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      From 1921 to 1998, the Kimbanguist Church celebrated every year the Christmas festivities on the conventional date of December 25 as other traditional churches. But, on January the first 1992, the spiritual leader of the kimbanguist church father Diangienda Kuntima, predicted that one day, the Kimbanguist Christians will know the real birth date of the Lord Jesus Christ.
     Father Simon KIMBANGU is always presented by the Kimbanguist theology as the incarnation of the Holy Spirit; and his three sons (father Kisolokele Lukelo Charles, father Kiangani Solomon and father Diangienda Kuntima Joseph), symbolize the Holy Trinity in the Kimbanguist faith. So therefore, father Kisolokele Lukelo is the personification of God the father, father Dialungana kiangani as God the son and father Diangienda Kuntima as God the Holy spirit, the reincarnation of Father Simon Kimbangu.On May 24, 1999, in Nkamba New Jerusalem, at midnight, the spiritual leader of the Kimbanguist church father Dialungana Kiangani wished "Christmas" to the faithful who were present. He revealed being himself as Jesus Christ who returned on earth for the second time and confirmed that he was really born on May the 25th not December 25.

    Since then, Kimbanguists around the world carried this heavy responsibility of announcing it to the world, so that Christians and atheists are finally aware of this historical truth. Here is the story of Willy NKunga Kamalandua that contributes to the dissemination of this important date in which he describes father Dialungana Kiangani as he had seen in his christic dimension. The facts took place in Nkamba New Jerusalem on February 15, 2001. Mr. Nkunga kamalandua had been visiting Nkamba New Jerusalem as a Catholic Christian. Later, he lived other spiritual experiences on the Kimbanguism, which inspired him to write four books, namely: "In the Footsteps of Simon Kimbangu", "The Mystery of Reincarnation", "Echoes of Heaven" and "The Mysterious Date of May 25.

Please spend some time to follow this important testimony done by a Catholic Christian while in visit to Nkamba New Jerusalem.

The fulfillment of Isaiah prophecy.

    "On this Sunday, February 15, 2001, at 4: 30 Pm, myself and my brother Nkanu landed on the sacred soil of Nkamba, cradle of the Kimbanguism and miracles place " We were amazed to finally find the natal village of Father Simon Kimbangu, a dream which had become a reality… We were about few miles that were separating us from the place where the Sunday worship was taking place. An immense crowd happily parade to the beat of the brass band on this mysterious Hill surrounded by lush vegetation. A great atmosphere prevailed in this small solitary corner where I had already felt a strange presence of God. As we advanced (slowly) towards the rostrum, I recognized by far the old man who received the honors from the crowd, that sang and waved green-white handkerchiefs. Yes, I had well recognized the person that I have already seen several times in visions and (other) strange apparitions. As we were advancing, the distance from where we saw that strange person was decreasing. I felt like something strange happening in my body, an internal vibration and intense heat spreading all over my body. My blood was moving so fast inside my veins, but I tried nonetheless to control my body. Then I suddenly heard a voice inside of me which was the voice of the person who was advancing toward me. He did not even open his mouth to talk to me, but I felt him talking inside of me. I could clearly hear him with his shaking voice saying that: "Everything you're going to see, you will write about them right after my death, and I will tell you when more precisely."

     "I repeat do not write about what you are going to see or relate it to anyone until the order is given to you." I Suddenly and Slowly, saw his body opening like a cabinet, similar to a banana skin peeling off, transforming to another body which was not similar to the first. Indeed, this new predestine body was spreading around him with a very bright light but did not prevent me to see or witness this strange phenomenon. Then I saw a wide screen on the other body with images scrolling on his chest. Yes, I was there now following every detail and I could not even determine how long this had lasted, because at this time I felt as having lack of concept of time. I saw angels who turned around the date of 25 of May, and below, it was written Christmas in large characters. And, similar to a set of lights. Note that, on the other side I saw the new body that was peeling off like a banana skin addressing to the crowd as follow:

Rejoice, peoples of the Earth
Because today, the veil is lifted.
The old solitary is stripped
His carnal envelope,
That had always been hidden
In a tired and sick body.
Yes, the Prophet Isaiah was right
And his prophecy has to be accomplished.
In the body of Kimbangu son
Hiding this God who was expected.
In the body of father Dialungana where
Jesus Christ was hiding.
    When he wanted to shake his hands to me, the mysterious body immediately disappeared and transformed into this old envelope that everyone saw as father Kiangani Solomon!
Little by little, as the night extended in Nkamba… everything was so quiet. When we descended the stairs to finally climb the Hill, on which was built this beautiful building of three levels, where we were reserved an apartment… On the ground dotted with large roots, we walked my brother Nkanu Pierre, Djeef (who is the family of the spiritual leader) and myself... It was about 10 pm when papa Djeef left us… In this vast and beautiful lounge, we admire the works of art and the wonderful furniture's of the apartment. And about midnight, my brother decided to go to bed. As for me, I did not have any sleep… Suddenly, I was surprised to hear a fresh music that was accompanied by an angelic voice. And in the silence of the night, my memory could save this:
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna
It's, it's here, God is there
Glory to the living God who
Coated human flesh
Rent the creatures of the Earth
O New Jerusalem
Sing in honor of your God
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, it's his day
Sing, oh oppressed people
People of the new Covenant
God has heard your crying
And he has seen your tears
    May 25 is his day, Christmas. I suddenly felt my eyelids getting heavier and slowly my eyes being closed completely while I was not sleeping. This was a time that I saw a man entering the House to the rhythm of this music. I looked and immediately recognized the mysterious old man, the spiritual leader of the Kimbanguist Church, father Dialungana Kiangani Solomon! He wore a white pants and a white shirt, with a green ribbon across his chest, from the shoulder to the level of the belt on the right side. He stood upright for a few moments, then sat down on the bed. I knew that I was not sleeping but I had no fear indeed, I was at ease… I then wanted to meet and kneel down before this man, but he laid his right hand on my chest, preventing me from moving. He looked at me and said calmly:
-Are you still there, my son.
   He had a penetrating look and clear eyes. Father Dialungana put his two hands on his knees and then added:
I came to see and talk to you...
- I answered” I am at your disposal father. He said son
- Be more comfortable and ask me whatever you want to know, it will be better that way!
- I thank you, father.
The music had stopped, and all was quiet ... The man looked at me with his sweet eyes and asked me a question calmly.
- Are you truly decided to serve my father?
- Yes, father, I've decided to become a Kimbanguist Christian.
He smiled and said:
- We are born Kimbanguist, we do not become kimbanguist.
- But father, I'm a Catholic...
- He replied, you can change names as you would like, but you will always be the same, does not it?
- Uh ... Yes, but...
He interrupted me by adding:
- Before you were in the womb of your mother, you existed, but when you came on earth, there is a veil that covers that life now and you do not remember anything.
I quickly asked him
- Who was I then?
He replied
- When you plant a palm tree, you must learn how to be patient as everything has a specific time to grow. As for me your father, I was little, very small, i grew up until finally became old. Very soon I will leave this body, like an old coat, I'll get rid of it. When you write about all this, I will be gone but if anyone calls me, we'll be there, Father, myself and the Holy Spirit to assist you.
- Father can you please tell me who you are?
He looked sad and said:
- I am the one who said on the cross "It's Accomplished." Yes, everything was done, as my name says it: DIALUNGANA. Once, I had prepared a very good food, I came to set the table and now everything is ready. I will leave soon, but whoever wants to eat must at first wash his hands, it's the only condition. The food of life is Kimbangu; I assure you that he is the essential food for the third millennium.
- But father, what are you saying? You mean that the body of Christ that the Eucharist celebrated is no longer needed for this century?
He replied
- In the human body, the entire member is different from each other; each member plays an important role. When one happens to fail or lose its operation, it becomes inactive. God does not incarnate once for a single mission, but above all, be aware that all these missions only have one goal: To Save Human Souls.
I asked then
- What is the real meaning of your mission on earth today, father?
He never left my eyes when he spoke.
- In the past, I shed my blood and now I sacrifice myself as firewood. Thus, by burning, I boil the food of life that is Kimbangu. The wood burns I'm slowly but surely, I tend towards the end of my earthly mission, for cons, the food, that is consumed.
- Wood burns but the food is eaten ... What do you mean by that father?
He replied
- Me, Dialungana, I’m the wood; I am consumed by the fire to prepare the food that is Kimbangu, a very rich food that will remain forever in the bodies of those who eat it. The Father is the fire, I'm the Wood and Kimbangu is the food that gives strength. When I am completely consumed, I will change my body, I will take the divine color up to the time that the food is ready. But be careful, be aware that a body that is nourished dies.
He crossed his arms and continued.
- Everything has its time. Just yesterday, the darkness was upon the mysterious date of May 25, but at the bottom of Nkamba village, the rooster has sung, and the first rays of sun lit up the box where Mary Mwilu rocked her baby.
He stood up and shouted:
- Christmas, Christmas, yes, May 25
I felt suddenly that my eyelids were becoming more flexible and eventually opened my eyes. I lived in that moment a bright light that decreases slowly as a cloud of smoke, he disappeared completely. I got up, knelt down by the bed. With my low voice, I say this little prayer:
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
O my God, look at my head
Bowed down, I am ashamed
I am very ashamed, Lord
Because my hands are very dirty
And when I imagine, Despite my sins
You were up to me
I am really ashamed
Forgive me, O my God.
I just heard last night out
Of your own mouth that
You are the Christ that was expected
You just told me
That Christmas, is May 25
Thank you for this grace
Thanks for all these revelations
O Lord manifest yourself into your children's hearts
So that they can understand
who you are father Dialungana.
For the glory of the father, son
And the Holy Spirit. Amen! »

    In conclusion, this is what I have to say to you… O my brothers and Catholic sisters and people who may not know about this. I have to inform you that the sovereign pontiff, John Paul II had already made this statement by saying that "God is black and Jesus Christ is African;" "he is in the northern part of Angola." (Source: young Africa No. 135, September

 Father Dialungana Revealed his Identity to a Catholic christian