to pray in a language that you do not know.' Then father Diangienda started to pray, but papa Iyefa could not understand anything out of that prayer.

When he finished praying, father Diangienda asked me, Papa Iyefa, in what language did I pray? Papa Iyefa replied Father, I don’t know. My son, the language I have used in my prayer is the one spoken where the person I called will come from.

After that father Diangienda clapped his hands for three times. Suddenly I saw someone coming out of the ground like a mushroom. He was a short soldier. I was kneeling down next to father Diangienda. In height that short soldier reached my shoulder. His body was large at about 2 meters wide. He was dressed like a soldier; the sleeves of his uniform were rolled up to his chest. His eyes were brightly shining like a projector. His body was very cold iced; smoke was coming out of him like something coming out from the freezer. Then father Diangienda greeted him in Kikongo language,
Kiambote kiaku mbuta muntu. (Hello, how are you)
The short soldier replied, Greetings to you father.

I papa Iyefa noticed that the way he was speaking was not like we do. He had a very loud voice like someone coming from a big barrel.

Father Diangienda said to him, I called you to meet and connect with papa iyefa our officer (Champlain) do you know him, don’t you?

The short soldier replied, absolutely father I know him very well. Then father Diangienda said to papa Iyefa to greet the little soldier,
Papa Iyefa said father I can’t, because I’m so scared
father Diangienda said, I know that you are scared. Then father Diangienda started to laugh at papa Iyefa, he looked at the short soldier and said, papa iyefa is scared of you. Then the short soldier also laughed with his big voice. It was obvious that I was scared to greet him.
Dear brothers and sisters, I papa iyefa have to say this to you. That day was very spectacular for me. Then father Diangienda said to me, my son Iyefa don’t be afraid, shake his hand. To obey on father Diangienda, I shook the short soldier’s hand.
Father Diangienda asked papa Iyefa, now that you have shaken his hand, how did you feel? Papa Iyefa replied, father I felt as if an electric shock was coming out of his hand.

Then father Diangienda said to papa Iyefa as follow, I have called you both so that you can meet and know each other, because it’s very important for both of you. Then father Diangienda started revealing to papa Iyefa as follow, “my son Iyefa, you have to know that in every parish I have placed three of these soldiers. Except in the parish of Kimbanseke where I have placed six of them because demons come to torment my children a lot in this particular area. Also, their headquarter is settled here in Kinshasa mainly at the welcoming center of kasa-vubu.
After this day,
I papa Iyefa saw this short soldier again during the battle of AFDL (The democratic forces Alliance of liberation). At that time father Diangienda had just left us shortly. The church was being led by father Dialungana Kiangani the second son of Father Simon Kimbangu.
When the battle of AFDL was raging on, I papa Iyefa as an officer, was sent to Kivu where the battle was really intensive. Under the battle, all of us were scattered and had to flee from our enemies. We were trying to reach Kisangani. I papa Iyefa as a commander in chief was in a Jeep with my team soldiers.

At night when we arrived close to the river; we stopped. I sent my captain to check whether the bridge was good or bad so that we could cross on it. The captain went and shouted from afar, ‘My Colonel Iyefa, the woods on the bridge has been dismantled, there is no way to cross the bridge.’ So, when he had just finished talking, we realized that the enemies were already on the other side of the river, and then started shooting at us. The captain got killed on this attack, our jeep tires were all flattened we had to abandon the car and ran inside the forest to hide and realize that our lives really ended as we could hear shootings close to us coming from everywhere. I papa Iyefa began to pray. After praying I felt some cold wind coming where I had knelt down to pray.

As I looked behind me, I saw the short soldier that father Diangienda had shown me in the welcoming center. He told me as follow,
‘My Colonel, you and your troops, must take the downward way.’ Then he disappeared. But the soldiers who were with me papa iyefa did not see the short soldier.
I called my soldiers who were still alive. There were only three of us left. I told them that, we have to take the downward way. My soldiers replied to me, ‘My Colonel, how can we do that? Don’t you see that we are already surrounded by our enemies?’ I papa Iyefa said to them, ok whoever want to survive have to follow my steps. By saying that, they obeyed on my advice. But I was really amazed, because as we took the way that I was directed by the little soldier. We no longer heard of any shootings around us.

We really wanted to reach Kisangani. We walked night and day without eating or drinking anything. As I papa Iyefa was suffering from diabetes, I could no longer walk. At one point I told the soldiers, ‘You guys can go your way, leave me here alone because I can no longer walk. But before you go, I want you to shoot at me so that I could die. Because I don’t want the enemy to find me here alive.’ The soldiers replied, ’My Colonel, we can’t shoot you. Just wait for us here, we’re going to find you some water to drink so that your body could gain some strength.’

The soldiers left, I stayed by myself, I looked at the forest around, all I could see is that my end was near. I knelt down and prayed. In my prayer I said, ‘Oh father Diangienda, if really this is the end for me, come and take my soul…’ After my prayer I fell asleep, I slept on my stomach. All of a sudden, I felt a cold and sweet breezy air in my back as if Someone just touched on my shoulder and said,

‘Papa Iyefa, wake up!’

When I woke up and looked behind me, I saw this short soldier for the second time. This time he was wearing a blue shirt with short sleeves. He said to me as follow,

Papa Iyefa, father Dialungana Kiangani had sent me to tell you that he is waiting for you in Kinshasa at the welcoming Center of Kasa-Vubu.
Then papa Iyefa replied to the short soldier as follow, would you be able to carry me now? The short soldier replied,
No, I did not come to carry you. But I can assure that you will get to Kinshasa no matter what, because father Dialungana is waiting for you in Kinshasa. Papa Iyefa replied, now that my body is so weak how will I get to Kinshasa? After saying this to the short soldier, he touched me and disappeared. At once I felt my body got strong again and stood up. After his disappearance, my soldiers who had gone to look for some water for me came back at the same place they had left me; they could not believe that I was still alive. I was standing up and looked in great shape. I said to them, ‘Come on, get your weapons and let’s go!’ In short, we reached Kisangani after a couple of days walking. From Kisangani we were able to come back to Kinshasa.

Papa Iyefa’s comments.


What I just testified; it is something that really happened to me. The cause of all this was that I papa Iyefa did not do what father Diangienda had told me not to do. Meaning that I did something without his permission. What really happened? Here is my short story:

I had a friend called Papa Jean who we had studied together at the Kimbanguist Faculty of Theology in Lutendele. After our studies, my friend papa Jean was given a job to work in a church that I shall not name here. In this church, he became as someone very important. In fact, he had signed a pact with white people who were in charge of that church so that they could change his skin color from black to white. Meaning that he no longer wanted to be as black, he wanted to become white.

Before going to the battle, one day we met again, as my friend Jean came to the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu looking for me papa Iyefa. He wanted me to take him to father Diangienda. My friend Jean knew that father Diangienda was at the welcoming Center. When I told him that actually father Diangienda was there and they could have a meeting, my friend Jean refused, he said it was no longer possible on that day. He will manage to make it on a different day.

When My friend Jean left, I went to report everything to father Diangienda. Then father Diangienda said to me, “Papa Iyefa, I saw both you and your friend Jean talking. I knew that your friend wouldn’t come to where I was. Therefore, his days of life are now short numbered.” About one month later, I papa iyefa was heading to Lutendele with my soldiers, as we were on our way, I saw the mother-in-law of my friend Jean coming, she asked me to stop, she was in tears crying and said to me,
Papa Iyefa, your friend Jean is dead. His body is at the hospital. After her saying this, right at that moment,
We made our way to the hospital where his body was kept. When we got there, I saw that my friend was dead indeed, his body was lying there. But his spiritual body was standing beside his corpse. I papa iyefa saw that his body was tied with ropes. I felt very sad and told him, ‘Jean, Jean, why have you done such foolish things? You are not dead because I can still see you there. Why did you sell yourself? I’m going to report what you have done to father Diangienda.’

I papa Iyefa drove to the welcoming center and met with father Diangienda. I said father, on my way back from the headquarters I was given the news about my friend Jean, the one who used to be one of our theologians in Lutendele biblical center. But the truth is that I saw his body tied with ropes and he was standing next to his own body. When father Diangienda heard everything, he said to me ‘Papa Iyefa, I told you it was too late for your friend because he sold himself to those white people. As for you, go and keep making your way to Lutendele as planned.’ I obeyed to father Diangienda and went to Lutendele.

When we came back from Lutendele, as we got near Pompage in Kinsuka close to the place his body was kept, we found out that Jean’s body was no longer at the hospital. It had already been taken to his house for Mournings. One of my soldiers suggested and said, ‘My Colonel Iyefa, as your friend has left us, it would be better to go where his body is laid just to sing for him a farewell song.
As we arrived where the funeral was taking place we prayed and started singing. However, my colleagues who were with me noticed that the body of my friend Jean smelled very bad. I need to explain that those white people who had bought my friend Jean’s soul, had used the same procedure as sorcerers use. What they often do? If they are after something they will make the body smell bad so that it can be buried very quickly. Then the metamorphosis of the dead person will occur.

When I went near my friend Jean’s body, I could see some white people holding him and his body started to change into white. I wanted to say something, but I did not want to, I stepped back. Because even if I said something at the funeral, people wouldn’t understand nothing because they could not see what I was seeing at that moment. I just looked. After singing, the soldiers and I got into the car. As we were leaving, all of the sudden, I heard the voice of my friend John who was already dead behind me shouting,’ Papa Iyefa, Papa Iyefa, why are you leaving me like that? Please go and ask father Diangienda to come get me out of here.’
after hearing all this, my face had changed. I was so mad to see that. I saw how people were putting my friend Jean inside the coffin. I asked the soldier to let me get off the car. I told them to stay inside of the car so that I would follow people who were carrying he coffin by foot. Behind me I could hear my friend Jean crying, ‘Papa Iyefa, I’m begging you, please don’t leave me...Come and save me...’ When I heard that, it really made me very sad. I said to myself I would try to do what father Diangienda told me no to do just to save my friend.

I knelt down I prayed, asking if I would be able to follow my friend Jean. One thing to know is that the world of the living and the world of the dead are separated by a river. That river is like a boundary, once you have crossed it, you will find yourself on the other side, the side of the deads and there is no way to come back to the side of the living people.
So, I was following them, I tried to get near that river but as I looked behind where I had left my human body, I saw my soldiers surrounding my body. They thought I was dead as well, so I went straight back inside my human body and said to the soldiers, ‘If anyone has some Nkamba water, spray it on me. I am not dead; I 'am following Jean, because evil people are taking him to a bad place. As they sprayed some Nkamba water on me I went back following my friend Jean again. I almost caught them, but it was too late, because they had already taken him on the other side of the river.

All of the sudden I found myself on the other side, the side of the dead. My human body turned into a corpse. I could no longer come back to the side of the livings. Out there in the world of the dead I was told that, there was no place for me because I had gone there without permission, and it was not my time to be there yet.
But what I papa Iyefa saw there really surprised me, instead of taking my friend Jean where all the dead people were, they took him somewhere else. At the same time everything that was happening in the world of the livings I could see it. I saw how my own body was unconscious; they carried me and put me in Papa Zeyi’s car. I wondered if where they were taking my body.
In fact, they were taking me to father Diangienda at the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu.

When they arrived, father Diangienda slapped on my body. In fact, at that moment, I could see father Diangienda standing on the other side of the river where the dead people are as well as on the side of the living people, father Diangienda was calling me…Papa Iyefa, papa Iyefa, then I responded I'm here father. At once my spiritual body came back inside my physical body and I woke up. As I woke up then I saw father Diangienda standing in front of me and said, “My son, what you have done shouldn’t be that way. Before doing such a thing you need to have permission because you cannot just follow someone in the world of the dead and tell him to come back. You cannot do it that way.”

The next day in the evening, I when to meet with father Diangienda again he told me, ‘Papa Iyefa, in the future if someone dies, even if you can see those who have killed him in your eyes, do not do or say anything. Can you hear me? Otherwise, they will say you are a liar, and they could even have you beaten on the spot in front of everybody. Because the family of the dead person have already arranged to sacrifice that person so that he or she will no longer be among them, so who are you to try and prevent that? They cannot be pleased with you if you intervene.

That is why from then, I papa Iyefa, whenever there were funerals, I would not be there if I had a strange feeling on what caused the death of that person. Or if I really decide to go, I will sit far behind because there could be hard things to withstand seeing as father Diangienda already opened my eyes to see what a normal person could not see.

Back to my questions.

Papa Iyefa asked to father Diangienda: Father when we leave this world, what is our next destination and what really happens? Father Diangienda replied: papa Iyefa it’s true that your question is relevant, I will not reveal everything to you Just because your question has fallen within God’s deep secrets. To be honest, I'll give only few clarifications so that you may find the best way to conduct yourself in this world we are living in, because one day you will end up leaving this world and return to where we came from.” "My son, note this, as you're in any church, when you die; the first thing you will see before you are the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses. Then the commandments of any church where you prayed that were chosen by the will of God will also be included. Like in our church we have extra commandments that prohibit to danse, drink, sleeping and taking shower naked and many more. But Those that don’t meet with the will of God will not be retained.
Why I said these? Papa Iyefa there are other churches in this world, when you join them, you begin as a true believer but in the end, you will end up being the son of Satan. Many of these believers do not fit into the world of the elected or chosen ones.
Then papa Iyefa as you are already dead, yourself shall take the film of your life play it and watch it yourself. This film will show all of your conducts here on earth when you were alive. My son, know that: whatever thing you do as you are alive, good or bad, there is a spiritual camera recording everything all the time since you were born until the day of your death. That’s why, Keeping, respecting God’s commandments, those given by your church and your behavioral acts in the world, will determine whether you will enter or not into the world of the elected ones. Papa Iyefa, you must know that: the deads are divided into two groups.

Those who have conquered the world and
Those who have not conquered.

For those who have not conquered
first, you should know that. They are also divided into two groups.

A) Those who signs a pact with Satan
B) Those who had the gift of God but behaved badly during their lifetime.
My son Iyefa, in this world many people have signed pacts with Satan, for example:
Others turn into fish, Animal by demonic ways,
Others have satanic wealth in money and very famous.
Others are sorcerers and protect or preserve their wealth by the use of magic. “
Papa Iyefa’s comment: My brothers and sisters before continuing with my conversation with father Diangienda let me tell you a short story and understand what we will discuss later. I papa Iyefa, when I freshly returned from Europe, I loved eating freshwater fish. One day I asked a permission to father Diangienda if I could go buy freshwater fish at Kinkole market. But before going, Mother Bibi mvete the wife of father Diangienda told me this: "Papa Iyefa, even me too in the past, I loved eating freshwater fish, but I stopped. So, if you want to know the reason, ask father Diangienda.then I asked father Diangienda, he told me this: "My son, I will dress up and get something special for you. When you get home, before you sleep pray. But when you pray put the Holy water of Nkamba on your face, because God will show you the truth about what you just wanted to know.

So, when I arrived home, I did exactly as father Diangienda had told me to do. I fall into a deep sleep, In the dream or vision, I saw as if I arrived at Kinkole where fishermen were together with father Diangienda.Then I saw a fisherman transforming into a crocodile by wearing its skin and jumped into the Water. When he went deep inside the water, he began swallowing large fishes of any kind (tilapias, catfishes ....), when he finished swallowing, he came back and vomits them inside his canoe. In the dream, I asked father Diangienda, how this kind of things are done? Father Diangienda in the dream replied as follows: "Papa Iyefa, wait, open your eyes well, you'll see how things are done.” • I saw another gentleman still laying into the water; he went and swallowed large black catfishes then vomited them inside of his canoe. After doing so, he recovered his humanly body and washed his crocodile skin. I woke up at 5:30 am 'in that morning. In this early morning I went to meet with father Diangienda at the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu where he was living.

As we were talking, I asked father Diangienda: Father is that you who I saw in my dream or was somebody else? Father Diangienda replied: "It is true my son, it was me Diangienda. All you needed; you saw them in the night do not bother me. Papa Iyefa asked: Now father, if I go to the market how can I see the difference between fishes that a gotten by satanic ways and those of normal fishes? Father Diangienda looked at him and said: "My son, the fishes that are killed by these practices, you will find that it really nauseating after eating it. The stench does not go away quickly. Further you will see blood foam. “Papa Iyefa, I have to tell you this: "These big fishes cannot be caught just like that, certainly you can catch one or two, but in order to catch a large number of fishes, you need to sign a pact with Satan.” Then father Diangienda added: "Papa Iyefa, note this, if you sign a pact with Satan, on Tuesday 'when the living people(Kimbanguists) start the prayer of 10:00pm atnight," and sing, Oh my God release me out of all sufferings "As soon as they finish praying and say "AMEN ", all of these evil people are taken by Satan so that they can go to work for others in the same way as they did for themselves.” My son, you must know that: among those who have not overcome some return back into this world to serve their sentences, but not with this body, for example those who were getting fishes by transforming themselves into crocodile or those who were killing animals by occult ways.

Know that if you were doing such kind of things, on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. or Friday when the prayer of Oh my God release me out of all sufferings ends; your spirit joins the river, you turn into a crocodile or you become a bush animal. But the crocodile or the animal you become is different from the real ones. Because If people talk, you will listen, but cannot answer them, you will remain like that until God comes to judge this world. “If Someone else was a sorcerer and also transformed himself, if he dies or killed before the days of his life that were given by God (uncompleted days), meaning that he died before his date, he will be told "to return again in the world and serve on his prison time, but you will not return where human live at the risk of destroying other people again. You will go live among inert objects that don’t move turning into a big tree in the forest. You will remain like that, and your prison time will be renewed every 100 years until God judges this world. Some trees found in the forest are really human being, for example if someone calls a crocodile, Papa Iyefa, you as a tree in the forest will answer. It’s called the Echoe. But people never realize how trees answer on what they say by Echoe. If this particular tree happens to be cut, it will be replaced into a different one."

"YOU HAD THE GIFT OF GOD, BUT did not conquer the world by acting evil, your behavior will not allow you to enter the world of the elected ones. But will not go to hell, you must come back into this world to serve for your sentence.”

What will happen?

In heaven, among those who are in charge of sending people back into the world, if the head of God’s troops points his fingers at you, you will fall down twice. He will change your face; the front of your face becomes the back and vice versa. They will put you back in your coffin. For example, if you died in a car accident, you would return again to where your body was in the day of accident and wait for them to tell you where to go. "You really come back in this human world with the same body; they will give you a punishment, for example your work will be to sweep the house of God or the parish. You will broom or sweep here and there then be sent to a different location. All you do is moving from place to place until the end of your sentence. If you meet with a living person who knew you, he will not recognize you because your problem is with God alone. “ "For Some, if you did not sign any pact with Satan and had the gift of God, but your behavior was not correct.” • For example, a friend who had committed too many sins, by doing abortions (removing pregnancies), taking other people’s women, you cannot enter the world of the elected. You will be put in a compartment; "The compartment is a small prison (we will talk about it in great details in the following lines), a place of misery and suffering. In the compartment if you are a man, they will lie out women for you, and vice versa, so that you fornicate (have sex) with them until the end of your time. The reality out there is not the same as here. Know that there, all is under fire, for example if you are given 50 days (it means 50 years), you will begin to fornicate in the fire during the given time. After that you will be freed. There is no mistake or errors in heaven.

"Some people also come back to life with the same body, but you will not have a body that will enable you to sin by adultery (fornication). Sometimes you'll be ugly with a terrible disability on your body or face. You shall never be loved or admired by people because it will prevent you from falling into the same sin again. In the day of your death God will recover just your spirit, your body will return to earth."
For some people, you will be sent back into the world. But you will have an unhappy or a miserable life. You shall regret all your life. No one among the living people will recognize you. But you will recognize them and have nothing to say because your problem is with God alone. "Papa Iyefa look, as we live into this world, each and every human being has four advisors: one of the counselors is God himself. The other one is Satan as well as your body and spirit":


Papa Iyefa, you must know that in a week, people come twice into Jerusalem. They come on Wednesday and Saturday, how it happens! Among those who died and buried on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, those who have conquered the world will come to Jerusalem from 0:00 am (Mid night)'till 6:00 am in the morning. Now, before the living people in Jerusalem go to the morning prayers on Wednesday. “You will see what really happens on Tuesday at midnight.
Papa Iyefa asked: father, what really happens on Tuesday night?Father Diangienda said, "My son Iyefa, on Tuesday at midnight, gets ready because I'll show you something.” When I fell asleep, I saw an amazing vision; I saw how father Diangienda was entering people into Jerusalem. A very surprising thing was that, as they were entering, they were all in a huge happiness. My brothers and sisters, if you have not signed any pact with Satan and the film of your life shows that you led your life well, the gates of Jerusalem will be opened for you. Down there, corruption does not exist. So, if you have conquered, before entering into the New Jerusalem, they will put white substances in your mouth so that you don’t feel hungry or need the food of this world. This material body disappears, they will dress you in white garments, these clothes are all in gold, but this gold is white and does not exist in this world. These clothes are very bright, when you are standing with it, all is lighting up around you, your feet will not touch the ground, and then they will put something on you that start from your head to your toes. My brothers and sisters, when a person has conquered the world, the welcoming melody singing is the one of 120 voices (partitions); for Jerusalem’s gates to open as you enter the world of the elected ones; In this song, everything that God created sing in the same choir, man and women also sing. But they are also divided into three groups:      Read More