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The Mystery Of Nkamba  New Jerusalem

         In September 1910, a visible constellation of Nkamba was observed in the Congolese sky for several days, with a bright moon. It was a harbinger of new events, including the presence of the spirit of truth in the body of Simon Kimbangu in the African soil . Simon Kimbangu predicted that God will grant three children and himself be reborn in 1918. It was accomplished as predicted. 
         In March the 18th 1921, the heavens opened in Nkamba New Jerusalem. A Dove carrying a Bible descended from heaven to the earth and gave it to father Simon Kimbangu, Then flew back to the sky which was closed after the dove’s entry. From there, father Simon Kimbangu was then coated with spiritual power from high. 
         In 1921 in Kela, a village near nkamba New Jerusalem, father Simon Kimbangu received, a mysterious and sacred stick from the Lord Jesus Christ, which is called Mvuala Lulendo . Kela also has become a holy spiritual site for kimbanguists and the entire world. The Kela revelation has been made public in September 2003. This sacred stick guided and helped father Simon Kimbangu during his perilous religious activities in the country when he was hotly being pursued by the Belgian colonists in order to stop him from his spiritual activities. Father Simon Kimbangu Sacred stick is still operational and kept up to these days in Nkamba New Jerusalem including the Bible as well. This is respectively a moving and exiting history to know. It will be a wonderful spiritual history to write and let the world know in times to come. 
        In June the 6th, 1921 in Nkamba New Jerusalem, God demonstrated  his  irresistible power to humans. When the Belgian authorities and soldiers invaded Nkamba  and intended to arrest father Simon kimbangu and his family, God himself recued them miraculously. Here is how: 
         Facing the challenge, father Simon Kimbangu uttered a loud cry, calling upon Christ's  help. This loud cry was so great, and was heard around the surrounded villages.  Now symbolizes the musical roaring of the frenzied and regular Kimbanguiste band (FAKI) in  the holy city that looked quite the same. It was so loud.

         Thus, after the screaming, thanks to his gift of divine omnipresence (ubiquity), Simon Kimbangu joined with his wife and children were all in a matter of seconds transported and moved spiritually in flesh from Nkamba to Ndimba nkenda or Mbuki, a quiet and safe place where they found refuge. And then father Simon Kimbangu returned spiritually to Nkamba in a fraction of minutes to lead his people in Nkamba. As they were scuffling with the Belgian soldiers, an angel of God came out of a tree (Nsafu to release father Simon Kimbangu and helped him scape to Nkendolo, where he was following the scene that was occuring in the holy city from a far. Several Kimbanguists also escaped and rejoined later father Simon Kimbangu in Nkendole then in Mbanza Nsanda, where he continued his powerful ministry in the bushes. 

          The Belgian colonists were soaked in a terrible hatred and began immediately  searching for father Simon Kimbangu and his followers.  At the time of this"great man-hunt," father Simon Kimbangu sacred stick that i have already discussed above ,guided them on everything they were doing and everywhere they were going. The lord also presented him the Key to the world. This spiritual site in Ndimba Nkenga was also revealed to the public in September 2003. It has become an attractive place to visit. Everybody go there annually for their prayers and retreats. 
            From 1918 until 1921, Father Simon Kimbangu was accustomed to retire quietly on the hills of nkamba away from any noise to pray. He would make deep prayers and spiritual retreats (Beko) at a place called N'dimba Mankondo: That's where Kimbanguists retreats begun . This quiet and discreet place was also revealed to the public in 2003. This is the place where father Simon kimbangu and the lord Jesus Christ had been meeting, conversing and giving instructions to father Simon kimbangu. For some people , this may seem improbable, even impossible. But father  Simon Kimbangu had the gift of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ and converse with him face to face whenever  necessary. 
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