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          The true chosen people of God, the authentic descendent of those who since the original creation bequeathed in the entire world and these three major monotheist existing religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all originated from black race. Since millennium , prophets of Israel (Kongo Dia ntotila)were warned about the destiny of the humanity and the transformation of its history after the invasion of God’s people from foreign nations in which their intention was simply to create a kind of spirit in their minds by force.
They were finally overcome and exterminated by foreign power that really focused on changing the history and imposing on the truth to turn into lie and lie to turn into truth in order to conquer the world under the creation of a unique universal empire.   The Bena Kongo had so many strategies and tried to change the name of their twelve tribes in order to abandon the name of Israel by changing it to KONGO DIA NTOTILA which means, “UNIVERSAL KINGDOM”.
        A noticeable ingenuity that Jewish use to erase all the traces and maintain the truth in the quite till a fixed moment to be revealed, shows how they worked so hard to elevate the name of Israel, destroying the original name of KONGO DIA NTOTILA. In fact, KONGO in English means King. In German, Koenig. In Portuguese Reino. In French Royaume. DIA in English means OF, in Portuguese DO, in Italian DI, in French DE. Finally NTOTILA in English means Gathering, in Portuguese CONJUNTO, in French RASSEMBLEMENT or TOTALITE, In Latin TOTALIS. Therefore KONGO DIA NTOTILA symbolizes simply THE KINGDOM OF THE EARTH, the kingdom were dwells God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.The so called white Jewish living in Canaan today always try to cover the truth forgetting that Christ and his descendants were all blacks. But these descendants had sinned in two major historic issues which are: - A TOTAL DENIAL OF BENA KONGO MENTALITY which used to be socially organized in matrimonial system other than the one which was implemented. – THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CIRCUMCISION IN THEIR TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS.
       Egyptians and Ethiopians who were all blacks also practiced circumcision since the origin. Also Egyptians and Jewish were two cousin nations that also practiced circumcision that they considered as sacred alliance between Israelites and their gods under the patriarch of NE ZULU MAKEBA in years 1300. A writer named Herodotus who was born in Halicarnassus around 484-420 before Jesus Christ attested that all of those who practiced circumcision in that time were all blacks. According to the Bible, the wife of Moses was black. Also Moses implemented a law that banned Jewish to get married to anyone out of Israel (KONGO DIA NTOTILA). That means Moses and his wife Mankenda Saba were both black. The true name of Moses was MAZA. The true name of Sheba queen was MANKENDA SABA both names in KIkongo language. But were later transformed as MOSES, SHEBA.
Even in the bible, there are so many names that were transformed such as BENAYAWU Kikongo Language the general chief of David and Salomon army was transformed as BENALD. -SIDIKIAWU in Kikongo became SEDECIAS, -MATATIAWU Became MATHEWS, -YOSIYAWU became JOSHUA or JESUS. It is to note that the BENA KONGO are the authentic Jewish since the creation and the Kikongo linguistic tones is the source of languages inspiration such as SWAHILI, ARABIC and Jewish.
Now, how can we justify the likeness coincidences between KIKONGO and Jewish? Here are some of them;
KIKONGO                          Jewish
- LONDA                      LODA (thank you)
- BANA                        BENE (Kids)
- SAMBA                     SABBAT( SUNDAY)
- GOGOLA                  GOLGOTHA
- MINU                          EMOUNA ( FAITH)
- KUELA                      KALA (marriage)
- VUEZA                      VIZA ( Neglect)

         It also obvious to refer on a testimony that was published in 1986 about Saint Maurice in Jeune afrique news paper. We discovered that Saint Maurice whose name is used in certain French community was indeed Black. But on Grunewald a German poet portrait which was made in the fifteenth century, he illustrated Saint Maurice as white. Today many people such as scientists, historians, writers, geographers and anthropologists always try to justify the affiliation of the 12 tribes of Israel as being from white race. But the true historical and authenticity of 12 tribes of Israel remains unclear until now as historians attest that these tribes were all scattered around the world. Even the case of FALASHAS who are considered as stars in the hall of architecture and the maker of the utopia history still remains also unclear. Now if FALASHAS came from mother MANKENDA SABA who was black and the king SALOMON white, this may create doubts in people’s mind. How the king Salomon who was white and the Mankenda Saba who was white according to a made up history could give birth to blacks who are considered as FALASHAS? This means that the king Salomon was himself black, and then Mankenda Saba also was black. Because only a mixed black that can give birth to black. It has been proven that a white man cannot give birth to black because they only have one spiritual dimension which is Horizontal. But a black person can give birth to a white person because blacks have double spiritual dimension which are Horizontal and vertical symbolizing the Cross.  Click here to see the picture
       Now where are indeed those 12 tribes of Israel described today as white who will lead us to the promise land? It’s better to understand that RUBEN, SIMEON, LEVI, JUDA, DAN, NEPHTALI, GAD, ASSER, ISSACAR, ZABOULON, JOSEPH and BENJAMIN. None of these Asiatic kings were able to confront Israelites in the war of the year 721-718 before Jesus Christ in which 10 tribes of Israel were all deported in the forests around the world and none of them were able to go back to Israel. But only those who were deported to Babel who were able to regain to Israel to create the Israel state of today. It is according to those lost cheeps or tribes of Israel scattered in Afghanistan, cash emir India and the occidental world.
There is also a writer named James A. Michener who affirmed that those 12 tribes of Israel were all lost in Palestine during the Assyrian and chaldeennes precisely in the year 722 and 586 before Jesus Christ. Many more affirmed that Roman troops in the year 70 destroyed the Jerusalem temple which caused Jewish to scatter all around the world ending the existence of Israel as a nation. Curiously this immense majority of Jewish doesn’t give any clarification or indication of where we could find the traces of this scattering. How can we justify this disappearance 75 centuries before Jesus Christ?    
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