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   This is the place where Kimbangu was being put in a salty water and acid so that his body would  be decomposed and die.  But he was getting out of the tank as someone who was coming out of a bathroom after shower . Very cleaned

This is the place where father Simom Kimbangu was hospitalized and died. This hospital was formerly called (Prince Leopold) but now called Sendue hospital. Simon Kimbangu predicted the day and the time of his death to prisoners who served as witnesses. On the 12th of October at three o
 clock he gave himself three kicks on the right side of his stomach and did the same on the left side and died. He died with one eye open and the other one closed. After his death an autopsy was ordered, but nothing was found inside of his stomach. That means, no internal organs found. Doctors were stunned and wondered if he was indeed a normal human being. 

This place is the mausoleum where kimbangu’s body was buried from 13-10-1951 to 25-03-1960 then transferred to Nkamba his native village. The mausoleum was well surveilled by guards. A lot of miracles happened at this place. He resuscitated three days after his death. 

         In conclusion, the kimbanguist theology illustrates father Simon Kimbangu as being the third person in the trinity, a special envoy of the lord Jesus Christ, a messenger at the same time the Holy Spirit. It is evident that Simon Kimbangu life was purely spiritual. He was the one who revealed the true gospel to the African people and also beared of Christ message to the humanity In connection with the Holy Spirit.
         His suffering and humiliation was based on his mission which others could not handle successfully as they used human imagination with less spirituality. He suffered thirty years in prison far away from his family and followers. Kimbangu preached on non violence, race equality, love, respect, hope and salvation. Kimbangu did not refrain in revealing the truth. He did not in any circumstance give up on his mission. He stood in from of the colonists to tell them the truth and proved them wrong on what they were doing despite tortures and humiliation. He really was an invincible man. He was and continues to be the winner. The world must really know more about this man.