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  God greatness And Satan Plots

  The almighty God is the creator of everything on earth. Since the beginning he found it right to create the world and put everything on it so that human can benefit on them. This shows us that God intention to human was not to make us suffer but to be in control of things that he created and make our lives better with no pain. Look at how huge God’s love is towards humankind. But human continue to be disobedient to his creator by not following his precepts. Disobedience is the most dangerous one as we refer to the past and the present moment that we are now living. If we look at the glance on who we call Lucifer, he is God creature who used to be his close angel in heaven.

God, who is the creator, loved him the most giving him the genuine power of his level, as Lucifer obeyed on numerous missions ordered by his master (God). Lucifer being closely to God saw himself as being the second personality after God without knowing that God divided himself into three parts as God the father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Lucifer’s first surprise was when he one day asked a question to God and was not answered but lately was directed to his son in order to get the answer on what he needed at that particular moment. Lucifer did not act promptly on God answer but gathered angels to let them know that his master who is God sent him to his son in order to get an answer on what he needed. Some of the angels suggested him to obey on God’s recommendation but some angels also refused.

But lately Lucifer obeyed and went to contact God’s son the one who answered all of his questions and needs. Despite his obedience, he was not very satisfied learning that he became the third personality after God. Few days passed; he posed another request to his master God but did not have an answer but was once again directed to another one who is the Holy Spirit who would give him an answer on what he needed. Lucifer was once again surprised to learn that there is another one beside the son. He found himself becoming the fourth personality in heaven. Lucifer was once again terrified with anger and gathered angels informing them that he was for the second time directed to another one who is the Holy Spirit in order to get an answer on what he needed. In this case fewer of the angels suggested obeying but most the angels also refused seeing that their commander in chief Lucifer became the fourth personality.
Lucifer ended up disobeying the third personality who is the Holy Spirit.
After Lucifer disobedience God ousted him out of heaven and casted him on earth together with his angels mainly those who refused on God’s recommendation and created their kingdom here on earth.
But in return, God saw it was good to create humankind out of his own image in order to fight Lucifer on earth. The first one who was created was Adam. He was given a spiritual power to overcome every temptation led by Lucifer Including Eve. Despite their power, Eve ended up being misled by Lucifer as she inherited witchcraft leading to lose their spiritual power provided by God.
Because of not obeying on God ‘rules, they suffered punishment leading to all kinds of miseries that we face today. Animal that used to be a close human companion also get angry starting to attack and kill us. God placed both Adam and Eve in a very far location where they served their punishment for long period of time. This punishment and suffering walked through generation after generations till the coming of the Holy Spirit the terminator.

Even if we broke our alliance with God, he always seeks to regain that connectivity to human whom he considers as his creature. For our sake, in every generation God always sends messengers, prophets in order to warn, evangelize, prophesize, reveal so that we can regain to our lost communion with God the creator. Lately he ended up sending his unique son Jesus Christ in order to save us. But we all know what he faced preventing him to complete his given mission. His promise before returning to heaven was to send the Holy Spirit the one who would conclude God’s mission on earth. His promise was fulfilled in this fourth generation through Father Simon Kimbangu the revealer of hidden things, the concluder of God promises on earth, the one who will end Satan power on earth, the one who allowed Adam and Eve to be forgiven in this fourth generation, the one who freed black from the oppressors and so on. In every mission God always acted differently.

At this last mission, the Holy Spirit brought his church, his entire army dividing himself into three parts humanly through father Kisolokele Lukelo Charles, Dialungana Kiangani Salomon, Diangienda Kuntima Joseph together with angels who also descended to assist and be part of the mission on earth to fight Satan and arrest him so that he could recuperate his world including his beloved people. It is a very tough task, but we have been guaranteed victory on this. The counselor, the one who suffered more than Jesus Christ is showing us God’s will towards humankind. Through their teachings, we came to recognize our failures and better understanding of Satan mission towards humankind.
The teaching of the Holy Spirit is far from being considered as an invention or imagination, but God message or interpellation for human awareness.
In it, no lie is noted but the digging of hidden things by revealing what had already passed, what to come and what is going on nowadays. Because of their teachings and speeches, human sees the light of salvation and understanding Satan maneuvers and God will for human sake. God want to recuperate his world which has been longtime ruled by the Devil. The almighty God is more and more getting closer to human.