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        The Kongo kingdom existed before Egypt was created. In the next chapters we are going to explain how people were scattered and begun to create all of the countries that we see today in Africa. These explanation may create doubt in people’s mind because we believe on things that had already been planted in our heads. Just think of something that had been altered in the past generations, what will the outcome for the present generation be? It is clear that the result will be to follow the same misleading. That is why the lord Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit who would never mislead anybody, but to reveal the truth to the world. (John 5:5-15)
        The Holy Spirit is the one who knows the past, the present and the future. Talking about Jesus existence, in the Kongo Kingdom came a woman prophet who revealed the truth on Jesus . Kimpa vita revealed that the lord Jesus christ was from the Kongo kingdom. Just because of her poweful God mission in the Kongo Kingdom and her true revelation on Jesus existance, she was burn at the stake by the Portuguese colonists in order to get rid of Jesus evidences. She also revealed that in days to come Kimbangu will be born in Kongo. He will be invincible and will restore the broken link between God and his beloved people. Exactly in 1921 came just as revealed ,the greatest master who rescued, predicted and continue to predict, revealed and continue to reveal at the same time the one who will fulfill God’s promise on earth.,
         In this fourth generation the almighty God is revealing his secrets to his beloved people. This time, the virgin Maria revealed an important message on July the 13th 1917 to Lucie in Fatima (Portugal) that God is black and Jesus is a black African. He lived in northern part of Angola which is the Kongo kingdom. Also the Pope John the 2nd on his trip to Kenya in 1980 (Africa), gave an important statement on God and Jesus existence. He declared that God is black and Jesus Christ is a black African. The pope insisted on Africans to seek for their true identity.  Source; Cf Journat ( Jeune Afrique # 135 issued in 1990)

Father Simon Kimbangu revealed the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ 

         Father Simon Kimbangu was also asked by the colonists on the lord Jesus's second coming . His answer was clear by saying that he was originally black and will come back as a black man. The colonist judges were stunned to hear that.(John 16:13-15) From there, they multiplied torturing him. Here is a question to ask. Among the colonists, they were also missionaries who were preaching the lord gospel on their ways and imaginations. If they were indeed the true servants of God, they should team up and  help father Simon Kimbangu on his divine mission. (1Peter 2: 4-8) Because he came for a special mission to redeem the oppressed people under the ruling of the colonists and for the entire humanity on earth to embrace the guidance that leads to eternal life. But in the contrary they also turned against him as they worked in connection with the colonists. (1Peter 2:20-25) We have to remember that, the truth and lie will never get along. Lie will permanently remain as lie, but the truth will prevail and soon be revealed. Seeing is believing.
        Father Simon Kimbangu was also asked while he was being sentenced that, you revealed that all colonists will soon be leaving Congo and the entire African soil is that right? Kimbangu answered yes it will be happening; you will see it .  The judge laughed at him and replied, Kimbangu look at how our army is well equipped, you don’t have no army that will defeat and take us out of the Congo and the entire Africa. Kimbangu replied, the lord will send his army to attack you and get you out of Congo  (2 peter 3:3-6).This was a true  revelation that father Simon Kimbangu prophesized. Few years after his death, father Simon Kimbangu sent only three Armageddon soldiers who fought against the entire colonists in Congo.  These Armageddon soldiers were described as black powerful men, very short  ones but were very powerful to defeat the all colonists army in Congo. Here is how, just one Armageddon soldier was able to control a huge part of the region and fought against them and won. It was the same as the other soldiers. People left everything rushing to get to the nearest airport to get the plane and leave Congo. God never lies. It just happened as predicted. The Belgian authorities have all of these evidences in their files. They even took pictures of those soldiers as you can see one of the soldier now in image.   Click Here 
         Some may be wondering how the name colonists is always mentioned? The answer would simply be that, the kimbanguism history is linked to that. Because they were the ones who tortured father Simon Kimbangu just as Jewishes did to Jesus according to the history. This doesn’t show any act of hatred but yes the history should be explained to people. Kimbangu himself taught on non violence, race equality, love and respect to others. Note that the power of God is incomparable to human . Kimbangu was not a prophet as he was named by the colonists; he stood up and told them that he was the lord’s messenger, the special envoy of the lord at the same time the Holy Spirit who is the third person in the trinity.
            A prophet has a specific mission. But the Holy Spirit mission remains forever till the fulfillment of God promise to be accomplished in this fourth generation. This is indeed the last generation where the almighty God will take over his world.  Father Simon Kimbangu insisted on saying that the lord Jesus Christ was black because he saw and conversed with him. If we go trough a profound researches biblically, you will find out that the Holy spirit is the father of the lord Jesus Christ (Luke1:35). The lord Jesus's coming and his name was predicted before he was born. Father Simon Kimbangu's coming and his name was predicted before he was born. There is something really spiritual going on here . Just stick around we will get on more explainations. Father Simon Kimbangu is the living reality. Nobody sat down to create any creed on his originality and existance. Because the history is there, the documentations are there , the evidences are there, his images are there .  It is easy to believe on lie but hard to believe on the truth. The lord Jesus Christ was black. The truth will come out one day willing or not.