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Father Diangienda Kuntima
Papa Iyefa: Father, you often say that the reason why Lucifer was thrown out from heaven down to the earth was because he did not obey to the Holy Spirit. So what was the question that Lucifer asked to God the father, then was directed to the Holy Spirit to get the answer on what he wanted, then refused to go?
Papa Diangienda Kuntima: When God the Father created the world, among all the places that we have here on earth there was one thing that Lucifer (Satan) loved the most above all, it was the Ocean, the first ocean.
“Lucifer wanted to have his own kingdom with his angels in the Ocean where he would be the ruler. The earth was not his first desire but the ocean, a large sea where he had been living ever since. He loved the ocean more than anything else because of its beauty and admired on how the wind blows on it and brings it to life. Lucifer and his angels wanted some kind of link between the heaven and this world down here, so that they would navigate freely up and down at their will.” The answer God gave to Lucifer was like a couple who had a child but that child was not aware that his father had a younger brother living in New York City for instance.
            ​One day that child asked something to his father, ‘Father, I would like to have one of your cars.’ And his father replies, ‘That car belongs to your other brother, he lives in New York City.’ The son was surprised and asked ‘Father, do I have another brother?’ So it was the same thing for Lucifer. No matter how close he had been to God the Father, he had no idea on the existence of the son and the Holy Spirit neither the heavenly secrets. One
day he went to ask something to God the Father, ‘My Lord, I would like to live down there.’ God the Father replied to him, ‘I do not deal with this matter, go ask the Son.’ God’s answer really surprised Lucifer and asked himself ‘How is this possible? God the Father has a son here in heaven? I have always thought to be the second personality, but in fact I am the third one!’ So he hardy accepted to go ask the Son. The Son told him, ‘Do you see the movement of the ocean water? That is the works of the Holy Spirit. He is the one who does that. Go and ask him, tell him what you want.’

             I just want to add that, In the Bible they do not explain very much about it. They just say, “In the beginning the spirit of God was moving above the waters.” In Genesis 1:2, but they never give clarifications in details.
The second answer of God the son really made him angry and turned arrogant by saying ‘Who’s that Holy Spirit again? I thought I was the third most important person here in heaven, now I became the fourth? This is it, I shall not obey going to see the Holy Spirit.’ Lucifer came back to the angels very furious. He explained how God the father sent him to his son then the son sent him to the Holy Spirit to get what he wanted but refused to go. There came an argument among the angels. Some advised Lucifer to obey on his master but some reacted negatively because of how Lucifer became the fourth personality, so the angels were divided into two groups. Now, how was Lucifer thrown out from heaven? The Holy Spirit said to him, ‘Because you want to live there, just go! Get Out of my sight! ’ It means that he was given what he wanted by force. That was how Lucifer was thrown down here on earth. It was before the creation of Adam and Eve.

            Lucfer was thrown into the world and said to the Holy Spirit, ‘Because you have thrown me here, all of you stay up there in heaven, I will be the ruler down here on earth.’ God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit heard the arrogant words of Satan and said, ‘Let us show him that the place he claimed to be his, does not belong to him. We are going to create a man out of our image in order to fight against Lucifer. Then God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit created man. When this creation was being done, Satan was watching. As they were creating man God was very cautious, Man and woman must reproduce in order to fill the earth. God has arranged that thing so that it can exist within the boundaries of marriage , but Satan ruined it. Satan did everything and committed fornication with Eve. That was how the sin of witchcraft was introduced into the world. Again Satan had seen that God arranged that Man would need to drink water to recover his strengths, Lucifer arranged his plan, he went to place his people at every source that is to say everywhere the waters starts. My son, you need to know that  in any country or here in Kinshasa , everywhere the waters starts, there is a presence of Lucifer’s angel except in the water of Nkamba because God lives there. All the waters are always filled with monsters or strange creatures. These creatures are the angels of Satan. They have their quarters down there.

         Some people said, ‘My grandfather/grandmother is a healer. I am linked to him.’ You have to be aware of how these things actually are. These creatures or the angels of Satan at the source of waters, make a pact of agreement with people of the area where they are. They either take an elderly person or a dead person. That person would go there on behalf of their family. They create a second world of demons within that area. The angel of Satan can also be seen as an animal or a fish. It can be a turtle, a lizard or a crocodile or something like that. Even plants or animals hold the second world of demons. My son this is something to avoid in the family. That is why you sometimes hear in such family, we do not eat this or that kind of animal. If you were born in that kind of family you will automatically be in the line and linked to that pact. No matter where you go, if they want to act on you, they will command the world of demons and they will reach you even if you are in Europe or America. Brothers and sisters, in the world we live in, witchcraft is so widespread. What is witchcraft? People who are in relation with the world of demons. Their purpose is to make lives of the angels who have come in the world to serve God difficult. One day, father Diangienda sent me papa Iyefa at Lutendele where the river flows between Kinshasa and Brazzaville. At that place there is a lot of stones. Father Diangienda said to me, ‘Papa Iyefa, because you are such a doubtful man, go and see the waters in Kinsuka, see what goes on over there. When you finish seing everything, I will send Papa Alphonse  to come get you then go to Nkamba together.

            Brothers and sisters, if you do not know a person and you see that person dressed nicely you should not envy them. There are some people who sell themselves to demons. When I arrived at Lutendele river, I heard the voice of father Diangienda coming from nowhere saying to me, ‘My son, pray! After your prayer, look at the water of the river in front of you closely.’ All of the sudden, I felt a strong whirlwind. I saw something like a big white plate shinning deep in the water, after that it turned into someone’s face, it came up at the surface and went down again. I did not really understand. I took some Nkamba Holy water and drank it and put some over my face and looked again. That‘s when I saw her entire body as someone drowning and then coming up. It was a white woman with long blond hair. I asked to those who were with me, ‘Can you see what I’m seeing here?’ They replied to me, ‘Sir, be careful, do not go there because people disappear.’ After few minutes I saw papa Alphonse coming and said, father Diangienda had sent me to pick you up so that we could go to Nkamba.’ I was really baffled by all I had just seen there. ‘Is that how the world actually is?’ I asked myself.

Papa Alphonse said to me, ‘Papa Iyefa, there are demons at the place you just went. That is why father Diangienda has forbidden  people who live by Lutendele river to go there.’ There are a lot of stones over there which makes impossible for boats to reach there. When we got to Nkamba, father Dialungana fixed me up spiritually and straight after, he took me inside the mausoleum of father Simon Kimbangu. after few seconds, my thoughts came back as normal. I had become so fearful indeed. ‘Ah! Father Kimbangu, this is  how the world actually is?’ Later father Dialungana said to me, ‘Papa Iyefa, father Diangienda asked me to spiritually fix you to return as a normal person because you are very doubtful. You wanted to know how Satan operates. Father Dialungana added, Papa Iyefa, who are you to throw Satan out of this world? Humanly speaking it is very hard. He is the one reigning starting from the big waters. Brothers and sisters, in this world we live in, Satan has spread witchcraft in an unspeakable way.

That is why the money we collect during our fundraising sessions organised during sunday church service you can only touch it after calling the three holy names, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so that all dirt on some of this money can be taken away.

Father Diangienda gives few explaination on how Lucifer was thrown out from Heaven
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