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  Black parents gave birth to a white baby

 A Nigerian couple living in the U.K could not believe their eyes when their newborn girl was born blonde and blue eyes. The first thing her dad said, "what is the flip?" Ben and Lheboro named their baby Nnamchi, meaning "Gift from God believing that she is a miracle baby. Doctors said, they don't believe her to be albino.

All D.N.A test proved both to be the parent of the baby. Experts offered two possible theories that she might either be a result of a genetic mutation. Or her parents have a long dead relative with light skin genes. Doctors were also puzzled by her blonde hair. It is extremely unusual said professor Sykes. even many blonde children don't have blonde hair like this at birth.

In conclusion, if you are a Kimbanguist, you know what this means. one rooted race, one mother land and one destiny for all.
Africa for all. Nzambi ke vunanga ko. Africa Yi tuku. vova kua kuingi kotua mbuanzi mu nua. makuaya viokele.

By Papa Dieu/John nsundidi

Peace to you'all.