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Father Diangienda Kuntima
         My brothers and sisters, this question concerns every sin and its punishment, I papa Iyefa would not say all, I will skip on some, because there are things that cannot be explained in 100%, otherwise some people may say, let me sin this way not on the other way.
Just as father Kisolokele had said by giving an example of two stone problems. If you take two stones, one is larger than the other one, throw them into the ocean or lake, they both going to immerge in water. Brothers and sisters, you must acknowledge that everything you have been doing in this world since you had the ability of knowing what is good or bad, will determine on your last day of life, the eligibility of entering into the world of the elected ones or not. That’s why we
must strive to get away from sinning, because God doesn’t tolerate sins.

Papa Iyefa: Father, Can you explain in details every sin and its punishment?

Father Diangienda:
The Sin of Adultery:

            Papa Iyefa, know that, as God placed us in the world where it’s very hot, our bodies tend to lead us having sexual relation. In Europe, they also have a sin that bothers them. Here in Africa, sorcerers use more adultery as a weapon for their witchcraft. Adultery really separates human with God as we become weak minded. So if you are not married and have a sexual intercourse with anybody, know that in spirit you both are naked for 7 days and the sin will be written if you don’t confess. It doesn’t matter how intense you pray during these seven days, God will never listen to your prayer. Note that, if during these seven days of your impurity, you run into another man or woman, you will accumulate twenty one days of impurity. During these 21 days, all of those who will try to harm you in a satanic way including your family members will also be caught. Also, if a girl commits adultery with a magician whose contract is for example twenty years, you the girl who had sex with this magician will be cursed during 10 years. If this woman who already has 10 years of cursing has another sexual intercourse with another man, this man will be cursed for 5 years. If this man has sexual intercourse with another woman, this woman will be cursed for 2, 5 years. Papa Iyefa, there are other people who walk with the cursing of over 20 years on them, especially if you started acting like this at your very young age. Take the example of a woman who had been cursed for 10 years and got married to a husband who don’t even have any clue of this, just for marrying her, how many years of cursing he is going to have? Just sum them up vice versa (Man or woman) what will follow in your life? You will see that you begin on something very good, yet even you pray but nothing happens. Can you imagine and see how adultery can complicate your spirituality and lead you to nothing?

          Adultery is ended a trap that Satan utilize to seduce or mislead all of those angels who bear the anointing of God.
If Satan doesn’t get you by adultery, he will get you by anger. My brothers and sisters, can you now see how the root of cursing spreads all over? Why is this? It’s because Satan does his best to prevent the word of God to be spread to all. There are other sufferings that we go through in our daily lives without even understanding the cause of them. Can you imagine? Now if this person who had committed adultery seeks to confess his sin to a man of God, this man of God who will receive it must be spiritually clean. Meaning that, this pastor is not a witch, otherwise he can also undermine you in a demonic way. How can this be? If this pastor who is a sorcerer realizes that you are now bare minded in spirit, he can also complicate you by infusing a satanic spirit in you so that you would commit adultery over and over again. Note that, this kind of Pastors are also found in our church, because they know that this church belongs to the Holy Spirit, that's why Satan let them integrate in mass inside of God’s yard to accomplish his missions.

The punishment of adultery in the world of the dead:

         Now if you die without having confessed during these seven days of spiritual impurities, What you are going to get from this? Know that if you are a male or a female, you will not get into the world of the elected ones, because the role of adultery sin is to separate you from God. When you die, we will be put you in the compartment of adultery after reviewing the record of your sins committed on earth. Then you will be told, oh gentlemen or lady, you were married but loved cheating on your wife or your husband. But your record shows that you have worked very hard for God. Just for that, you will not go to hell not even in the world of the elected ones. You will be sent to the compartment which we already discussed in chapter 4 and 5. "For example, if you are given 20-days, it means 20 years of punishment. When you are placed in this compartment during these 20 days, if you are a man, they will lay down 10 women for you under the burning fire and commit adultery with them for 10 years nonstop until the time your conviction is completed. This also goes to women. Then you will be told, it's true that you have completed your sentence, you cannot enter into the world of the elected ones, but you must go back once again to the world of living for 40 days meaning 40 years. So, when you will be born again for the second time, you will have an ugly shape, a handicap. No one will love you. This will prevent you from falling into the same sin again. You will also have a miserable life during these 40 years.

The sin of anger:

            The sin of anger decreases human spirituality instantly. It's like a bottle filled with water, which empties suddenly. Satan loves making people angry that leads to having problems so that God doesn’t help you, because you are already angry. Being angry prevents the access for the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Now, what will arrive to you? Evil spirit will be in you, lack of material needs to survive and many diseases in you.
The sin of anger really chases the Holy Spirit in human’s life. So if you sleep and wake up the next day in anger, it's hard for you to retrieve your spiritual power, and it will take you much time to recover it.

The sin of killing: ​

            Brothers and sisters, if you kill someone by the means of weapon,witchcraft,abortion,poison or any way that leads to end someone else’s life and have not asked for any forgiveness, know that those people you killed will be waiting for you where we go after death to be judged. If you are not careful, some of those you killed will talk to you before your death as you are lying down at the hospital bed.  I will give you one example, I papa Iyefa had a friend called Mariano who was sick for so long. When I met with him one day, I was so sad. I personally went to talk to father Diangienda to help him. When we were in the presence of father Diangienda, he asked for an apology. But father Diangienda spiritually saw that he was full of mud and his flesh was being taken piece by piece by those he had already killed. Then father Diangienda told him to reveal the number of people that he had already killed. He answered, father I already killed 10 people. My father he is the who gave me this sorcery. He also taught me to eat only with spoon. When I papa Iyefa heard him saying this to father Diangienda, I was so amazed! Because, he was a friend whom we ate, drunk and played flute together without knowing that he had sorcery. When his illness worsened, he was later interned at the kimbanguist clinic of kasa vubu one day father Diangienda said to me: Papa Iyefa, if you want, go visit your friend at the kimbanguist clinic of Kasa Vubu. You’ll see. " When I arrived at the clinic; I found my friend Mariano talking to himself by saying, please forgive me, wait for me, I’m coming to where you are shortly. When I heard this, I asked him: Mariano, who are you talking to? He replied, leave me alone and continued saying, wait for me I’m coming to where you are. Then few minutes later, my friend Mariano passed away.

          ​​ My brothers and sisters note that if you had killed or bewitched somebody, know that this person is waiting for you there, you will be judged. They will examine on everything he had done in the world of livings until the day of his death. Anything good that he had done will be counted. But he will be holding in his hand all negative things that he committed until the day you ended his life on earth. You as the killer will not pass without being judged. You will pay his days that he lived on earth. Brothers and sisters, if your magic was powerful, on the day of your death, you will be sent to the world of non human creatures or inert. Father Diangienda added this, “My son, if you had done too much of evil things, you will return in the world where there is no human presence and from inert beings, you will become as a big tree.”In most cases, many people become like a baobab tree. You will be place there for 88 to 100 years until the day that God will judge the world. As an example of a tree that was few miles from Nkamba at Ntimansi. This was a big baobab tree, no idea if this tree is still there until now. Father Diangienda told me, Papa Iyefa, this is not a tree. It’s a human being. He was a great sorcerer; he came from heaven and never lived in this world. He had been casted in these lands. This gentleman on the day of his death, he was told: you'll stay there until all of the relegates imprisoned in the name of father Simon Kimbangu will be freed and until the Church of father Simon Kimbangu will be officially recognized by the government. "This tree grows and grows up and vibrates its branches from time to time so that people understand it, but no way.

The Sin of plotting:

father Diangienda told me this, "my son when you talking, criticizing or accusing anybody without his presence, know that you are fighting his spirit as his is not there to defend himself. You the one, who is criticizing him or her, lose spirituality; also when Satan brings arguments and criticism inside the church, it lowers the power of spirituality of God’s children. “How?I will take an example of myself papa Iyefa, one day father Diangienda called my attention when we were criticizing a colonel at the welcoming center under the mango tree. I and my friend papa Londo were talking about this colonel who said that, he was the one who facilitated father Diangienda meeting with president Mobutu. So father Diangienda was like his spokes person. So, me and my friend were angry about this and said, if we meet with this colonel, we are going to interrogate him about his lies. We will also ask for his educational level.Yes we are going to tell him off. On the other side, father Diangienda was curing and receiving people who were coming with their problems. But from a far distance, he was listening to our conversation. All of the sudden father Diangienda called me, and said papa Iyefa what were both of you discussing about when you were sitting under the mango tree? "
I replied, nothing father, we were just discussing on something between us. I called my friend with whom we discussed, when he also came, father Diangienda now asked both of us:

Father Diangienda Explains On Few Sins And Their Punishments
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