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     In conclusion, Jesus Christ symbolizes Christianity. Jesus Christ came to liberate the people of Israel. This means that he came for those who were lost, mistreated, used as slave, dominated and those who sinned since the beginning of the creation. Who are those people? The people of Israel of today or the authentic people of the old Israel of the Bena Kongo descendance who are still mentally and spiritually slaves? Because the actual Israel was invented by people. This is the time to know the truth about the true history that has been kept as secret for so long. Nobody even try to mention the Bena Kongo in the bible because of their skin color that is considered as less valuable in the eyes of people, mentioning only Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya and Egypt who are less dark forgetting that all of the races came from black. It is evident that people worked so hard and continue to work hard to cover the truth by replacing it to lie. But God is always close to his people as the final moment is close. Many high representatives are trying to help black to recover because they know the true history of the humanity, but blacks are still asleep. Here they are some declarations that can help us understand a little bit:
- Mrs. France faneau who declared that Africa has a form of a gun which the trigger is located in Kongo.
- Osmic Mubarak the late president of Egypt confirmed that the Kongo is a country of African Negro and also the Kongo is the Egyptian old brother and Egypt is the eldest one.
- Americans leaders who told President Mobutu that you are leading the Paradise (Kongo)
- Abdou Diouf the Senegalese president who stated that, if the Kongo is sick, all Africa is sick too or in trouble. - The pope John Paul the 2nd confirmed that God is black. Jesus is black he lived in the northern part of Angola which the Kongo kingdom.

When he visited Mbanza Kongo he added that our step has ended. Africa it is your time to prove who you are, good luck.
- The late Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev who was interviewed by the Baobab journal. He was asked 4 questions but the important one was as follow: Who will bring the true Christianity in this world? His answer was that he is a black man who is regaining his power. Know that blacks were the first creation of God on earth (Adam and Eve). They lost their relationship with God because they sinned. That is why they were exposed to slavery and all kind of sufferings which served as punishment for them. But the almighty God saw how they suffered in the world, now he is rehabilitating them. It is true that this rehabilitation intervened after the last colonized African state or country which is Namibia. Therefore, the message of true Christianity will be proclaimed in the world by a black man precisely in the central part of Africa which is the Congo. This starting point may be seen in the bible in (Esaiah 18:1-7) who is that person? Isn’t father Simon Kimbangu the revelator of hidden things that were kept for so long? Jesus the son of God did not lie on his promise of sending the Holy Spirit that people of today consider as bird and so on. All of these show that Jesus' history of today is unclear. The originality of those twelve tribes of Israel is unclear. Because how can we have twenty-four tribes of Israel people in the world? One in today Israel and the other one in the Bena Kongo? Which one is true, and which one is the fake one? Just think of how easy it is to believe in lie and how hard it is to believe in the truth. Look at how people created division in the world forgetting that we are all the same. The old Babel also created division. But the one that the Holy Spirit is building now is for all of us regardless of who you are black, white, yellow and others. He wants to set back the clock to where we were before in harmony. No war, no division. The Holy Spirit is warning us that trouble is coming in the world. They're going to be nowhere to hide. Lots of people are already trying to recognize their wrongdoing in the past and asking for forgiveness. What about those who started the fire? This is a message to all who are considered as human being that the Kimbanguism is the continuity of what our ancestors left us. Study the Kimbanguism, don’t just think of material things but also think of spiritual one which is endless and more important.