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     Father Simon Kimbangu spent thirty years in prison and demonstrated his powerful divine mission for only six months. Christ himself started this mission but did not achieve it. That is why he promised sending the Holy Spirit who would come and stay forever to accomplish this mission. Through the Bible history we have red that all God messengers had usually been a subject to denial, torture, humiliation or any kind of mistreatment in the world. God never dies. He lives with us forever by reincarnation and the change of the appellation as Jesus became Kimbangu. Meaning that Jesus in kimbangu and Kimbangu in Jesus all as one. There is a huge hidden God secret that not everyone would know without being led by the Holy Spirit himself As God. April the 6th 1921 marked the starting point of his mission in Nkamba.
      Father Simon Kimbangu cured any kind of ailments, restored sight to blinds, restored hearing to deaf, restored voice to dumb, rehabilitated lame who were unable to walk and resurrected dead people. Father Simon Kimbangu’s first miraculous healing to a dying woman called Nkiantondo in Ngombe Kinsuka just in the surroundings of Nkamba his native village, marked the outset of his mission. Also, in a village called Tumba, a spectacular miracle resurrection was operated when a young girl named Dina who was about fifteen years of age died. After three days her body was totally decomposed. But thanks to Father Simon Kimbangu who was able to bring her back to life just like Lazarus by Jesus Christ. It happened just with a simple prayer and laying of a hand. He called her name three times; the young girl opened her eyes and stood up immediately.
    This powerful spiritual demonstration brought people into joy, and everyone strongly believed on Kimbangu. Father Simon Kimbangu works, and actions were very powerful. His contemporaries, the colonists and the European missionaries were very afraid of all these. Kimbangu proved them wrong on their bad actions as he preached for love, respect, good work, peace, nonviolence, justice, race equality and the abandonment of obscurantist practices such as fetish, magic idols and insisted on following only the lord’s path. This was contradictory to the European missionaries and the colonist’s teachings. Father Simon Kimbangu success was clear in the eyes of people, and everyone wanted to see, hear and follow. The consequence of his success would not be long. Indeed, missionaries and other European premises were all unable to do what Kimbangu brilliantly realized. There came Jealousy, complexity and embarrassment. They managed to stop, remote and kill Father Simon Kimbangu.
     European missionaries strongly recognized that Father Simon Kimbangu was indeed God himself. In Thysville conference, a missionary called Fredericksen asserted that “Simon Kimbangu’s miracles were all true and nothing is mentioned in the bible that says, God messenger s had to be white”. In the context of manhunt which occurred in June 1921, an urgent call specially from catholic intervened urgently and forced the administrator of Thysville territory which Nkamba depended on and led by George morel Leon, who came up with a decision to closely monitor Father Simon Kimbangu’s activities including his followers. There came his arrest, trial, deportation and condemnation. In their mind, they pretended to dismantle and eradicate Simon Kilmbangu’s mission which they thought to be a barrier on their actions. That is why he was removed from his region just to eradicate his powerful mission. But as God plan is always different from human thought, the kimbanguist movement instead grew up rapidly throughout the region and beyond the boundaries till the official establishment of the Kimbanguism in the world today. At that moment of persecution, kimbanguists were not authorized to pray in public. But Simon Kimbangu doctrine was well kept and transmitted among families even in their clandestine meeting in the bushes. Father Simon Kimbangu has proven that he was not from this world. He was truly God himself in rescue of his people. Before being arrested, he knew that Morel and his soldiers were coming to arrest him in Nkamba. Father Kimbangu was in the hills praying with his followers. After his speech to the crowd, the heaven had opened and everyone was able to experience the heavenly life in their eyes as they saw the band playing heavenly melodies, the angels singing for the lord just as the aspect of the actual way that Kimbanguists praise the lord during Sunday programs. As I said earlier on my late chapters that one of his disciples named Theresa Mbonga asked father kimbangu if he could give her permission to die earlier in order to be part of that heavenly congregational life which she saw. And so it was, she died after two months. After his arrest the kimbanguist movement did not fade away. His wife Mary Muilu took over and continued with the ministry in secrecy.