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Father Diangienda Kuntima
Papa Iyefa Adama's Testimony On What He was Revealed By Father Diangienda Kuntima
Part 2,3,4,5
          Know that if you were doing such kind of things, on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. or Friday when the prayer of Oh my God release me out of all sufferings ends; your spirit joins the river, you turn into a crocodile or you become a bush animal. But the crocodile or the animal you become is different from the real ones. Because If people talk, you will listen, but cannot answer them, you will remain like that until God comes to judge this world. “ If Someone else was a sorcerer and also transformed himself, if he dies or killed before the days of his life that were given by God (uncompleted days), meaning that he died before his date, he will be told "to return again in the world and serve on his prison time, but you will not return where human live at the risk of destroying other people again.You will go live among inert objects that don’t move turning into a big tree in the forest. You will remain like that and your prison time will be renewed every 100 years until God judges this world. Some trees found in the forest are really human being, for example if someone calls a crocodile, Papa Iyefa, you as a tree in the forest will answer. It’s called the echoe. But people never realize how trees answer on what they say by echoe. If this particular tree happens to be cut, it will be replaced into a different one."

"YOU HAD THE GIFT OF GOD, BUT did not conquer the world by acting evil, Your behavior will not allow you to enter the world of the elected ones. But will not go to hell, You must come back into this world to serve for your sentence.”

What will happen?

       In heaven, among those who are in charge of sending people back into the world, if the head of God’s troops points his fingers at you, you will fall down twice. He will change your face, the front of your face becomes the back and vice versa. They will put you back in your coffin. For example if you died in a car accident, you will return again to where your body was in the day of accident, and wait for them to tell you where to go. "You really come back in this human world with the same body; they will give you a punishment, for example your work will be to sweep the house of God or the parish. You will broom or sweep here and there then be sent to a different location. All you do is moving from place to place until the end of your sentence. If you meet with a living person who knew you, he will not recognize you because your problem is with God alone. “ "For Some, if you did not sign any pact with Satan and had the gift of God, but your behavior was not correct.” • For example a friend who had committed too many sins, by doing abortions (removing pregnancies), taking other people’s women, you cannot enter the world of the elected. You will be put in a compartment; "The compartment is a small prison (we will talk about it in great details in the following lines), a place of misery and suffering. In the compartment if you are a man, they will lie out women for you, and vice versa, so that you fornicate (have sex) with them until the end of your time. The reality out there is not the same as here. Know that there, all is under fire, for example if you are given 50 days (it means 50 years), you will begin to fornicate in the fire during the given time. After that you will be freed. There is no mistake or errors in heaven.

"Some people also come back to life with the same body, but you will not have a body that will enable you to sin by adultery (fornication). Sometimes you'll be ugly with a terrible disability on your body or face. You shall never be loved or admired by people because it will prevent you from falling into the same sin again. In the day of your death God will recover just your spirit, your body will return to earth."
For some people, you will be sent back into the world. But you will have an unhappy or a miserable life. You shall regret all your life. No one among the living people will recognize you. But you will recognize them and have nothing to say because your problem is with God alone."Papa Iyefa look, as we live into this world, each and every human being has four advisors: one of the counselors is God himself. The other one is Satan as well as your body and spirit":


       Papa Iyefa, you must know that in a week, people come twice into Jerusalem. They come on Wednesday and Saturday, how it happens! Among those who died and buried on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, those who have conquered the world will come to Jerusalem from 0:00 am (Mid night)'till 6:00 am in the morning. Now, before the living people in Jerusalem go to the morning prayers on Wednesday. “You will see what really happens on Tuesday at midnight.
Papa Iyefa asked: father, what really happens on Tuesday night?Father Diangienda said, "My son Iyefa, on Tuesday at midnight, gets ready because I'll show you something.” When I fell asleep, I saw an amazing vision; I saw how father Diangienda was entering people into Jerusalem. A very surprising thing was that, as they were entering they were all in a huge happiness. My brothers and sisters, if you have not signed any pact with Satan and the film of your life shows that you led your life well, the gates of Jerusalem will be opened for you. Down there, corruption does not exist. So if you have conquered, before entering into the New Jerusalem, they will put white substances in your mouth so that you don’t feel hungry or need the food of this world. This material body disappears, they will dress you in white garments, these clothes are all in gold, but this gold is white and does not exist in this world. These clothes are very bright, when you are standing with it, all is lighting up around you, your feet will not touch the ground, and then they will put something on you that start from your head to your toes. My brothers and sisters, when a person has conquered the world, the welcoming melody singing is the one of 120 voices (partitions); for Jerusalem’s gates to open as you enter the world of the elected ones; In this song, everything that God created sing in the same choir, man and women also sing. But they are also divided into three groups:

The first: are those that come into the world (New borns), the second: those who have left the world (those who died) and the third those who are alive. Each group has Its own Partition in the song. You see how the waves occur in the ocean. Indeed those waves are melodies that glorify God. As our human ears are blocked for our sins, we cannot listen to the melodies that come out of the ocean.
My brothers and sisters, when this hymn is sung, you will hate living in this world, you will have no desire to come back. For many people once they got there, they don’t want to come back into this world again. There is great joy every Wednesdays at midnight to open the gates of Jerusalem for those who died in good path. This is not to be missed. When you enter the world of the elected, at the door there is a gemstone called EMERAUD solid of green color, if you enter inside, you will find an incredible joy. So after seing this vision at night, I woke up in the morning, I went quickly to meet with father Diangienda at the welcoming center. When I got there, father Diangienda’s wife mama Bibi Mvete said to me that your father is asleep Papa Iyefa replied, is father Diangienda really sleeping?
• No mama Bibi your husband does not sleep, I saw him in a vision entering people into  Jerusalem.
When she heard this, Mama Bibi went to wake father Diangienda up;

Father Diangienda said to his wife as follow:

          Mama Bibi Mvete, if Papa Iyefa insists to see me, he knows what he has just seen in a vision. Go tell him to come back when GGKi (The guitarists group) will finish playing. Because he knows what I’m doing now. To obey on father Diangienda’s words,I stopped to insist seing him at that moment. So At night when I went to see father Diangienda again I told him: father tonigh in my vision, I heard the song that accompany people who enter into the gates of Jerusalem, it is composed of 120 voices, but I remember just a little. Then father Diangienda started to laugh and said: "Ah, my son Iyefa, what you heard is nothing, if you heard the song of 240 voices or 360 voices, how were you going to feel?” .Papa Iyefa said: Father I want to listen to it again: Father Diangienda replied:"My son, with the power of those voices and the body you have, you will not be able to resist, you will ask to die right away I your father Diangienda, just allowed you to listen to that little melodies, but above all you must at first fulfill your mission in which you came into the world for." father Diangienda remained calm and continued to say this: "Papa Iyefa, look at these papas such as papa Mfoko, Nkimu, mama Nkaku and others, they all left everything to follow this path. They are also many in the church of father Simon Kimbangu.” Including those who are sleeping in the welcoming center and in the studios now. It’s simply means that, the children of father Diangienda are so many in the world; I have chosen some to go work in the provinces because here in Kinshasa the capital, there are too many temptations and provocations that may cause them to sin.

Father Diangienda also commented os follow:

"Papa Iyefa tomorrow morning, I will give you a permission to go to see all of those who are coming from provinces. I myself made them to come here in Kinshasa through the National Conference so that they can salute, see and greet me for the last time. Because if I had told them to come because I will be leaving this body soon (die), they would not understand why. So, I Just organized this national conference to let them know systematically. But you have to come also and be close to them on that day." PAPA finished his words as follows: "These elders have worked a lot in the church of Simon Kimbangu, but they have nothing materially speaking but their spiritual weath is kept for them. That is why I want them on that day of the conference, to wear costumes (Vests), because they will receive something very important" • When I heard these words, I realized that father Diangienda had just called the elders so that they could come at the welcoming center of Kinshasa to say goodbye and have last pictures with him because they had worked so hard enough in the church of father Simon Kimbangu. My brothers and sisters, you can see how God does his things!