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Mother Muilu Kiawanga’s Passion 

              Mother Muilu Kiawanga Nzitani was father Simon Kimbangu’s wife. She was born in 1880 in nkamba in the democratic republic of Congo. After their custom marriage they had three children. Father kisolokele Lukelo Charles born in February the 12th 1914, father Dialungana Kiangani Salomon born in May the 25th 1916 and father Diangienda Kuntima Joseph born in March the 22th 1918. As planned by the lord, this marital union was simply a preparation to succession and the continuity of God ministry in the world as the Holy Spirit came to stay forever among his people untill the fullfilment of his promise . It had been prophesized that if Jesus had to be married and had children during his lifetime, the Holy Spirit would not come. Jesus would have left his undone work to his children. Just before Kimbangu marriage, he predicted that he will get married and God already granted three children.
             Mother Muilu kiawanga was an exemplary woman. She did not attend any school. But, she attended a supernatural spiritual school through his husband. She was very privileged to witness the work of father Simon Kimbangu including his conversation with the lord as he was ordering father Simom Kimbangu to take over and continue with God’s work which he could not finish. Mother Muilu could hear Jesus voice. Indeed, what she heard from the lord came up to be a reality.
              After his arrest, kimbangu asked to the lord as follow. As I’m being arrested and then be removed from Nkamba. Who will take over on your work? The lord replied, Kimbangu leave everything to your wife Muilu Kiawanga because she is your eye witness on everything.
Mother Muilu Kiawanga had been a woman of principles and conviction. She feared the lord blamelessly as she prayed constantly and observed God’s commandments. She was strict on herself and to her children. She managed to preserve and consolidate brilliantly in a political and social context the work that was started by her husband. During that time mother Muilu  and her children lived in a miserable home in Ngombe Kinsuka. At the time of their persecution,They were not authorized by the Belgian authorities to go beyond certain perimeter. Their movement and gesture were all monitored. No parents, friends or acquaintance would visit, assist or support them. Whoever is caught helping them would serve prison time or any kind of punishment. 
              They lived on a daily absolute loneliness and isolation for sometimes. But Simon Kimbangu who was in prison was spiritually coming to visit them in flesh and in spirit. He brought them any kind of support they needed. This was being kept as secret because disclosing such information might cause them in more trouble. Despite all tortures and mistreatment that she had suffered, she had not shown any act of violence against them. Her faithful to her husband and her God detached her from materialistic tendencies. Prayers and her confidence also made her victorious ,because she was being led by the Holy Spirit.
Mother Muilu Kiawanga played a big role from 1921 to 1959 the year of a major rate of mortality in the region including the surrounding countries. At Simon Kimbangu’s arrest, the colonial government never thought that mother Muilu also would be a threat to them. She continued the work of her husband in the secrecy.
               During this time people were coming from the Belgian Congo, Congo Brazzaville and the Angolan territory which was controlled by Portuguese in secret to consult her for whatever they needed. Mother Muilu was teaching and instructing them about the principles and methods of the Kimbanguism. People really considered her just like Simon Kimbangu her husband. From 1942 to 1951 kimbangu followers created their own unique alphabet that they used to communicate to each other. These alphabetical scriptures could not be understood by the colonial soldiers or anyone else out of that net . Mother Muilu taught hymns to people. She was the initiator of the baptism system in Nkamba and she also created the Christian card system. April the 12th 1959 she issued cards to the first ten people that she converted to kimbanguism. In times of trouble and adversity she never ceased to trust in God. Her determination created a perfect spiritual connection to her God. In any case of absolute necessity such as sickness or any kind of emergency that needed her to intervene, it was enough for her just to pray in that direction , as a result , in a matter of seconds the individual in question was presented before her in flesh and bones no matter where he,she was. Mother Muilu also had the spiritual ability to predict events simply by scanning and focusing on the horizon carefully. Sometimes she would predict that today these and that will happen and so it happened. Everyone was surprised as it happened just like she predicted. 
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