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Father Diangienda Kuntima
                        Can you tell me what you were discussing about? Because from this far I heard you criticizing your friend who is a colonel, why is that? Papa Iyefa said, father were you listening to our conversation? Father Diangienda said yes I was following your conversation. Papa Iyefa said father, we were just discussing on our problems. "No papa Iyefa, do not lie, otherwise I will complicate you! Ok let me remind you. In your talk, you were talking about your friend who is a colonel, his angel came to complain and accused you for that to me. The angel said father, look at papa iyefa and his friend; they want to create trouble between me and you. When I papa Iyefa heard father Diangienda saying this, I was afraid and asked for forgiveness right away. Then I said father, I will tell the truth. Father we were so angry because this colonel said that, he made you his spokes person and he was the one who facilitated your meeting with president Mobutu. Because you are our father, we were upset about it. Father Diangienda remained calm and said: "papa Iyefa, do you think that I don’t know? Look, when you were talking over there, your breath came before me to accuse you. Then after that the colonel’s angel came as well to accuse you to me. That’s why papa Iyefa you have to ask for forgiveness.

​          Truly my brothers and sisters, we had to ask for forgiveness. Then Father Diangienda told me, papa Iyefa If you have a problem with your friend next time, you must talk to him or her personally. If this person is not there present don’t say anything, because when you are talking without his presence, you are fighting his spirit. He will be winning over your spiritually and you will lose yours.
papa Iyefa, look this is a simple fact that a palm trees grows more and more, So when people argue , this palm trees says oh God, make me grow more, let them get the palm nut, but make me grow up and up. That is the reason a palm tree is so high and difficult to reach.
Regarding Church works. My brothers and sisters, we must remain and give ourselves to God’s works. It really has a great role on your salvation. Remember that, when you suffer on church works, you will be rewarded. You will know it when you die.

          One day father Diangienda asked me, my son Iyefa, what effort do you make to accomplish God’s works? My son, it doesn’t matter how difficult it is, please do God works, this will help you one day. Father Diangienda commented that, there was a woman who was really strong in fornication, but was later allowed to enter into the world of the elected ones through her devotion on God’s works. This woman would never want to see any garbage in our parish without sweeping them. Also all the time that the pastor asked for church contribution, she was ready to give. "The day he died, what happened? When you get there, you will find people who are being sent back to where you are coming from (world of the livings) the ancients who have suffered for the church show the whole film on what you have achieved for the church building. As we live in this world, there are many of Satan angels (man or women) who disobeyed the Holy Spirit in heaven living with people. For example, if you are a woman, some of them get married and blend with living people. Some of them transform themselves in to snake, cat, and bat. During the day it’s hard to see them, but at night they run around the house, under the table, bed or your furniture.

         That’s the reason why we see some people have snakes, dogs, cats ect. These are not animals but dead people; they do sexual intercourse with these animals. These fallen angels have the means of becoming dog, cat, snake and others; sometimes, these sorts of animals are kept under the bed, mattress inside the room. When the starting bell of bewitching sounds, those animals kept in a friend house or wherever, will also give signal to others. Sometimes you will hear ear a singing bird. This bird is alerting others not to get out because there are people outside. If people are still outside, they will send a black cat to look for where they can place a trap to bewitch a person who is ill in that area. Then they will send the cat meowed back home to tell others that, I found a person who is ill, yes, there is a way to bewitch. Sometimes they can send rats in your home and these rats have antenna that transmits what is happening in your house to others to come for an action. Father Diangienda also added, my son Iyefa, when I’m talking to you, please look on my face and fix your eyes to mine, because a person who is a witch cannot look at my eyes. Even those who do bad practices cannot look on my eyes, because some of them have redness in their eyes and when they are angry it turn to red as well.

      "Others keep their witchcraft fire or power under their fingernails. For some, they will have a sign of snake on their forehead. My brothers and sisters I would say this, begin watching over yourself for your sake. Why? It’s because if God only select those who have a symbol of father Simon Kimbangu to work in this church, it’s going to be very difficult. God children are not numerous, but many of the fallen angels who had disobeyed God the Holy Spirit. Father Diangienda also said to me that, my son Iyefa, Satan has the formula or a photocopy of all that is in heaven. But the missing formula for Satan is blood and the breath of the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus Christ who holds the formula of blood, since man was created, he was the one who put the blood and the Holy Spirit is the one put the air that we breathe. Papa Iyefa, as we live in this world, the fight is not between God the Father against Satan, nor Jesus against Satan but it’s between the Holy Spirit and Satan. " When you follow the path and do the works for the Holy Spirit, you will not get along with Satan. Satan really hates the Holy Spirit as he made him become the fourth personality in heaven. He wonders how the invisible Holy Spirit can become the master of the world. Papa Iyefa, the Holy Spirit is exceptional, it is within all creatures that is alive. What makes Satan mad or nervous is the fact that, the Holy Spirit is the wind (breath). As father Simon Kimbangu is the Holy Spirit, in a minute he can be found in different locations. "

         The Holy Spirit and Satan do not get along. For example, if the Holy Spirit preaches to be simple and humble, Satan will preach on religious pride, business pride. Satan will preach pride in the church of God "Some even during sermons boast themselves, by saying, watch over my son, and do not try to do this and that to him. Observe this papa Iyefa, certain people as soon as they get some kind of power, the first thing they seek for is the blood and killing people, why? Because those who were with me in heaven, will be tortured by Satan fallen angels. As they have the sign of Satan, they will never accept that the angels of God express themselves out. That's why if you are a true servant of God, when you start something good, you will get sick. If they don’t get you by the illness, they will create weakness in you and even create problems in your home with children and wife just to make you quit working for your God. After that, father Diangienda advised me by saying, papa Iyefa, you must know that all sorcerers that father Simon Kimbangu made still at the night market of Kimiala, were not killed by my father. Due to this humiliation many fled to Congo Brazzaville, Congo Angola and some are here in Congo Kinshasa. They already gave birth to many in the world. "Their children are scattered everywhere, in France, in Belgium and all over the places. Others have even built our church and are in my surroundings carrying huge responsibilities in this church until now.

What is their job?

              Their purpose is to hold key positions in the church by creating war, disputes just to destroy all of those who have father Simon Kimbangu sign, those who give themselves to works for this church, whether man or woman. Papa Iyefa, Let me get you an example, when you sing in a choir, they will be watching you closely. If they notice that you are becoming spiritually stronger, they will get a representative of Satan who is in the choir, the one who will seek for ways and means to reach you. They will find a beautiful girl that will attract you leading to have sexual relationship with her by telling you, oh you are so beautiful, I love you. Then after few days she will find herself pregnant. You don’t even know why it happened to you. After that father Diangienda gave me a warning by saying, papa Iyefa, look at that gentleman (I cannot mention the name because he is a high rank person in our church), I’m telling you, be careful, be careful, pay attention to him. Never create any problem with him or his children. " Just imagine, all this time that I have lived with you in the world, this man consider me Diangienda as a child before his eyes and what about you papa Iyefa? Would you have any problem with him or his family? That was just a little, now if we take those who do not serve God in the world? Remember that, Satan uses a lot of mechanism to control this world.
            ​When Satan saw that father Simon Kimbangu created the church that is spreading all over the world, he made in return for his servants to also create churches as well. Take the example of many churches that are being created nowadays, they do propaganda by preaching the words of God by using satanic power. They bear the sign of Satan as well. Now if one of these pastors touches you, he will place a satanic sign in you with the magical power they got by secret or hidden society from Europe, America and so on. You will die if they put you this kind of sign. They will take your spirit and soul away and sell it to Europeans. There you will be represented as handkerchief, ring, glasses, etc ... If any person uses these kinds of glasses, it will have the mind of another person. Whoever uses these glasses will now have double intelligences, the intelligence of the person who was sold and your own. In this case, if you speak French, you will be wiser without even knowing it. For an example of those white people who practice wrestling, you will see a person full of muscle get beaten but not suffering because he is not alone! They are two people. The mind of the other person is imprisoned in his small chain, medal, and ring that he wears even powder or perfume that is placed on him. Can you measure this? For this my son, you must pray all the time and strive to be in a perfect relationship with God. The basis of the world was destroyed by witchcraft; Satan has destroyed the agreement between Man and God. Adam and Eve began to know what they should not know. The cause of their disobedience is what the humanity suffers until now.