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     Kimbangu  was remoted from his native region to Lubumbashi where he spent thirty year in prison When in prison, Kimbangu was called by the prison commander Mrs. Cervais who had told Kimbangu that, you will be freed. It's also to remind that, at kimbangu's arrest, he was holding a book that was confiscated by the colonial government. The book was shining like a sun it was difficult for people to look at it. Kimbangu asked, "where is my book that you took from me when you arrested me?" the commander replied, the book was burned. Kimbangu replied, stop lying you have kept it in your office. Go get it and hand it back to me. The commander left and came back with the book. He threw the book on the ground and said there is your book. Kimbangu replied, I gave you the book handy. So, give it to me the same way. Kimbangu took the book and said, during my prison time here you tortured me of any kind that you wanted, even tried to assassinate me, but you failed. You didn't even know what was happening. But one day you will pay for it. After a few days Kimbangu with his cell door well locked, got out of the prison and said, "from now on my prison days are over" When the commander came again and found him out, he asked who got you out of the cell? go back to your cell. Kimbangu replied no, my prison days are over. You don't have no more authority to get me back there. I spent thirty years in prison, but I was going wherever I wanted to go. If I accepted to suffer, it's because I have scarified myself for a good cause. Few minutes later Kimbangu said, I'm sick take me to the hospital. They took him to the hospital where he stayed for few days. The next day in the morning after KImbangu's hospitalization, the catholic sister and priest came to the hospital. Kimbangu asked, "why are you here for?" they replied, we came to bless you because you are sick. Kimbangu replied, "if you are really good servants of God, tell me when I'm going to die" if you do so, then I will accept your blessing. The catholic sister could not tell when he was going to die. They just left embarrassed. When this was happening, they were guards and other people inside who had witnessed this. After that kimbangu called the guards who were securing the hospital and ordered them to surround him and said "my children I have something to tell you. kimbangu told them that today Friday at three o clock P.M I'm going to die. The guards asked themselves many questions. How is it going to happen? he doesn't look sick. Then one of the guards said, this man even here in prison, operated so many miracles. If he said so, it would happen let's witness it. Kimbangu again said, my children today at three o clock I'm going to die. But you my children, never forget the words of God. Pray endlessly, God is everywhere. Call him in all circumstances, he will come to help you. Then he said, go back to your place of work. The guard still were wondering if how his death was going to happen. At two o clock, Kimbangu called them again including some prisoners who were also hospitalized and said, "come by me because I have a last word to leave you. he said" the time that I have promised you is near. I'm going to die at three o clock as I promised. I insist on you not to forger God's words, come closer so that I can give you my last blessing. So, he did. After that, at three o clock he gave himself few kicks on the right side, he did the same on the left side, he slept and died. The guards called the commander to inform that Kimbangu passed away. The authorities and priests came to prove it as they found Kimbangu already dead. The authorities questioned the guards. They gave all of the information's in details including Kimbangu's last words. The authorities took a note on those information's. They called a black doctor and ordered him to perform an autopsy. But he refused. Then they performed it by themselves on the next day which was on Saturday. They opened is body and found nothing inside. All of the internal organs disappeared mysteriously. Those doctors were stunned. The called a great number of priests and government member to witness it. On the same day he was buried. Simon Kimbangu1887-1951.

Kimbangu Mystery

Simon kimbangu appearances were observed in Kinshasa, in a village called Efonda
(Equator), in Befale (Equator), in Boma 1942, in Makanga Panu Sumbu in Sandoa 1949, in Kindu 1962. in Kongolo (Tanganyika), in Dilolo (lualaba) in Mbulula, (Kisangani) Kinshasa and Lubumbashi 1951, in Lowa 1952.

An unprecedented appearance of Simon Kimbangu as omnipresent also occurred when he was arrested in five different places at once: Ekafa, Mbandaka, Boende, Bolafa and Lubumbashi in April 1942. all five kimbangu were arrested while another Kimbangu was still in prison. In Brazzaville, his physical appearance was observed in Kunzulu ( Ngaba district) in 1925, Kinshasa-bibubu (Boko district) in Gamboma (plateau of Bateke) Brazzaville etc.....

Simon Kimbangu appeared in June to October 1997 among Christians in Congo Brazzaville when the country came back to civil war. Kimbangu helped those people in distress. which led many people to strengthen their faith in Father Simon Kimbangu and became God believers. his appearance was also observed in several country in Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

In Asia 1989 Kimbangu appeared in Korea at Ms. Kim's Unification Church while they were in full retreat (Prayers) in the mountains of Korea. He appeared as a black man speaking their native language. They were all stunned, scared and fled. But as they were fleeing, Kimbangu was always among them running. After being tired of running, they stopped. As an answer to their prayers, Kimbangu started a conversation which was deeply Chistian. he answered to all that they asked for during their prayers in the mountains. Ms. Kim received an important message from Simon Kimbangu and ordered her to come to Kinshasa to deliver this important message to Simon Kimbangu's son Diangienda Kuntima.

Ms. Kim came to Kinshasa in 1989 and gave an emotional testimony, including Simon Kimbangu's message when he said go tell my son that, black people were in a spiritual prison for 4400 years. But from now on, their prison time is over, despite insults, slander, humiliation that is attributed to them, they should not be afraid because their prison time is over. They now begin a new mission. They must not step back because of other people's teasing. Jesus was teased, I myself was treated the same way. Those people who deal with magical power and protection will ultimately fail as they are running out of arguments and time, they will sink themselves. But you my people, you should be firm as we are and will be victorious no matter what. OUR PRISON TIME IS OVER.

Simon Kimbangu is the special envoy of the lord Jesus Christ as he promised to send a comforter (John 14:16). His church is called, The Church of Jesus Christ on earth by his special envoy Simon Kimbangu. He performed many acts of a divine power even more than Jesus Christ. He continues living among us as visible and invisible human. Kimbangu has demonstrated the pervasiveness belonging to God. One person out of ordinary in many cases well behind realism of prophets and apostles. From this point of view, Simon Kimbangu can visit at the same time, thousands of families across the globe in just one minutes. Kimbangu is a transcendent figure outside the space and time. He was and will always be among us. Simon Kimbangu shown as the divine attributes of omnipresence and omnipotence. The world must learn more about this man.