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         It was extremely incredible to see a poster of father Simon kimbangu talking to his son who was lost but found. Brother George saw father Simon Kimbangu moving through the poster and asked a question to George Harris. But only him who could see and hear the question which was posed by father Simon Kimbangu. But his answer was heard by everybody in the room. Brother George Harris responded by sweating and weeping aloud. The second was followed with an incredible reception on Sunday program by the kimbanguist faithful at Kasa vubu worshiping center. They were no seats left as people welcomed their brothers African American who returned to the land of their ancestors. Younger people even climbed on trees, fences and roofs to witness the prophecy turning into a reality.
         The third was the mysterious host in Nkamba New Jerusalem in October 11. 2000. This meeting between the spiritual leader father Dialungana Kiangani and the African American delegation was pathetic. In front of the audience brother George Harris humbled himself immediately as no visitor had ever done before father Dialungana Kiangani. He kissed long and tenderly his feet, then took the handkerchief from the leader’s doctor and began whipping his face crying and said father we will return home (Africa). Then father Dialungana looked at him and responded, the doors are open for you, if African American ask, God will provide them whatever they need. Those moments were fabulous, spiritual, full of peace, joy and the holy city was filled with the spirit of God. During church program in Nkamba New Jerusalem, the pastor preaching was based on their returning home. He focused on this important biblical chapter (Leviticus 25:8-11). Also during the banquet that took place on the 14th of October 2000 in honor of the delegation, Brother George Harris announced that “They killed the body but they could not kill our spirits”. The songs that I’m listening in the kimbanguist church remind me of the Negro Spiritual. What we are feeling here is the same that happened in the U.S.A. we will return. There will be 500, 1000, 2000 and even more to come back. Are you ready for that? How will you accommodate us? Can you build thousands of houses to accommodate us? The anonymous answer from the public was yes we will. This is a very spiritual connection that everyone should focus on.  
         Here are some more examples that really show how African Americans always think of returning back to the land of their ancestors:  watching and listening to Steve Harvey telling jokes about his trip to Africa, was very relaxing and fun. He got people’s full attention when he mentioned how astonishing and deep his nephew Thomy was. He was amazed about a tip that he wrote while in Africa: “we are going back to a place called home to which we have never been”. …! Going back home to a place you never been before? That’s deep!!! Steve went on explaining how amazed he felt by reading the tip so am I. (Steve Harvey) . The spiritual and cultural meanings embedded into this powerful statement explain why over the years African Americans never stopped raising the awareness of returning back home whether for fun, pleasure, business, social work, connection to family roots, or prophecy. For Vanessa Williams: knowing the tribe she came from would be a luxury thing as she explained in the interview with ESSENCE MAGAZINE: Why do you think it’s so important for African-Americans to build a family tree?
WILLIAMS: I wish to have the luxury of knowing what tribe we came from and having all of those records available  . It is one of our struggles as African-Americans, our lack of documentation. It is difficult to find documents and pictures due to slavery, financial issues, etc…”
In this particular example Mrs. Vanessa Williams’ motivation and driving force is the hope to her ancestors connection, the same as many African Americans. But the lack of documentations, pictures, financial issues as she mentioned plus the lack of services aboard dedicated to the matter delays the accomplishment of this dream. As known by kimbanguists,  father Simon Kimbangu revealed through his son father Diangienda Kuntima that "the kimbanguist church will be the starting point of their recovery". Because each and every one of them will be revealed through the power of the Holy Spirit, their original ancestors and families which they lost longtime ago. This is a living reality that people will experience in times to come.  In the kimbanguist church, Much has been done in the context of the prophecy about the  African Americans and all blacks return to the motherland. A decision to build a residential town in Nkendelo (Nkamba), was the boldest decision made by the church to see the prophecy coming into a reality.
           This was a clear different approach towards the prophecy and an assurance to all children of Africa about the undeniable support they have if returned; it was a declaration of real work, no longer a matter of just words or theory, but a concrete action that was taken.
SE Dialungana Kingani Salomon Paul, (Spiritual Leader of the EJCSK 1993-2001) laid the first stone for the construction of the Town dedicated to African-Americans in Nkendolo/Nkamba.
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