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    Simon Kimbangu is the founder of the Kimbanguist church. Seeing Kimbangu's works, actions and evangelical teachings, Kimbangu Christians believe on him as the spirit of the truth, the comforter that was promised by the lord Jesus Christ (John 14:16) whose mission is to console the humanity. Indeed, kimbanguist Christians value this name. There is no doubt to express that Kimbangu is a permanent living divine reality.

However, many people around the world unquestionably considers Simon Kimbangu as a symbol of a modern time. For those who know and those who don't, here is the moment to know his attributions. Since the beginning of the world, God always sends messenger to relieve the people in distress. These envoys have always brought a message of love, peace and justice to help all mankind. Thus, the fourth generation of the humanity begins after Jesus Christ and recognized around the year 325 as God's son as the symbol of Nicaea faith. The council of (Constantinople) 381 subsequently confirmed that God is triune. God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit.

   During the fourth generation, human wickedness continued to accumulate on earth. Black people were even transformed into a commodity, devastating slave trade and severe tortures during the arrogant and disgusting colonization. Historians amounted about 300 million people, robust creative blacks were uprooted from their homeland and forcibly deported to become slaves, mere commodities in global marketplace. A unique phenomenon in the history of the fourth generation's humanity. "A terrible holocaust forgotten", the international community held a meeting on September 2001 in Durban, South Africa and considered that " Slavery and the transatlantic slave trade as a crime against the humanity.

    In the Kongo kingdom, the arrival of European missionaries, including Portugueses had brought destabilization, devastation and crimes. Missionaries instead of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, had rather served as a springboard for the intensification of black slavery, colonization and the rampant looting of the wealth of Africa. Distress and grief had deepened into the Kongo Kingdom people, the place where the colonists first started and found spiritual and material wealth. The missionaries appeared as real competitors and became progressively marchanders looking for material goods. Eventually, the boats that brought them to Africa precisely in the Kongo, which was marked as their strategic point of embarcadero, should return to Europe. But Laden, copper, ivory, slave trade and more made them stay. Obviously, priests and missionaries became greedy, scandalous and immoral habits which rendered all progress impossible in the Kongo Kingdom. Resistance was brutally repressed. The so-called religious missionaries used whips forcing Africans to believe on their gods.

    African people began to wonder if Jesus Christ who preached European missionaries of that time, was indeed the God of black people. Just during this time of distress manifested concretely a comforter called "Kimbangu" which means, a spirit that reveals hidden things, Nzambi a Mpungu in Kikongo language. in English the almighty God. The Congolese people faith believed on this supernatural force which revealed hidden meaning of things. This divine spiritual power was called Kimbangu just in spirit not in human form (not born yet). This extraordinary comforter will therefore come for brainwashing and awareness in human.

      This spirit comes with a special mission to liberate, rehabilitate blacks in distress and remains forever among people. initially, the manifestation of the power of truth was by its power, relieving people. The people of the Kongo Kingdom believed on the almighty God in their lamentations for help just by invoking the name of Kimbangu. In every serious situation, it was sufficient to invoke or call Kimbangu spirit and got an instant result right away.

 Even when somebody died, people called and relied on Kimbangu spirit by saying, "Kimbangu , Kimbangu come and bring this dead person back to life, and that person returned back to life and began crying. The joy flooded around them as they were relieved. Also, in Kongo Kingdom came a woman prophet called Kimpa Vita who also criticized negative actions of Europeans missionaries. Her message was accepted by the African people and became the hope in the Kongo Kingdom. She revealed that the spirit of Kimbangu will be born in flesh in a human form. He will be invincible and will stop slavery saving blacks and the entire Africa.


       The people of the Kongo Kingdom were deeply disillusioned by European missionaries. The role of colonial and so-called missionaries eventually caused declines in the Kongo Kingdom. They were implementing strategies for the division of Africa where workers were referred as black slave builders. On February 26, 1885, at the colonial conference in Berlin led by Otto Von Bismarck, Africa was in fact unilaterally voted as a real cake shared by colonial practicing a terrifying oppression of the people. But the Kongo people continued calling the spirit of Kimbangu in their lamentations and distresses until 1887. Indeed, Wednesday September 12,1887 Kimbangu was born in the Kongo, which automatically marked the end of slavery in 1887. Kimbangu mission had already been presented to you as I first started on describing his mission at the beginning of my story.

in 1910 four years before his customary marriage, Kimbangu revealed to all that God will grant three children all boys. And I will be born again in 1918. His three children were in fact
- Kisolokele Lukelo Daniel Charles (02-12-1914 to 03-17-1992) - Dialungana Kiangani Paul Salomon (05-25-1916 to 08-16-2001) and finally Diangienda Kuntima Joseph (03-22-1918 to 07-08-1992. So, his revelation came true at Diangienda's birth considered as Simon Kimbangu himself. Kimbangu taught on justice, equality of races and ordered people to abandon obscurantist practices, fetishes, and magic idols and follow God's word. People believed on his teachings bringing growth of faith in God among Africans rather than European's missionaries' teachings which brought destabilization to people.

         The African people became hopeful and many of them had abandoned Their old way of following the path of God. Kimbangu success was clearly seen, and everyone wanted to listen and follow his instructions, which brought people in Nkamba. Many of whom came from different regions. In fact, Simon Kimbangu was not a prophet as he was asked by De Rossi during his sentence. He replied that I'm not a prophet but the messenger of the lord Jesus Christ, the spirit of truth who is the third person in the trinity God the holy spirit.

Many people still don’t believe in revelations. But it seems normal, as Christ himself said that people will know him, but others will ignore him. The kimbanguist catechism responds based on Christ promise to send the Holy Spirit which describes the existence of Simon kimbangu since the trinity. Kimbangu is the accomplishment of his promise to us. He is the Holy Spirit which is supported by the kimbanguist doctrine. It turns to be that God is mysterious in being omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscience beyond human understanding.
      There is no need to use subterfuge, human efforts or intelligence to know God, only the divine grace of the almighty God is sufficient as it acts powerfully on people minds and souls. Nobody knew that S.Kimbangu would carry such a heavy task taking the lost sheep back to the path of emancipation and salvation. His humility among his own secrecy surrounds a reality and true nature. Human intellectuality always shows weakness and limitations to know God’s secrets. God has turned his face towards the oppressed people. During his prison time, the colonists had rejoiced on his incarceration hoping that the Kimbanguist movement would later dissolve, but God has his plan well traced. S.Kimbangu remains eternally as the winner.

     This statement implies to the investment of God in the history. He is the third person in the trinity showing that the new moment has arrived by assuming the continuity of God’s revelations, rupture of all banners of God revelations, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the humanity to accomplish God’s plan. The arrogance that characterizes us today may find this an aberration. But this implication doesn’t alter God’s plan as several considerations attest on the Christianity a link that has passed to the Kimbanguism. God want to take over his world that has been dominated by devil. The rejoice and punishment will come both at the same time. The Holy Spirit has revealed and continues revealing the heavenly secrets to make his people aware of what will be coming in the future. Seeing is believing.   

      Now there are so many explanations regarding the existence of the Holy Spirit. Some describe the Holy Spirit as bird, some as the fire, and some as the spirit in human only. Now ask yourself a question what a bird already came to reveal you? What the fire already came to reveal you? (It) is the third person of singular that is used for animals and things. (He) is also the third person of singular that is used for human. This means that the Holy Spirit is a person in spirit with mind, emotion and will. Look at S.Kimbangu’s divine power and accomplishments, never seen in the world. This isn’t the promise of the lord being accomplished. Please read these chapters in order to be well clarified. John 14:15-17, John 14:12, John 16:5-15, Galatians 5:16-18, and 1Timothy 4:1-2 .