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  Note:  In the Kimbanguist church songs are not composed , they come by a divine inspiration. through the power of the Holy spirit, gifted people capture songs inspired by God the father, God the son ,God the Holy spirit and Angels. They come by visions and dreams . The kimbanguist songs are God's messages which he provides to his people for a better awarness and to help us understand his will on earth.

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some historical traces of father Simon Kimbangu path of passion

2. Kimbangu and His wife Mary Muilu baptism date in the Baptist Church of Ngombe Lutete : July 4, 1915

 1. Father Simon Kimbangu date of Birth: September 12 , 1887

6. Steps of Father Simon Kimbangu path of passion :

 - From Nkamba to Mbanza Ngungu (Thysville) : By foots

- Body taken from Lubumbashi to Ilebo (Port Franqui) : By train

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 The Kimbanguism Is The Hope Of The World

 3. The begining of Father Simon Kimbangu ministry by the healing of Nkiantondo: April 6, 1921

4. Father Simon Kimbangu arrest with his 12 disciples: September 12, 1921

 5. Father Simon Kimbangu death sentence verdict led by war counselor of Thyseville (Mbanza Ngungu) : October 3, 1921

-From Mbanza Ngungu (Thysville) to Kinshasa (Leopoldville) : By train

 - From Kinshasa to Kisangani(Stanleyville): By boat

 -From Kisangani to Ubundu (Ponthierville): By train

 - From Ubundu to Kindu : By boat

-From Kindu to Lubumbashi (Elisabethville) : By train

- The arrival of Father Simon Kimbangu In Kasombo prison : January 19, 1922 where he died after 30 years of imprisonment: October 12, 1951   

 -Body taken from Ilebo to Kinshasa By boat: April 2, 1960

-Body taken from Kinshasa to Nkamba  By car: April 3, 1960

 - Oficial Kimbanguist Church Recognition by the Belgian clonists: December 24, 1959

 -Proclamation of Congo DRC : Juin 30, 1960 

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The Spiritual Leader Of The Kimbanguist Church His Divinity Father Simon Kimbangu Kiangani

 Similarity, Synchronicity And Trilogy Of Kintuadi

      From a non-spiritual perspective, synchronicity can be defined as a meaningful coincidence that reflects events connected by similarity, by meaning, by resonance rather than by causality. It is also defined as two or more mysterious and similar occurrences that take  place around the same time, or have similar reasons for occurring. For a spiritual perspective, however, coincidence or randomness  does not exist. Things happen not by random effects, but by a high organization and correct alignment with and by the creative source.