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       From a non spiritual perspective, synchronicity can be defined as a meaningful coincidence that reflects an event connected by similarity, meaning, resonance rather than by causality . It is also defined as two or more mysterious and similar occurrences that took place around the same time or have a similar reason for occurring. From a spiritual perspective, its meaningful that coincidence or randomness does not exist. However, things happen by random effect but by an high organization and correct alignment with and by the creative source . 

      Things happens for a specific reason . An occurrence or  a manifestation is simply a result of a collaboration of intension, a result of faith and creative source.  When similar intentions converge for a specific reason or purpose, dominant spiritual forces and faculties come alive and manifest themselves as a physical  occurrence . similar occurrences emanate therefore from similar intentions. Numbers have special meaning in the Bantu culture. The numerology and synchronicity of numbers (3) in the life of Kimbangu is quite striking . What is the source of this trilogy ?  is this in reference with Egypt first 3 original Gods ( Osiris. Horus and Isis ? Let's go very deep and find out.

      1. Kimbangu was born on September 12,1887 three years after the Berlin conference which divided his ancestral Kingdom into (3) different countries. Kimbangu was a father of  three (3)

     2. September 12 known as a great celebration of King Tutankhamen in Egypt. Ntu u ta Nkanu in Kikongo language simply means , The leader of decision maker.

     3. Jesus began his mission at the age of 30 whereas Kimbangu's vision also began in 1918 at the age of 30

     4. Jesus was a Hebrew peasant considered as a prophet by his people whereas Kimbangu was an African Kongo peasant also considered as a prophet by African people.

     5. Jesus was accused by the leading Jewish priests ( Caiaphas) and Kimbangu was accused by the leading protestant missionary priest ( Reverend  Peter Jennings)

    6. Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot one of his disciples in exchange of 30 pieces of silver. Kimbangu was betrayed by his fellow Congolese in Nkamba and spent 30 years of life imprisonment to the satisfaction of reverend Jennings his accuser.

    7. Jesus presented himself to the Roman authorities at the garden of Gethsemane . Kimbangu also presented himself to the colonial Belgian authorities in Gombe Lutete few miles away from Nkamba his native village.

     8. Jesus lead judge was Pontius Pilate, a roman governor in the occupied Israel, whereas Kimbangu lead judge was De Rossi. an Italian roman priest in the occupied Congo by the Belgian.

     9. At Jesus time , Israel was a colony of Roman Empire whereas Kimbangu time Congo was a colony of Belgium which is now the headquarter s of of European union today the old beast of in the book  of Daniel.

    10. Jesus was 33 years old  when he was arrest ,crucified and died. Kimbangu was 33 years old and 7 months old on April 6. 1921 when he began his healing ministry. Did Jesus passed the baton to Kimbangu?  just think of this and analyze.

    11. Diangienda  Kuntima the 3rd son Kimbangu was 33 years old and 7 months on October 12, 1951 a day Kimbangu died. Did Kimbangu passed the baton to his 3rd son? Just thing and analyze.

    12. Diangienda kuntima the 3rd son of Kimbangu was as a spiritual leader of the Kimbanguist church for 33 years starting from 1951 to 1992.

    13. Jesus was crucified on Friday which is considered by Jews as Nissan day approximately around April the 6th . Kimbangu began his ministry on April the 6th a Nissan day.

   14. Jesus accomplised his mission on Nissan 14 (April 6) . he was crucified on Nissan 15 (April 7). Kimbangu began his mission on April 6 , 1921

   15. Jesus was crucified with two other criminals making it a party of 3 whereas  Kimbangu was also arrested with 2 companions ( Ndangi Piere and Jean Mukoko making it also a  party of 3.

   16. Kimpa Vita Kimbangu ancestor was burned at steak with her son and her companion by Portuguese . which also made a  party of 3.

   17. In colonial Israel , an African man named Simon of Cyrene came to rescue Jesus to carry the cross , whereas in Colonial Congo Jesus christ appeared to Kimbangu asking him to take over his work and his cross.

   18. Fatima asked the 3 children to keep on coming at the miracle site for 6 successive  months. Kimbangu ministry lasted for 6 successive months starting from April 6, 1921 to October 3, 1921 before he was arrested.

   19. Kimbangu wife was named Mary Muilu,  whereas the mother of Jesus was also name as Mary and her best friend wans Mary Magdalene. A question to ask if where was Joseph at Jesus crucifixion?  Why he was not mentioned during Jesus final day? plus, was Simon of Cyrene Mary's husband? and also what compelled Simon to help Jesus?  Where did that affinity come from?

   20. Kimbangu was condemned on October 3rd ,1921 

   21. Kimbangu spent 30 years in prison starting from 1921 to 1951

   22. Kimbangu prison cell was number 3, located in building number 3

   23. Kimbangu died on October 12, 1951 at 3:00 PM in Lubumbashi ( Elisabethville) and Jesus also died at 3:00 PM

   24. Lubumbashi where Kimbangu spent 30 years in prison is longitude 30 E from the Equator and the Nile river which has its source from  Congo great lake region and also has its delta at longitude 30 S;

   25. Kimbangu 3rd son Diangienda Kuntima who was born on March 18. 1918 became the 3rd spiritual leader from 1959 to 1992 the year he died

   26. Before his death , Diangienda re-inforced  Kintuadi a spirit of unity with a spiritual code of success summarized into 3 major key rules  as: Love, Unity and purpose driven works. 

 It is to mention that, from 1921 to 1959 , Kimbangu's wife became the spiritual leader of the church. 

From 1959 to 1992 Diangienda Kuntima became the spiritual leader of the church .

From 1992 to 2001 Dialungana Kiangani became the spiritual leader of the church.

From 2001 to now , the church is being led by father Simon Kimbangu Kiangani .

   Jesus promises the coming of the Holy spirit: JOHN 14:15-17
JOHN 14: 12
JOHN 16:5-15

Similarity, Synchronicity and Trilogy Of Kintuadi (Unity)