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           The lord Jesus Christ's existence has always questionably been very unclear in people’s mind since the past generations until now. Nothing proves that the lord Jesus Christ is actually what people of this world illustrates to be. There are no pictures, no documentations or tangible evidences that would allow people to understand and know who Jesus really was. The intelligent people of this world made a creed on their dignity and interest to change Jesus originality and existance. Through the history not revelation, the Council of Nicaea 325 Ad explains how this meeting held by Emperor Constantine and 318 bishops from Roman Catholic sat down and passed laws and imposed people to believe on a made up image of Jesus. The ecumenical councils which lasted two months and twelve days legally convened assemblies of the ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological experts (Roman Catholic) gathered for the express purpose of discussing matters of church doctrine and discipline. Over twenty councils were convened between 325 to 1870 AD.
         The so called theological experts created laws on what you are allowed to think, to say and what you are allowed to preach. They also came up with a creed to create Jesus that people worship nowadays. Serapis image was made as Jesus. According to the history ARIUS of Libya as a black man was against their plots of inventing Jesus (Serapis christus) “Greco Roman”. Arius clarified that we are worshipping the image that was made by people’s hands and even clarified more on Jesus matters . Arius statement really caused such a problem for that clergy coalition that invented Jesus ministry of these days.
          For the sake of the Roman Empire stability, Constantine called the Council of Nicaea. The main objective was to stop Arius because he was telling the truth. Constantine rapidly ordered Serapis to become Jesus. He also ordered all books to be burn in order to get rid of the evidences. He made Sylvester as a pope (black man). But he was forced to lean on Constantine rulings and was used to proclaim Constantine wishes and then turned against Arius who was against worshiping idols. They started gradually removing all black presence in Egypt by replacing them by whites. Here is the creed: 
           We believe in one God the father all powerful, maker of things both seen and unseen. And in one lord Jesus Christ the son of God, the only begotten from the father, that is from the substance of the father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made, consubstantial with the father through whom all things came to be , both those in heaven and those in earth, for human and salvation he came down and became incarnated, became human, suffered and rose on the third day, went up to judge the living and the dead. Actually this was Arius argument which they introduced in the creed.,,,,

 is clear and evident that, we see what we have been given to see. We see through the lens that were assigned to us .Now in order for those who have been misled to begin to see correctly, they must have a clear analytical understanding of the origin, strategies, mechanism, purpose and the methods of the devices that has blinded us in the first place. To know God secrets, there is no need of seating down discussing or finding ways to make people believe on imaginary human calculation. But God always acts on who he want to act on. Who is going to believe  us as we are considered as less credible? Those who are credible always are leading us in the wrong direction without other people knowing it. But we have to remember that there are lots of  surprising things ahead of us when everything will come to light. We have eyes, but we don’t see. We have hearings but we don’t listen. The lord himself will act.  Jesus really existed but his historical originality and existance was changed by people.
             Africa attracts things that pretend to God. That is why they used things that pretend to God to snare Africans. Lie covered the true history of the humanity for a better forgetfulness. Africa is really the beginning of everything. But inside Africa there is a place where everything started. Today Egypt has become the source of human civilization according to the history. But Egyptians know that the Kongo kingdom is greater than Egypt, because the bank of the Congo river that includes Kongo Angola, Kongo Kinshasa and Kongo Brazzaville is a very strategical region politically, economically and spiritually. A place where all pharoes lived before moving to Egypt. A place where Jesus who was black lived. A place of God revelations and prophecies. A place where Adam and Eve were created. A place where the New Jerusalem is located. A place where God revelations will be fulfilled. A place where the holy spirit who is father Simon Kimbangu was born in order to complete God mission on  earth in this fourth generation. A place where Diego Cao had begun his first mission of exploring Africa. A place where slavery started. A place where the colonists were very tough on slavery because they knew that material and spiritual things that they were looking for were in the Kongo Kingdom.
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