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         There is a divine light found in Africa mainly in Congo that descended from heaven illuminating the world in this fourth generation in which the objective is to lead us in the right path. But the entire humanity tends to persist permanently in the darkness, fighting the truth.  The almighty God in his mercy always uses his divine light in order to help those who had been misled, mistreated since long time ago to recover. Just think of black History!!!!!!!!
        Africa is the beginning and the end of everything in the world. But if you analyze profoundly, you will notice that Africa or black in general had been left behind losing its or their own identity, natural power and spiritual power by welcoming other teachings that continues to destroy Africa until now. As a result, sufferings emerged into human through the roots of the humanity (Blacks). The first signals were known as exploration, slavery which the lord himself ended and set his people free. This was nothing but material independency. The remaining one is the spiritual independency, the toughest one where everything remains closed.
        The Kimbanguism is where God’s secrets and revelations are found. Altought black people are still sleeping , doubting, but Scientists, inventors and God servants of any belief in this entire world are diligently studying the kimbanguism days and nights as they found the divine light that descended on earth, God as triune and the fulfillments of the lord Jesus Christ when he promised sending the counselor who would come to lead us in the right path (John 16:5-15). It’s true that our ancestors were lost. But the almighty God was still among them and revealed many things to them. In contrast, they did not have any scripts where they could note things down. They had their unique ways of noting things down but did not have ways to develop them. Explorers who already had a script took the advantage of getting those histories from them and interpreted them in the ways which served the best their interests. They wrote things according to their feelings. There is a white writer that said “if you want to hide an important secret to a black person and make him blind permanently for a long period of time, put what you have in writings”. When I personally red about this , It took me to where African evangelists always mention in their preaching that “it’s has been written according to???????????, Without knowing that people used what is yours in return to make you blind. 
        People without revelation are considered as dead. So revelation is truly important. That is why the lord Jesus Christ put them in the first place before going back to heaven. Because he knew that through revelation, the root of the humanity in general will recover to where they were lost. Our ancestors were very privileged to be in contact with God. In this time, the Holy Spirit is doing the same thing by revealing us Gods secrets. But this privilege is not given to everyone.
Among his chosen people, he provides so many spiritual gifts to show his presence among us. Many people say that Black cannot be God. But they forget that the beginning and the end of the humanity is on Black. God is trying to settle things back so that Black could get back to where he was lost since the sin of our ancestors Adam and eve that were black.
          Just for discovering spiritual and material wealth that dwells in Africa, people of this world created mechanisms to get whatever they can in destruction of black people. Division among people, wars and confusion that make blacks to remain mentally, materially and spiritually poor. Black people begin to distrust themselves, lack of inventions, but got all the resources in their hands. This will not continue forever. There is an American economist Adams Smith in 1865, who had predicted in his support to Abraham Lincoln for the abolition of slavery. He said “the economy of any country that practices slavery of blacks will  descend to hell and will be tough when one day the African nation will start waking up as we continue to avoid the unity of Africa and Black in general.
It is true. God in his mercy sent the Holy Spirit in order to get us back from where we have been captivated since long time. It’s truly a difficult and long process. But the Holy Spirit is assuring us that the victory is certain willing or not.
        The Holy Spirit is truly giving so many revelations to his sons even to those who are still out of his network. Many amazing things will be fulfilled trough the black race. All of the inventions and technology that we see today in the world is nothing but a slight percentage of what God provided for the humanity. How black people will invent without having their own scripts? That’s why the Holy Spirit revealed Mandombe scripts. Mandombe means, (for black people). Please follow this brief revelation: 

         Mandombe is an original script invented in 1978 by WABELADIO PAYI David, under the inspiration of father Simon KIMBANGU, the Holy Spirit. In principle, the inventor himself never misses recalling on it whenever he relates the history of this invention in his countless conferences-debates in Africa and Europe. Although this is not unanimous in scientific circles, he continues to certify the authenticity of its discovery because it is a truth that can no longer be kept in discretion. "What his eyes have seen, his earings have heard will always be testified to the entire world.

        This crucial invention is primarily African because of its origin, its vocation and its specificity. Hence, its genuine name "MANDOMBE"(In Kikongo language) means "FOR BLACKS." Naturally, this has no racist connotation; because originally, a language or a given script is still the exclusive domain of a community, people or a race. Its learning by the third parties always comes over the time by force or voluntarily through the export of the civilization as part of it, which is often used as a channel of extension. As well as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and others languages, are specifically originated from a nations or peoples well identified but turns to become quite an essential link in international relations.  Read More
The African Negro Script Inspiration and Its Invention