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The Web Concept
My perception is that in life there are so many untold histories that people should know in order to embrace a guidance that can lead to finding out some very useful imformations about God's revelations.
Some of you may have heard of this particular history, but not as deep as it is. Here we will strive to providing you more. As a writer, this a question which i always asked to myself. Do i have to be selfish in keeping it in a quite? Of course not.

As an ambassador of a miracle break through history that brought a shining light to the entire world. it is my responsibility to spread it to the world so that i won't be held accountable on something that should have been told and did not happen simply by being mouth watered on the issue. As i have spoken to many people about the history,at work,at my neighborwood and acquaintances, their answers usually were,how people aren't imformed about this? people should know about it.

This is not a red flag. It is something that really happened. That is why the concept of this website is to relate,share and make people discover the truth. For readers, i urge you to read,analyse and make some fact-finding researches and trip if possible to where it happened in order to verify and learn from it.

At the mercy of the lord, we are going to be floating through some important discoveries by a men called Simon Kimbangu. The man who claimed to be a special envoy of Jesus Christ. Through this Website,i'm going to be more focused on his mission in accordance with some biblical chapters that illustrates his mission. How do we know about Jesus Christ being as a son of God? it isn't by his deeds? if so, people should know about this man who's deeds were similar to Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, in life there are histories that people should know.

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written by: Papa dieu
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