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     My brothers and sisters in christ, God is real, God is love. As he loved us from the outset of the world, he sacrificed his only son to die for our salvation. He promised sending the Holy spirit who also came to help us understand the truth by revealing hidden things, many of which had already been revealed to us. This is a tangible example that can make us see the light,  open our eyes and ears. We have been tought not to think , but to listen to what we have been told to do by others.

    Our ancestors knew God. But they made so many mistakes in the past. This is an awakening speech  that can help us understand our obligation to recovery and go   back to the roots in order to fix the broken link between God and his beloved people through the power of the holy spirit.

     We have to stop contradicting ourselves as we became slaves of doctrines that our ancestors had never known before. But were forced to believe on them. Some may say that this speech was only for kongo. No,no,no. The rules were all the same everywhere in the continent. Everything starts from the fundation in order to be well clarified and know the truth. Nobody at this present moment was present when our ancestors Adam and Eve had committed sin. But we all are paying for it as all started from the fundation.  In this generation, let's please our ancestors showing them that we have recovered from where they were lost. If we do so , We will be blessed . God is real , he loves us forever. Yes we can , Yes we can, Yes we can.

Please read these chapters: Deuteronomy chapter 38:7-8
Deuteronony chapter 13:7-11
Jeremiah chapter 5:19-23
Deuteronomy chapter 32:15-27

Thanks and may God bless you.
by papa dieu (John nsundidi)
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