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               In 1935, the temple of Nkamba New Jerusalem, was coming down from heaven, peep out by Belgian colonists and people in the village of Kimaza placed near Nkamba Jerusalem. Belgian colonialists were jealous, furious and started shooting "the spiritual temple which descended from heaven in its entire splendor. (Apoc.21: 2 - 8) The Temple then began to move in space from the holy city of Nkamba to Kimaza and vice versa, repeatedly.  The military settlers were frozen with terror: This phenomenon mysterious action was called "The Maneuvers of Kimaza." It is to recall that before, September 10, 1921 in Mbanza Nsanda, father Simon Kimbangu himself had already predicted that: "Later, at the time fixed by the Lord,  will be erected a huge temple in Nkamba whose spiritual interest will be significant and beneficial to our country, Africa and the entire world. This spiritual temple seen in 1935 was similar to the current temple of Nkamba new Jerusalem, built by people bare hands from 1976 to 1981 and inaugurated by Kimbanguists in April the 6th, 1981. 
             In Nkamba, Some foreign visitors Christians and non Christians and Kimbanguists faithful meet individually (in direct vision, face to face) with the true Jesus Christ, Abraham, Moses, Simon kimbangu, mother muilu Kiawanga his three children even Mary and Angels ect….. … Inside father Simon Kimbangu Mausoleum Others meet their deceased parents or grandparents. It's a real grace of God. Nkamba New Jerusalem is the seat of God reigns and all his heavenly court members: a true bliss for  those  who are touched by the LORD . Captivating testemonies show that the Ark of Noah is indeed Nkamba New Jerusalem, In spiritual dimension, not visible by ordinary mortals. These accounts also mention  another great mystery : on the hill Mitinu, just 10 mimutes from the main entrance south of Mitinu, is where  Abraham patriarch was preparing to sacrifice his son Isaac.
              All domestic animals inside Nkamba New Jerusalem such as: (chickens, roosters, ducks, sheep, goats, fish, etc...) Must live freely in peace. To catch or kill anyone of them must be done from the church spiritual leader authorization or anyone who is anointed from God. Several accounts tell that one time in Nkamba New Jerusalem, an abusive thieves of chicken eggs and fish from the source of holy water or those who wanted to kill sheep inside Nkamba Jerusalem were mysteriously being accused to father Dialungana Kiangani, the guardian of the holy city. Chickens and sheep came physically themselves to father Dialungana Kiangani to present or make their complaint in their respective languages as the mediator elected easily understood. Of course, ordinary people would listen the bleating of sheep or the clucking and cackling chickens. Those faulty robbers were often being called by father Dialungana Kiangani to justify themselves before a possible sentence. As for fish, their accusations were certainly in the spiritual dimension that did not necessarily require a visible or physical movement from the holy water.
             Those culprits were called and were severely reprimanded. In Nkamba New Jerusalem, father Simon Kimbangu always preached on non-violence and prohibited any obscurantism practices like , fetish, witchcraft, magic, etc.. But according to some Kimbanguists faithful testimonies , criminals obstinately persisted in doing evil. Then, one day together with his first son, Charles Kisolokele Lukelo whose habit was to follow his father everywhere he was going, wanted to go with father Simon Kimbangu, but he refused to take him to where he was going .because father Simon Kimbangu knew that he was going to destroy and surprise all sorcerers in their nocturnal market meeting in a village around Nkamba called Kimiala. But father Kisolokele insisted to go with his father.  They went at the scene spiritually in flesh and bones in a matter of second. it did no matter how far they were from Nkamba. Simon Kimbangu was able to move from one place to another in a matter of a second.
             Upon their arrival in that meeting at night, father Simon kimbangu gave them an historical novel warning that was followed by a powerful prayer. Then father Simon kimbangu and his son returned home. After the prayer all of them (sorcerers) were completely immobilized on the spot and paused until the morning (just like a still video image paused on a TV screen). The next day, after morning mass church prayer in Nkamba, father Simon Kimbangu asked the parents of absentees to take some suitable clothes with them and follow him to where they were paused clothe less in Kimiala . Simon Kimbangu led them to the scene where the witches or sorcers were all frozen, immobilized, waiting, and each one of them remained in the same position of the fatal "satanic nocturnal market" of last night. Just imagine yourself when people were able to see their family members put in that position. It was really amazing and heart breaking! .After that a great number of those who were caught, had to flee their villages. Since then, such mystery was no longer seen in those areas. Father Simon Kimbangu simply just wanted to stop them on what they were doing in secret. Because he had been preaching them about abandoning all those satanic activities but they never did.    Read More