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                                        Slavery Impacted African lives           

Between 800 and 1500 AD European countries began to practice a great deal of human trading in Africa. They used sail all around and brought people to Europe, Asia, and America. Basically they should return after discovering Africa. But Gold, Ivory, oil, cobalt and all other important African wealth and natural resources made them stay. Colonists and missionaries worked together. They did whatever they could to make Africans feel themselves inferior to them for a better domination. Africans were very strong spiritually as God really was among them in all circumstances. In contrast, human bandage, forgetfulness, religion change, immorality, slavery and human trade were put in place. As a result, many Africans were uprooted from their homeland and be brought to foreign countries to serve as slave.
                  During slavery many of them were tortured, abused and even forced to fight in their armies for what they did not even know the reason for. Many of African slaves intended to escape looking for means and ways to return to Africa. Unfortunately, the lack of means, possibilities and the distance to where they were brought made it impossible.
Many other escaping strategies were implemented in the secrecy as they looked for ways and   alternatives to free themselves out of slavery. Most of those strategic attempts to escape were successful as we can notice a great number of black Africans scattered all around the Caribbean, India and Australia. Those who were unable to escape were bound to remain to where they were and continued to serve as slaves. But they did not relentlessly stop to fight for their freedom which they were successful to overcome. The remaining Africans who served as slave in their own land did not have any place to escape. They stayed in Africa to preserve their lands. But did not either stop seeking for ways to free themselves from slavery. They also fought for their freedom and were successful to overcome it by the help of the almighty God. This is a very long history but!!!!
To those slaves who were brought to foreign countries, they lost their families, friends, tribes, cultures and belongings and knowing not how to connect themselves to the roots which they belonged.
                 This went on from generation to generation.   The awareness of returning back home goes far back. The record shows that several organizations where created before 1848 in attempt to encourage the spirit of returning back home: The American Colonization Society, founded in 1816 by Charles Fenton Mercer, In 1811, Paul Cuffee, “a black man who was a wealthy man of property, a petitioner for equal rights for blacks”  began to explore the idea of black people returning to their native land . He was convinced that “opportunities for the advancement of black people were limited in America, and he became interested in African colonization.”  With the help of some Quakers in Philadelphia, he was able to transport thirty eight blacks to Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1815.
                  The movement has revolutionized over the time, many organizations, churches, groups, communities, private entities are devoted to helping folks to accomplish this life dream of returning back home. Mrs. Sharity Ross-Petit, an attractive African-American woman from Maryland, is the director of what she calls the Motherland Project, one of the organizations providing help to those who are willing to connect to their roots in Africa, page 4 to follow…………………….on the paper. 
Returning Back To Africa Was Revealed 
            God is real and always ready to show is love to the oppressed people. The birth of Simon Kimbangu in 1887 marked the end of slavery. In 1921 father Simon Kimbangu the special envoy of the lord Jesus Christ revealed that all of those who were sold in foreign countries will in days to come be returning in their original African land. The land of their ancestors. They will do more to rebuilt Africa and take the advantage of the African wealth that also belongs to them. People may be wondering if how that lost connection will be turning into a reality seeing that culture, family connection even originality among slaves was lost. The answer would simply be that, God never lies. He knows all about the present, past and the future. Everything that was revealed by father Simon Kimbangu had been happening just as he predicted. That is to say, he knew or knows how and when this reconnection will be taking place. 
In reality, the first delegation of African American which was led by George Harris began in October 5, 2000 in Kinshasa precisely in the democratic republic of Congo. They were triumphantly greeted by kimbanguist congregation.  Now the first harbinger of their trip mystery was marked by a conversation that brother George Harris had in person before a poster of Father Simon Kimbangu that is placed in the Kimbanguist conference room in Kinshasa.    Read More