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       .Since 1992, the Kimbanguist Youths of Ndjili municipality had the idea of gathering every Monday after the Spiritual evening program that is daily. So after this program everyone attended a chat or teaching program called Forums At this Forum, the kimbanguist youth had the priviledge of learning in details the work of father Simon Kimbangu and his church. For that reason, different people such as our church spiritual elders and many others who knew lots of teachings regarding the Kimbanguism were invited to share their experience and pass them onto the kimbanguist youth.
All of the teachings were being documented and recorded into a book called the forum book in order to help those who did not have the opportunity to attend the forum. Here is an important testimony that was given by papa Iyefa Adama. A question may be asked to know if who he was.
Papa Iyefa Adama was a Kimbanguist with highly long studies. After his studies at the Kimbanguist theological Faculty of Lutendele, he went to continue his studies in Europe where he earned his doctorate at the University of Sorbonne in France. Papa Iyefa was so doubtful, but his doubts were not in a bad way but to know the truth. This was the reason why father Diangienda allowed him to ask of any question that he had doubt for so that he could reveal few of God secrets to him.
         father Diangienda had demonstrated that father Simon Kimbangu and him were as one person incarnated.
Before starting their conversation, father Diangienda had told him: "My son Iyefa, I want you to know who I’am then you will spread to others what you have seen and heard from me. To obey the words of father Diangienda, papa Iyefa came to testify everything openly in January of 2000 at the meeting called "Forum". In this forum he talked about all he knew about father Diangienda, father Kisolokele and father Dianlungana Kiangani.
The following are answers to what papa Iyefa had asked to father Diangienda Kuntima on September 18, 1989 in the Kimbanguist welcoming center in Kinshasa.

       Dr IYEFA:  father Diangienda, why your Kimbanguist children always live in struggle? Nutrition, clothing and financing has been always difficult to them including your pastors; their lives is miserable. Whereas in Europe, the servants of God are in good life, why is this father?
Father Diangienda replied: Truly my son, your question is good but you should know that in this world we are divided into two groups. The children of God and those of Satan. Since Satan was rushed into this world, he established his kingdom in the ocean, that's where he lies down with his servants. He has filled his children and those who follow him with material wealth. But It`s only ephemeral or short term pleasure. Because Satan’s servants duty is to disturb the children of God. This is why Satan poured wealth to his children in order to attract the children of God so that they could follow their path. But this wealth is not good and does not last for long time. They know well that after their lives here on earth, they will not fit in the New Jerusalem; they will go into hell. Satan children’s work is to complicate the lives of angels who came to serve God in the world. But papa Iyefa, my children will get an endless wealth (eternal wealth). So, when they starve; at the end they will always have something to eat to meet their needs.
My son, you must also know that in this world, God's children are divided into five groups: The first one is
      THE ANCIENTS: these are those who have worked with me in the past generations, they have already overcomed the world.
Some of them were eaten by wild animals, others killed by swords, arrows ... etc for the works of God. They already have conquered the world but returned to this generation to give me a hand. In heaven, they had asked to come along with me in this generation to finish the work. As they have already overcome the world in the past, God does not take any account on their sins meaning that, if this kind of person commits a sin, and that sin is not repeated for three times in one day, God will not count it and will not be written in the book of life. For example if he steals, he has to do it three times in one day in order to be mentioned in the book of life. But these formers do not recognize themselves of who they were because there is veal preventing them to remember their past.
          During their conversation, papa Iyefa saw a man standing a little further; he was one of our builders in the Kimbanguist welcoming center of Kasa Vubu. Father Diangienda asked papa Iyefa: Do you know that man standing over there? Look he wants to come where we are sitting, but he can’t. He was with me in the old times; He is a valued man just as you see him. He had asked a permission to come with me in this generation to witness the end. In heaven, he even suggested not to place him into any high level in the church. A builder would be good for him. So even if I don’t pay him, it doesn’t matter to him because his desire is just to witness the end. Papa Iyefa emphasized that with our human eyes, this man is so simple. But father Diangienda did not allow me to mention his name to others. After this gentleman I saw another one coming and father, father Diangienda said to me papa Iyefa: look closely at that man coming and then tell me what you see on his face?
Papa Iyefa answered, father I looked and saw nothing. Then father Diangienda touched on papa iyefa’s eyes. Suddenly his eyes had opened. Papa Iyefa saw a solid gold on his forehead. On the right side of his head was written the date of his death That is why if God open your eyes, you will be able to read the lives of every human being on their faces. On the left side of his face was written the date of his birth, but it was fading. Just the day of his death that was openly seen. So when papa Iyefa looked on his face, he saw that the day of his death was getting closer. Truly this man had died even before the physical dissappearance of father Diangienda. This man was the provincial representative of our church at the Bas - Zaire then was transferred to Bandundu. He even passed away in Bandundu. His name was papa KINSENGUA. So, when I saw the date of his death was near, I felt very sorry for him then I told father Diangienda: This gentleman’s death date is near?
Father Diangienda answered me: Papa IYEFA, this man is a giant and very big one. He worked with me in old times, as you see him; he is a great man, even if he dies and leave this world today, he will go straight to the New Jerusalem. On the day of his death, Yah! Yah! Yah! There will be a big festivity there in heaven. Father Diangienda also commented that, For the Ancients, their sins are not written int the book of life. Only if they commit the same sin three times in one day. If not God doesn’t count that sin.
Then father Diangienda continued to reveal the second group that is the Supreme angels.
 are angels who are on the top of the angels. The receive tasks that only concern God himself. They are angels who came down from heaven with us, to give us a hand here on earth in our time. They can replace us or supply in our spots. Among them you will find our children. So, if one among them does not behave accordingly, he will be sent back.  Papa Iyefa you need to know that in the worldwide, the supreme angels are present only in our country Zaire (DRC).
The third group is the "Archangels"
are angels whose mission is to search everywhere that is localized the fallen angels of Satan to fight them. They are very angry and very strict regarding God’s work. They do not like to see people disturbing the work of God in their presence; they can even hit you right in full church services when you disturb the worshiping program. But they are not so many in the world. My son the fourth group is the Seraphins.
they are the ones that glorify God based on instruments, and among them we find GGKI, FLUKI, FAKI and more ... .Since the heaven their work is to glorify God based on instruments. The fifth group is the Cherubims.
THE CHERUBIMS: are the angels who glorify and praise God with their voices. Among them we find choirs like Dirigeants, GTKI, CHOREKI and others.For the cherubims, if they don’t sing just in one day, they are not happy. In any choir in the church if you appointed them as chief or a leader, they are not happy because they always want to sing. If they happen to enroll in a different group, they will end up joining any singing group in the church because singing was their way of glorifying God there in heaven. But papa Iyefa the only sad part is that, if one of them happens not to follow God’s path here on earth, they will become as great world music singer. This really makes me very sad to see this.       
Father Diangienda Kuntima
Papa Iyefa Adama's Testimony On What He was Revealed By Father Diangienda Kuntima
Part 1