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Mother  KIMPA VITA 1684-1706
        Founded in the 13th century by the INDOMPTABLE NIMI LUKENI, the Kongo Kingdom was the first European penetration in 1482 by the Portuguese DON DIEGO CAO, Member of the order of Christ of PRINCE HENRY the Navigator. Historical documents state that he was looking for a route to the Indies, yet some whisper that Portuguese explorers of the order of Christ (a branch of Freemasonry) were in possession of a mirror through which they discovered most of the land. So in the same way that the Magi discovered the birth of Christ by a star, also in the same way those Portuguese explorers discovered the Kongo Kingdom which shone a very large star. The Portuguese were surprised and baffled by the social and political organization of this Kingdom and especially the refinement of the Court of the King.
        The Kongo Kingdom will establish a relationship with Portugal; this relationship will lead to trade. Kongo receives manufactured goods, while the Portugal import slaves and exotic food, then the Portugal will impose its religion, Christianity, by sending missionaries, while the KONGOS already believed in God, NZAMBI-A-MPUNGU (the almighty God). In reality the Kongo believed in a Trinity to form one. God of  knowledge LUKANKANSI ( Supreme God in heaven ), NZAMBI ( God of the Earth), KALUNGA God of waters and hidden things as said among Catholics, the father the son and the Holy Spirit. Source:
       By imposing the Christianity in KONGO, the Portuguese began to destroy the ancestral customs, better say the divine teachings transmitted by the ancestors for centuries. The Portuguese missionaries were the true artisans of European settlement which led to enlarge slavery in their countries trade and prepare the source of new wealth. The missionaries, particularly the Capuchins, who are the pioneers of the Christianization of the Kongo Kingdom, were powerful in the Court of Mani Kongo. The slave trade by the colonists will operate a huge demographic puncture and significantly destabilize the political entities and the Kongo Corporation. The arrival of missionaries would have been only the start of an economic and social ruin. Several heads of provinces quarreled power for three decades. In 1694 the King PEDRO IV nevertheless legitimized and recognized by all the dignitaries will withdraw North of SAO SALVADOR, leaving the city abandoned. In the year 1703 at KIBENGA, an old woman named mother APOLONIA MAFUTA had a vision of Mary, mother of JESUS. She went to announce to the people of her vision of the Virgin Mary "I saw the Virgin Mary, and his son JESUS, they are black, they are SURROUNDED by black SAINT" And Jesus was angry against the Kongo; it was to punish the Kongo if they did not occupy the city of Sao Salvador.)

           The old MAFUTA discovered a stone in the shape of human head not far from Mount kibangu; she said that it was the head of Jesus. While she preached, a large crowd surrounded it. She denounced witchcraft and all negative objects or "NKISI". It should be noted that at this time white Christian Church was called by the Kongolese "NZO A NKISI" (House of magic) and the "NKANDA NKISI" bible (Book of magic). MAMA MAFUTA also considered priests’ medals as made of NKISI (magic). It was not only Christian, but also against the use of Kongo witchcraft, evil purposes that brought jealousy and the civil war. Mother MAFUTA had seen the cross of priests Capuchins as an object of domination in the Kingdom. The cross and images of white Christ constituted a powerful fetish used by missionaries.  Mother MAFUTA had operated miracles. Once she had cured a woman of a snake bite just by touching and reciting the name of the Trinity knowledge LUKANKASI, NZAMBI and KALUNGA. The Capuchin priests approached King PEDRO IV and brought pressure to stop MAFUTA and deliver her to the white priests to test her doctrine. In fact, they sought a way to eliminate her because she threatened the Church of whites who controlled the Royal power.
          In August 1704, a 20 years old girl named KIMPA VITA had a vision of a man who told him: "I am Saint Antony, I was sent by God to bring his teaching to the Kongos. He attested that, I have long tried to help these people, ranging from province to province, I first was to NZETO they did not receive me that well. Then I went to SOYO, they wanted to beat me. I fled and I arrived in BULA, the same thing happened to me. "Currently, I ‘am here at Kibangu and I have chosen you. Then." Saint-Antony took possession of the body of the young KIMPA VITA; this girl was a native of Mount Kibangu watered by 5 rivers. According to Kongo tradition, the place where  flows a river is a sacred place, because it is the boundary between the real world and the invisible world (forest and water also). The young KIMPA VITA was spiritually powerful. KIMPA VITA announced to his family, her vision. They will then share the divine order that she had received to preach the true religion of the KONGO. KIMPA VITA began preaching on Mount kibangu, the sacred mountain and then was moving to the royal palace to request King PEDRO IV to join in order to pray the true Jesus to restore the Kingdom that  was plagued by war, dissension and social tears.
According to  father BERNARDO DA GALLO, "the trees twisted and fall down then rose to the PASSAGE of KIMPA VITA. It is known by a simple touching; the young woman helped those who were unable to get pregnant or any kind of circumstances. KIMPA VITA said that whites were bleaching God for their benefit; she said that a new Kingdom will rise and will rebuild the city, (Meeting houses).

       KIMPA VITA had said that the Holy Land is the Kongo, the father of churches was of African, he is the most important of all the saints, he is the patron of the humble and the poor. KIMPA VITA also confirmed the teachings of Mother MAFUTA, the first to have seen the Virgin Mary in the kongo land as being true. But The teachings of Capuchins according to which the Church originated from Europe was so erroneous, was the "BUNGUNGU". The history of Church is an African one. In the true history of Kongo, JESUS CHRIST was born in MBANZA KONGO. When the Catechism talk on Bethlehem, is indeed Mbanza Kongo. Jesus was baptized in Nazareth, but in fact Jesus was baptized in northern  province of NSundi. Marie was a slave of NZIMBA MPANGI when she had the divine child Jesus Christ. KIMPA VITA was always surrounded by an immense crowd. She was determined to restore the Kongo Kingdom. Her message was an awakening revival in the Kongo kingdom. source
FATHER BERNARDO DA GALLO, powerful a Court of the King considered kimpa vita movement as threatening to their religion. Because many had abandoned white churches as Kimpa vita preached the true religion and the true Christ. , kimpa vita had become a considerable threat which could lead to the colonists church fall, the defeat of European Christian theology, therefore, loss of control of the Kingdom by the missionaries, they had to find a tip to eliminate her.
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