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         If Emperor Augustine in the beginning of the Christianity era was able to organize the registration of Palestine basing on the geographic division of Israel according to those 12 tribes. And also how for the second these Ptolemy the 2nd the king of Egypt from 283 to 246 before Jesus Christ was able to get six erudite chapters of 12 tribes of Israel and the translation of Greece bible (the famous version of seventy?) Whereas it’s well known to all that, the birth of Israel state (on paper) was intervened in 1917 when H.Weleman of the world Zionist organization handed to British this famous documentation in which the British government affirmed to consider favorably the establishment of the Palestine as a Jewish nation. Few moments later, the Jewish exodus in the Middle East had begun basing on the instauration of the state of Israel on the 14th of May 1948 by David Ben Gourion.      
      The fastidious consequence of this political architecture that was used to build this spirit is perceptible. Because today the strategic balance of the world passes by Israel who can be the author of the third war world. If we open another page you will see that in the Balfour declaration, they worked so hard to make the truth to turn into lie and lie to turn into truth. manipulation shows that the Israel of today is doubtable. To be clarified, just look around Egypt, Middle East, and Asia where people who are claimed to be the chosen people of God are all Muslim by 95 percents. Only few are Christian, because they know that Christianity is something that Vatican imposed to them by force and they know the truth on the true Christianity that dwells in the Kongo kingdom. Those who created this falsification are now in charge of Christianity around the world shouting in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. Never ever seen Israel people of today in charge of Christianity. Yes, it’s weird. But don’t think it’s done, there will be a time that the first will be last and the last will be the first. That is why the Fatima revelation seems to be a true bomb that exploded which the Vatican kept as secret for long time which is a true history.
        (The Fatima revelation explained  that God is black including Jesus they live in northern part of Angola) In fact the true authenticity of Abraham descendents in which dwells the responsibility of the spiritual era announced since millennium that depended on human survival that fled in Africa. It is true that in the year 220 the BENA KONGO left Egypt, the NUBIE (Soudan), the median and the CANAAN to be gathered in the direction of God servant NE MBEMBA ZULU IN Ethiopia where a heavenly star oriented the people of Israel (The Bena Kongo) towards the south then in ZIMBABUE. From ZIMBABUE the same star oriented them to South Africa passing by KALAHARI to reach the CONGO where they built in year 320 KIMPEMBA under the ruling of mother MBANGALA. The BENA KONGO came together in 424 in KAHEMBA then in FESHI. In the year 529 the Bena Kongo reached KONGO DIA LUANGU (Manianga) where they built ZIMBA. But the servant of God NE TUTI DIA TIYA who led the people of Israel (The Bena Kongo ) in the right direction after striding so many miles in ZIMBABUE. He was elevated alive to heaven in the presence of Israelites in KONGO DIA LUANGU (Manianga). 
        After NETUTI DIA TIYA elevation in heaven, NEKULUNSI and mother LEMBA led the BENA KONGO. It was under their ruling time that Israelites entered KONGO DIA NTOTILA the promise land in year 690 in the northern part of Angola. Mother NE NKEMBO WA MONESUA who succeeded as commander led the ancients in the holy mountains where God of KONGO descended from heaven to give them the 10 commandments. After their meeting with the almighty God, the ancients started to implement all of the structures of the KONGO KINGDOM and build MBANZ KONGO the capital.
         From year 698 to 1200 lots of kings succeeded in KONGO DIA NTOTILA throne in MBANZA KONGO notably MUABI MAYIDI, ZANANGA MOWA, MBALA LUKENI. This was the moment that MBALA LUKENI was observed as an exodus movement that got out of MBANZA KONGO to invest all along the KONGO KINGDOM and more further.
In the year 1217 under the ruling of MANDIANGU VUZI the people of KONGO disobeyed the laws of the almighty God then trouble started to emerge into them. But when the king NANGA KATANGA came to power, he restored this broken link with God leading them in the right direction. Then King NTENDE KABINDA succeeded in the throne. The king NABI KUNENE who came as leader of people sent his special envoy KONGOLO in the Middle East in order to transmit the divine message that was given to God in the mountains of KONGO to all of the BENA KONGO who were still in the middle East. After that came the ruling of MBEMBA MUZOMBO then WOYO MPANGALA who once again created confusion in people mind leading not to obey God’s rules among the people of God. But the servants of God KUTUMI intervened and operated so many miracles in the KONGO KINGDOM.
         To help get a good understanding, look at the kings who were on the throne in KONGO KINGDOM (in MBANZA KONGO northern part of ANGOLA): from 1300 to 1369, MUTENDE NGIDI, NANGA MUTOMBO, NZINGA NUZOMA.
From year 1370 to 1481, they were, King NANGA MAKABA, NKUWU MUTINU, NZINGA NKUWU. In 1457 came a prophet named NE BUELA MUANDA who predicted the coming of white people who would come to invade the country and the continent. In 1482 DIEGO CAO appeared in the Angolan territories just as predicted by NE BUELA MUANDA. On the 3rd of MAY 1491 was baptized by westerner missionaries. From 1482 to 1661 NZINGA NKUWU, NZINGA LUKENI, NTUMBA NKANGA, NKANGA LUKENI where king in the KONGO KINGDOM. On the 29th of October 1665, a war had begun between the BENA KONGO and Portuguese. The king VITA NKANGA was killed by Portuguese and his head was brought to LUANDA. In 1678 Portuguese went back to burn MBANZA KONGO the capital of the KONGO KINGDOM. From 1702 to 1706 in the KONGO KINGDOM came a woman prophet named KIMPA VITA who helped rebuild MBANZA KONGO and led the BENA KONGO people back to the almighty GOD direction. But on the 2nd of July 1706 she was burn at stake by Portuguese who collaborated with missionaries who are father LORENZO DA LUCA and father BERNARDO DA GALLO.
        In 1885 in Berlin, foreign power sat down to divide Africa. KONGO KINGDOM was indeed divided in three parts as we can see KONGO ANGOLA (Portuguese), KONGO Kinshasa (Belgian) and KONGO BRAZZAVILLE (French). From this time the BENA KONGO were under white people domination. But this domination did not prevent NELUVUALU MFUTILA to rule according to KONGO DIA NTOTILA tradition from 1891 to 1896, the same as NE MBEMBA TADI who succeeded on the throne from 1902 to 1910.In 1914 came a prophet named NE MBIANDA NGANGA who created an awakening movement among the BENA KONGO in the objective of chasing white people in the KINGDOM OF KONGO. In 1921 the almighty God appeared in the KONGO KINGDOM trough father SIMON KIMBANGU. The one who operated incredible miracles and revealed the liberation of God’s people under foreign domination. He prophesized that this liberation will spread all around the African continent because the BENA KONGO were all scattered in East, west, North, south further more in KANANA actually called CANAAN, passing by EGYPT, SOUDAN, ETHIOPIA, ZIMBABWE, SOUTH AFRICA, TANZANIA, OUGANDA, RWANDA,CAMEROUN, GABON, REP CENTRE AFRICA, CONGO BRAZZAVILLE till CONGO RDC which is the center of the universe ect……. The coming of prophet MBUMBU who announced the coming back of Christ who will gather his people In a universal church in MBANZA KONGO, the new Jerusalem where people around the world will come to worship. In 1933 came a God servant named MATAI MUANDA among people of KONGO then Simon Mpadi came in 1939. Since that troubled moment till 1969, the people of the KONGO KINGDOM had committed so many mistakes which made them be far from God. But God helped the Kongo to be independent in 1960.
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