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Father Diangienda Kuntima
 Father Diangienda Kuntima Reveals Where Some People Go After Their Lives
Part 2,3,4,5
        Papa Iyefa: father Diangienda, when you are asked a question, why do you always say “You know where your brothers father Kisolokele and father Dialungana came from. But they don’t know where you came from; do you think it's good Or a pride for you?  Father Diangienda Kuntima: My son, my answer to your question will be very short. If I say this, It`s not a pride but my honest truth because I know why I always say that. Father kisolokele is ended God the Father, father Dialungana is God the Son and I the Holy Spirit. We have worn the human body but in spirit. So if you assemble us together we become as one Person which is the Spirit. Now, who is this one person? It’s me father Diangienda Kuntima, Kimbangu the Holy Spirit as I had demonstrated to you shortly when you failed down on the floor unconscious, seing a giant man standing in front of you changing face from Simon Kimbangu to me Diangienda. This is why I often say, father Kisolokeke and father Dialungana if they hide from me, I’ll see them but if I hide from them, they will not see me. Simply because "I am the uniqueness of three", "that is to say, I'm just one of the three of us" that's me Diangienda Kuntima Kimbangu the Holy Spirit.

          ​ I papa Iyefa, before I continue with my questions, I would like to share this with you that;“father Simon Kimbangu has seven faces.” I did ask this question to father Diangienda. He told me papa Iyefa, it’s true that father Simon Kimbangu has seven figures. Brothers and sisters, this is how I found this out. On the day of my first presentation at the Sorbonne University on the thesis called: "History of Religions" I was given a letter of recommendation to go to the Belgian Royal Military Museum. When I got in there, I was given a permission to view photos and read the letters of father Simon Kimbangu as much as I wanted, but I wasn’t allowed to make any photocopy. My brothers and sisters, It’s true that many photos of father Simon Kimbangu a held or kept by white people, we don’t have them. For example: I saw a picture on which King Albert and father Simon kimbangu were side by side. King Albert the 1st holding a pen. What were they doing? I don’t know. Below the photo was written in Flemish. I asked the white lady who was next to me, if she could translate what was written under the photo. She replied: I don’t speak Flemish but I speak French I saw another picture of father Simon Kimbangu with seven faces; on the other side of his face he was white, mestizo (mixed race) and black. Below it, was written Boma, on the other photo written Ekafela. So in one day, faher Simon Kimbangu appeared with seven different faces. Another where father Simon Kimbangu was chained with hands behind tied, white people standing on his side. On the other photo, was written in French as follows: "Simon Kimbangu arrested because he just escaped from prison," he was standing with white soldiers. When I told these things to father Dialungana, he wanted me to become an Ambassador in Brussels, but father Diangienda refused. That why I returned to Zaire (Congo) and became a soldier.

         ​​ I have to tell you that father  Diangienda Kuntima has also seven faces.  One day I asked father Diangienda as follow: Father, that day your face was different, yesterday you were very angry and now your face has changed again, this is due to what? Father Diangienda replied: "Papa Iyefa, be careful, you have a drop in the ocean and you want to follow my rhythm? I'll show you how I can split or multiply myself. “ Having said that, at once father Diangienda multiplied himself. He appeared where we were sitting and appeared over there. Then he appeared up in the sky or in the air there and everywhere all in one instance, My bfrothers I was so amazed to see this happening. Now a question to you my brothers and sisters, such man, who can he be?
Give yourself an answer.

Back to my questions.

        ​ Papa Iyefa asked to father Diangienda: Father when we leave this world, what is our next destination and what really happens? Father Diangienda replied:papa Iyefa it’s true that your question is relevant, I will not reveal everything to you Just because your question has fallen within God’s deep secrets. To be honest, I'll give only few clarifications so that you may find the best way to conduct yourself in this world we are living in, because one day you will end up leaving this world and return to where we came from.” "My son, note this, as you're in any church, when you die; the first thing you will see before you are the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses. Then the commandments of any church where you prayed that were chosen by the will of God will also be included. Like in our church we have extra commandments that prohibit to danse, drink, sleeping and taking shower naked and many more. But Those that don’t meet with the will of God will not be retained.
Why I said these? Papa Iyefa there are other churches in this world, when you join them, you begin as a true believer but in the end you will end up being the son of Satan. Many of these believers do not fit into the world of the elected or chosen ones.
Then papa Iyefa as you are already dead, yourself shall take the film of your life play it and watch it yourself. This film will show all of your conducts here on earth when you were alive. My son, know that: whatever thing you do as you are alive, good or bad, there is a spiritual camera recording everything all the time since you were born until the day of your death. Thaty’s why, Keeping, respecting God’s commandments, those given by your church and your behavioral acts in the world, will determine whether you will enter or not into the world of the elected ones. Papa Iyefa, you must know that: the deads are divided into two groups;

Those who have conquered the world and
Those who have not conquered.

For those who have not conquered
first, you should know that. They are also divided into two groups;

A) Those who signs a pact with Satan
B) Those who had the gift of God but behaved badly during their lifetime.

My son Iyefa, in this world many people have signed pacts with Satan, for example:
Others turn into fish, Animal by demonic ways,
Others have satanic wealth in money and very famous.
Others are sorcerers and protect or preserve their wealth by the use of magic. “
Papa Iyefa’s comment: My brothers and sisters before continuing with my conversation with father Diangienda let me tell you a short story and understand what we will discuss later. I papa Iyefa, when I freshly returned from Europe, I loved eating freshwater fish. One day I asked a permission to father Diangienda if I could go buy freshwater fish at Kinkole market. But before going, mother Bibi mvete the wife of father Diangienda told me this: "Papa Iyefa, even me too in the past, I loved eating freshwater fish but I stopped. So, if you want to know the reason, ask father Diangienda.then I asked father Diangienda, he told me this: "My son, I will dress up and get something special for you. When you get home, before you sleep pray. But when you pray put the Holy water of Nkamba on your face, because God will show you the truth about what you just wanted to know.

           So when I arrived home, I did exactly as father Diangienda had told me to do. I fall into a deep sleep, In the dream or vision, I saw as if I arrived at Kinkole where fishermen were together with father Diangienda.Then I saw a fisherman transforming into a crocodile by wearing its skin and jumped into the Water. When he went deep inside the water, he began swallowing large fishes of any kind (tilapias, catfishes ....), when he finished swallowing, he came back and vomits them inside his canoe. In the dream, I asked father Diangienda, how this kind of things are done? Father Diangienda in the dream replied as follows: "Papa Iyefa, wait, open your eyes well, you'll see how things are done.” • I saw another gentleman still laying into the water; he went and swallowed large black catfishes then vomited them inside of his canoe. After doing so, he recovered his humanly body and washed his crocodile skin. I woke up at 5:30 am 'in that morning. In this early morning I went to meet with father Diangienda at the welcoming center of Kasa-Vubu where he was living.

           As we were talking, I asked father Diangienda: Father is that you who I saw in my dream or was somebody else?
Father Diangienda replied: "It is true my son, it was me Diangienda. All you needed, you saw them in the night do not bother me. Papa Iyefa asked: Now father, if I go to the market how can I see the difference between fishes that a gotten by satanic ways and those of normal fishes? Father Diangienda looked at him and said: "My son, the fishes that are killed by these practices, you will find that it really nauseating after eating it. The stench does not go away quickly. Further you will see blood foam. “   Papa Iyefa, I have to tell you this: "These big fishes can not be caught just like that, certainly you can catch one or two, but in order to catch a large number of fishes, you need to sign a pact with Satan.” Then father Diangienda added: "Papa Iyefa, note this, if you sign a pact with Satan, on Tuesday 'when the living people(Kimbanguists) start the prayer of 10:00pm atnight," and sing, Oh my God release me out of all sufferings "As soon as they finish praying and say“AMEN ", all of these evil people are taken by Satan so that they can go to work for others in the same way as they did for themselves.” My son, you must know that: among those who have not overcome some return back into this world to serve their sentences, but not with this body, for example those who were getting fishes by transforming themselves into crocodile or those who were killing animals by occult ways.