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 Nkamba New Jerusalem 

       The holy city of nkamba New Jerusalem is the place where Father Simon Kimbangu and his three children were born. It is located in the heart of Africa in the southern part of Congo Kinshasa, northern part of Congo Angola and very close to Congo Brazzaville. Nkamba is situated in the province of Bas-Congo, territory of Mbanza ngungu, in Ntimansi sector. According to some recent statistic, Nkamba New Jerusalem includes nearly ten sections and church administrations composing forty-four base communities with nearly two hundred and forty-five villages with about two hundred thousand people in it.
     The panoramic view of the temple in Nkamba New Jerusalem is surrounded by several hills. The city of Nkamba is placed between the three Kongos. Congo Kinshasa, Congo Brazzaville and Congo Angola. The holy city of Nkamba New Jerusalem is the spiritual headquarter of the Kimbanguism. Nkamba has become the place where many people all over the world, different church missionaries, religion leaders, government representatives including presidents, ambassadors and all of the others not cited go to visit and pay tribute to Father Simon kimbangu as they tend to learn more about his prophecy, revelations and discover this famous historical site. From the economic standpoint, Nkamba is indeed the treasure of the Congolese nation and the entire world. In days to come this city of God will drain a lot more people around the world.
     Nkamba New Jerusalem is the fulfillment of God promise. Following the recurrence of disobedience of exacerbated by the people of Israel toward God, Christ had told the Pharisees that “the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and be given to the nation that will produce the proper fruits (Matthew 21:43). Father Simon Kimbangu was the chosen one to continue God ‘s work. Christ had revealed to his special envoy that nkamba is the New Jerusalem, the city of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. In this context, we discovered and confirmed that nkamba is truly a divine promise of the lord. Ezekiel 47:1-12
Fourteen years before the fall of Jerusalem, Prophet Ezekiel had a vision of the future temple which was transported on the high mountain through the power of the lord and a group of buildings that looked like a city. From there, a man having bronze appearance showed him different elements of the future temple of the New Jerusalem (Ezekiel 47:1-12). Read it carefully step by step then you will find that the temple of Nkamba New Jerusalem is truly the one that God showed to Ezekiel. Nkamba New Jerusalem is placed on the green hills. At the bottom of the hills there are some sources of water flowing slowly from the bowels of the hills. Water gushes from beneath the actual entrance is a little forward towards the East. Water flows from the south side of the temple. At the eastern gate, water flows south of that door, down to the bottom of the hill towards Ngombe Kinsuka.
The temple has four main doors that marks the cardinal points North, South, East and West. This water is about five hundred miles long. The small stream of water crossing reaches to the Ankles since 1921. From 1940 to 1960 the water reached the waist level. But after 1970 to 1980 this water site could only be crossed by swimming because it became wide and deep. This holy water now is full of fishes. You can actually see all species of fishes in it. All around the holy water there are fruit trees, medical herbs and leaves that is used for people cures. At each distance of the holy water, you can notice that it is becoming bigger, deeper and transforming itself to a torrent just as described in Ezekiel’s vision.
     It is also easy to notice that in each bank of the creek, there are numerous trees. Water moves towards eastwards, winding though the valley and hills emptying to the Congo River and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. According to Ezekiel vision, it is evident that the Congo River has the image of a dead sea as mentioned in the bible. There are fishing villagers, whose lives depend on agriculture, fishing and hunting Ezekiel: 47:9. These fishermen use nets that can be seen drying in the sun on the bank of Congo River. Ezekiel 47:10. Hunters find game in the forest and the savannah. Every day people buy all kinds of fresh fish, grilled or smoked. Cars are often aligned in a single file awaiting to cross the Congo River which is about three miles. At this point a number of marshes and lagoons flooded by white sand out of coastal stream meet each other. Ezekiel 47: 11.