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Father Diangienda Kuntima
         Papa Iyefa asked: Father Diangienda why you always say that “educate someone else’s child by giving good advice?”
Father Diangienda: Papa Iyefa, if I always say that, it is because in the world that we are living in, there are more angels of Satan than the angels of God.
​Papa Iyefa: Father, you said that the angels of God are not so many, but look at the kimbanguist church, there is a huge number of believers?

          Father Diangienda: Papa Iyefa, It’s true that my children are not so many, because when you march before me, I see that ¾ of you have the sign of Satan, but the children of God are only ¼ . It means that, if you are 1000, 700 are the children of Satan, my children are only 300. My everyday work is to reverse this equation. " To be honest, me papa Iyefa I couldn’t believe it, but my doubt later ended, because father Diangienda showed me a horrible things. This is what I want to say to you: One day it was on Wednesday, father Diangienda said to me, Papa Iyefa, I want to see you this evening, because I will show something very important to you that goes on in the world. But come when the guitarists groups finish playing. At the time that was fixed, I went to knock at the window of the residence of father Diangienda. Then father Diangienda came out and asked papa Wayawa to prepare some chairs for us. When it was 2:00 am in the morning, as everybody in the welcoming center were sleeping, father Diangienda said to me, Papa Iyefa look above, so when I lifted my eyes up, it’s when I truly realized how witchcraft really exists in this country.

           Father Diangienda said, my son can you see how they spend their time up on the sky and how the whole sky is filled with all of them naked with fire burning behind them and held together as they are flying like aircraft? Then father Diangienda added, my son people you are seeing now, are the ones that control and run the city of Kinshasa at night. My brothers, I papa Iyefa was really amazed because I could even see many people from our church among those flying witches or sorcerers. I saw how they were throwing things that looked like stars to father Diangienda who was in his turn preventing those flying things to hit him.
From what I was seeing, I asked father Diangienda, what kind of things are they throwing to you?

​​           Father Diangienda replied, my son, what you see them throwing at me are, cartridges or bullets. If I let you do what I’m doing to prevent them from hitting at me, you will be dead right away. Then I papa Iyefa remembered what father Diangienda advised me long time ago when he said, "My son, do you know how the world is? Know that in the church of father Simon Kimbangu and other churches in the world, there are two groups of people. The first group is of the fallen angels of Satan, those who were angry in paradise and were thrown down on earth. They became like the owners of this world. Secondly, it is the elected ones.

                THE FALLEN ANGELS: Are those who disobeyed on the Holy Spirit in heaven. So when Satan was casted down on earth, he came with his angels and gave them tasks to do. Remember that some of these fallen angels are your friends, our parents with the same ages as many people on earth. You can see how they give wrong advises to people even to their children so that they could not go to heaven after their lives. But lead them in wrong ways that will take them to Hell. Their duty is to complicate the ,lives and the existence of the children of God. In their ways of living, they don’t forgive anyone who do wrong to them. If they lend you something you must give back. They are aware that, they will go to hell and never worried about the last day of jugement. So, if this kind of person dies on Tuesday, at the midnight he is already in hell. Now hear what they say when they are in hell.
Father forgive us, the world we came from was ruled by Satan as he rebelled on you. Recall of works we have done in your name days and nights. On such day I even left my family to do your works. Oh Lord Jesus and father Simon Kimbangu, think of my sufferings. Please let us enter into the world of the elected ones. That’s why father Diangienda said that there some who return to the world just because of church works they had done when they were alive. That’s why brothers and sisters, we must be given to the works of God when you are still alive. Because you are going to be rewarded for that. Father Dianlungana often said, “Serve your God when you are alive, where we go after death is to receive a reward. Father Diangienda also said that, “My son, as we are alive we show our love to God. But when we die God shows is love to us in many reasons.” That’s why brothers and sisters, there are many things we do without even knowing the importance of it until we die. Here are some that may also prevent you from getting into the gates of New Jerusalem:
- Not going to church on Sunday
- Divorce or Destroy a religious marriage
- Not shaving your beards (this is for man)
- The habits of sleeping naked, no matter what your gender is
         It’s the reason why father Diangienda always urge to every God believer to do some efforts and  understand your weak points, then pray for it instead of falling into the same sin over and over.
Father Diangienda asked me, papa Iyefa how many fingers do you have in your hands? I replied father I have five fingers. Then father Diangienda added: My son, if one of your fingers is hurt blood may spread to others as well. But you only put medicine or a bandage on the finger that was hurt.
That’s why my son Iyefa, remember of your weak points and know which is the most that makes you sin and pray for that. For example if you always sin on adultery, lying, stealing or what so ever, these are the points you will need for cure. Then God will act in helping you.

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