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The Kimbanguism Is The Hope Of The World

Armagedon And Peace Soldiers Sent By God To Chase the Belgian Government  out Of Congo On June The 30th 1960. They were Only Three Soldiers but were able to fight the entire Belgian Army in Congo. They came out of nowhere and disappeared after their mission.  This was endeed Kimbangu mystery.
- These Soldiers also came out when on April the 2th 1960 in Matadi Mayo a small Town in the surroundings of Kinshasa appeared a tribe called Bayaka originated from the Province of Bandundu who tried to take the body of Father simon which was being brougth to Nkamba. This Bayaka tribe claimed that father simon Kimbangu belonged to their tribe. This Soldiers appeared and chased them out and disappeared.  
 - They also came out in December 2011 In Kinshasa the capital city of Congo. Now  they are all around Congo
 Peace and Armagedon Soldier of God
 Psalm 71. "I’m the guarantor…. " »

Jesus promised you that he will send the Holy Spirit,
The comforter.
Is he already came or you are still awaiting for his coming
Up To these days?

I’m the guarantor and I state to you, it is me.
KIMBANGU, the Holy Spirit.
I am the intercessor to Christ, the spirit of truth,
The mediator; all authorities in heaven and Earth,
I am the guarantor, I said to you.

Black and white, and others,
Bend your knees before me.
The heaven and the Earth belong to me!
Without me, no one has access to Christ.

I’m the guarantor and I state to you, it is me.
KIMBANGU, the Holy Spirit.
I am the intercessor to Christ, the spirit of truth,
The mediator; all authorities in heaven and Earth,
I am the guarantor, I said to you.
I am the Builder of Jesus Christ church on Earth,
The Kimbanguism is my doctrine, also the pride of Jesus
In the world.

I ‘m the guarantor and I state to you, it is me.
KIMBANGU, the Holy Spirit.
I am the intercessor to Christ, the spirit of truth,
The mediator; all authorities in heaven and Earth,
I am the guarantor, I said to you.

I confirm to you: it's me the Holy Spirit.
It’s me the comforter.

Text elaborated by: Constantino Kalemba Manzo (the pastor).
                                                     Biography and childhood 

       Father Kisolokele Lukelo Daniel Charles is the eldest son of the Special Envoy Simon Kimbangu and mother Muilu Kiawanga Nzitani Marie. He was born in February the 12th 1914.
At his seventh years of age, he witnessed a magnificent work of his father which he began in 1921 in Nkamba. This role of witness will also serve as a pretext to the Belgian colonial tyrannical power, when in September the 29th, 1921 was opened In Thysville a trial with numerous false accusations against father Simon Kimbangu as the Belgian government feared as if he was organizing an uprising against "white". It’s to mention that the seven years old Kisolokele lukelo Charles was also interrogated by the judge De Rossi in Thysville the actual called Mbanza Ngungu to testify if really his father Simon Kimbangu had indeed operated those miracles. At that time the little kisolokele did not have any French knowledge, but an interpreter was there to translate.

De Rossi: Kisolokele come forward to the bare and identify yourself

Kisolokele replied: My name is Kisolokele Lukelo Charles, the son of Simon Kimbangu and Mary Muilu Kiawanga.
I was born on the twelfth of February 1914 in Nkamba
De Rossi: Are you the eldest son of Simon Kimbangu?

Kisolokele replied: Yes I ‘am

De Rossi: What can you tell us about your father so-called miracles which he operated?

Kisolokele replied: Those miracles that my father operated were all true because I was there to witness them

De Rossi: Can you at your age understand what miracle means? If yes, can you tell me what kind of miracles your father operated?

Kisolokele replied: Mr. Judge I know perfectly what miracles means. With my open eyes, I saw my father resurrecting dead people, giving or restoring sight to those who were unable to see (blind people), those who were unable to hear were able to hear (death people) , handicap people were able to walk in the name of Jesus Christ.

De Rossi: Kisolokele are you really sure that at your age you can distinguish a dead person or someone who is asleep?

Kisolokele replied: Yes I’am able to.

De Rossi: Weren’t those people that your father resuscitated comedians who were playing game or scenario mounted by them?

Kisolokele replied: Mr. Judge, I ‘am repeating again by saying that I ‘am able to distinguish a dead person and the one who is asleep. My father had really operated those miracles including the healing of those who had any kind of illnesses.
Note: Because of how the seven years old kisolokele was so intransigent on his answers, the judge tried to use a political tactic in order to convince the little boy.

De Rossi: Kisolokele if you testify in front of the judge that your father lied by spreading false rumors on his miracles, I will free your mother, your brothers and yourself.

Kisolokele replied: If i cover the truth by using lies, I know that God will punish me in return. I ‘am firm to assure you that all of those miracles operated by my father were all true.

      Due to those answers given by a little kid, the judge the Rossi was so furious and stared to where Simon Kimbangu was standing all chained inside of the courtroom and said Kimbangu even intoxicated his kids. Then the judge gave a kick on the table spreading inks on paperwork that were on it. After that he ordered a black sergeant of the Public Force who was standing by the seven years old Kisolokele, to slap the little kid. The sergeant replied, no I cannot slap a little kid like this.

De Rossi: Do what I ’am ordering you to do if not I will degrade you now

The sergeant replied: You can degrade me its ok because I cannot slap a seven years old kid like him.
After that the judge De Rossi suspended the court session and ordered to arrest the sergeant and put him to Jail just for refusing to slap the little kid Kisolokele.

      The little child Kisolokele was relegated at Boma by the colonists without having obtained any authorization from his father Kimbangu. It is in Boma where he grew up after being brutally separated from his father, mother and his two brothers. In Ngombe Kinsuka is where his mother Muilu Kiawanga and his two brothers remained in a residence well monitored by the colonists whereas his father Simon Kimbangu was deported in the southeast of the country. Moreover, as know through the kimbanguist history that father Kisolokele was the first one to be relegated. Under his relegation in Boma, he attended his elementary and high school from 1921 to 1930.

Work and family life 

       After earning his diploma, father Kisolokele joined the public administration as a territorial administrator until 1960.
It is important to note that father Kisolokele remained living in the western part of the Congo, specifically in Tshela until 1960. In this same year the body of father Simon Kimbangu who died in Lubumbashi after serving thirty years in prison was repatriated to Nkamba. This historical event made him move from Tshela to Kinshasa where he lived with his wife and children.

       Also in 1960, father Kisolokele Charles was appointed as Minister of labor where he worked until 1963 under these first three governments (Lumumba, Iléo and Adoula) in the Belgian Congo era. Then he was elected as Member of Parliament in 1963. Three years later Father Kisolokele Charles was elected as the President General Director - CEO - the National Institute of professional preparation - INPP - until 1971.

On the family side, father Kisolokele Charles was married to mother Nsalulu A Kanda Pauline with whom he had several children.

Functions in the EJCSK 
       After the official recognition of the kimbanguist movement by the Belgian colonial government which officially became EJCSK the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth by his special Envoy Simon Kimbangu, father Kisolokele was  designated as the spiritual leader first church deputy which he retained until his death in 1992. His nomination was done in a perfect agreement with his two brothers and all  responsible for the church movement of that time. During this period he helped his brother Diangienda Kuntima who was the supreme spiritual leader of the Kimbanguist church.
 Father Kisolokele Lukelo Daniel Charles