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                 As stated at the beginning of father Simon Kimbangu presentation that the starting of his mission was in 1921 when the Congo and the entire Africa was under the colonists domination. He was arrested in Nkamba his native village, sentenced in Tyseville which is actually called Mbanza Ngungu and then taken to Lubumbashi where he spent thirty years in prison causeless.
His powerful mission and messianic ministry made him suffer in the hands of the oppressors whose mission was intentionally to stop and jeopardize the mission that the lord trusted to him. Father Kimbangu and his followers had suffered tortures and humiliation of any kind. While in prison father Simon Kimbangu revealed so many things that no human intellectuality would reveal. Every single revelation that came out his mouth was veridical and uncovering what the colonists and missionaries were hiding in the secrecy.
             Father Simon Kimbangu sat and conversed with the lord Jesus Christ face to face, He was and he is a living reality of describing how Jesus Christ was physically and spiritually. Jesus the son of God who is now portrayed very differently from what is real just because lie was put in place. Now just to reveal the truth on Jesus existence and his true originality, father Simon Kimbangu was tortured, beaten, humiliated and life imprisonment. Because they saw that what had happened in Jesus Christ era came back to happen again in this fourth generation in the body of Simon Kimbangu. In Jesus time, he was crucified, tortured, humiliated and killed because lie was also put in place. In Kimbangu’s time we saw the same thing, but the only difference was that, they tried to crucify him, but the cross which was prepared for that  was pieced off and disappeared miraculously. That is why they changed their strategy to use armament to kill him but they could not be successful. It doesn’t mean that the lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Simon Kimbangu were both unable to get themselves out of these tortures and humiliations. The main objective was simply to accomplish what was planned for our sake.
                  On the 19th of January 1921 father Simon Kimbangu was taken to Lubumbashi after his sentence in October 1921 in tyseville actually called Mbanza Ngungu. He was taken to Lubumbashi to serve for his prison time. In Lubumbashi he was at first taken to the court. After that, he was taken to a place which is now called (Place de la Poste) where people from different part of that region gathered willing to see for their first time, listen and know exactly who Kimbangu really was. Because at that time of colonization, it was difficult to see a black person standing in front of a white man to say something against them. Many among those who were there present to see him for their first time started to humiliate and insult father Simon Kimbangu by saying, your are crazy, a useless and uneducated person and so on. The judge asked him unruly questions to show that he was a useless person. After so many teasing and questioning from the judge including the people who were there, father Simon Kimbangu got angry and started trembling. All of the sudden the judge’s body from the head to his toes had transformed into two parts. One side black and the other side white (Half black half white). People  at that place where totally amazed to witness that kind of miracle. Many of them believed in him as someone above all. After his body transformation, the colonial authorities beg father Kimbangu's assistance to restore his body back the way it was as white. Then father Simon Kimbangu restored his body as it was as white. In Lubumbashi many gathering were taking place among the colonists to find means and ways to eliminate father Simon Kimbangu. Here are places where Kimbangu was being tortured and beaten: 
               As  Christ knew how difficult the mission that he gave to father Simon on earth was, he could not leave him alone. This is the place where Jesus Christ was coming every single day to give instructions to father Simon Kimbangu together with angels who where regularly bringing food to father Simon Kimbangu. Some of the prisoners had the chance to taste the heavenly food. 

        Father Simom Kimbangu was at first incarcerated for twenty years in a very small prison cell which was designated for those who were highly criminals. But after so many examinations on his case  by the colonists, they came up to a decision to move him to a different place. Because Kimbangu did not commit any wrong doing. That’s why he was removed. But the cell looked quit the same as this. This place is called ten years. The prison cell where father Simon Kimbangu spent the rest of his ten year of  incarceration.  The door was well locked with guards out side, but he got out and said my prison time is over you no longer have the authority to get me back there.  After few minutes he called the guard to tell them that he wanted to be taken to the hospital because he wasn't feelling good. the guards wondered because he did not lood sick.  

This place is where he was being beaten 120 lashes and assassinated every day during thirty years of his prison time. 
  A Flash Back On Father Simon Kimbangu While in Lubumbashi To Serve For His Prison Time