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                   Mother Muilu was the first kimbanguist church leader who was not elected by people but chosen by the lord himself. She was very kind to everyone. She was filled by the Holy Spirit. Mother Muilu perseverance benefited all of us. She accepted torture and humiliation so that all of us could be saved. Being spiritually equal before God and physically equal in the priesthood, Nowadays the equality between man and women perpetuated forever in the kimbanguist church and the entire world. Because long time ago Women were excluded in some sacraments, priesthood as they were not granted the right to teach in front of man or intervene for them. But thanks to mother Muilu that kimbanguist women and women in the entire society have the same right as man.
                 Aiming on prosperity, it is worth recalling that the courage and determination of mother Muilu Kiawanga also gave birth to the creation of (AFKI) the kimbanguist women association that took place in October the 8th 1965. This association plays a big role in church plantations, constructions and any activity in the kimbanguist church wherever the church is planted.
                  Human cursing was caused by Eve. But the victorious recovery in the fourth generation mainly in the church of the Holy Spirit came through mother muilu. Meaning that, as woman was at first to be tempted by Satan which brought punishment to them and the entire world from the first, second, third and finally the fourth generation as revealed by the Holy Spirit, the lord himself asked us to seek and beg forgiveness on their behalf as everything were blocked and depended on that. Because when they both sinned they did not ask for forgiveness.
                It is clearly noticeable that through mother Muilu kiawanga works and fulfillment, women who was lost and cast away from God, regained her dignity in from of the lord. Eve was black upon creation and the lord used mother Muilu also as black for recovery. This spiritual demonstration is leading us to the final mission of the Holy Spirit gradually in order to regain our lost close relationship to God and the recovery of our power that was taken away from us because of our ancestor’s sin. This is highly spiritual.

Mother Muilu Kiawanga’s Death 

              Mother Muilu Kiawanga died on the 27th of April 1959. There was not any troubling or serious sickness that caused her death. But before her death she pointed that I have to go and be by the father so that everything you need could be answered. During her funeral, there was unexpected appearance of angels moving around Ngombe kinsuka in celebration of her triumphal victoty. Those who were spiritually touched by the Holy Spirit also had the chance to see father Simon Kimbangu and mother Muilu Kiawanga both dressed in white rising in slow motion from the earth to heaven accompanied by angels. This attests to the fact that, our vulnerable mother had indeed kept her promise and became our intercessor to God the Holy Spirit. Also before her death, father Simon kimbangu instructed her to leave the church ministry and all of the responsibility to the youngest son father Diangienda kuntima Joseph. He led the church from 1959 and throughout the underground independence movement in 1960 until 1992 the year of his death.