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No joy either repairs will erase all crimes which were committed against us. But God himself knows how and when to reward them. We are only his servants who had accepted his works and recommendations”.
It is to mention that in the kimbanguist church , we found evidences that describes the colonizer’s identities and heads of offices who were among those who  imposed the sentence of kimbanguists. This secret report of the Belgian state security had fallen at the sudden return of the colonists. The results of this report are kept in the kimbanguist secret documents up to these days in the Belgian government. Multiples efforts are made  by kimbanguists in order to get all of those documentations back , but not yet gotten.  These  victimized kimbanguists  were indeed harmful as the colonists secret reports presented? No , no, no. Kimbangu miracle mysteries were  not stifled through this secret report?  To be clear, the colonizer’s ruling was put simply to protect their interests . The hope of all kimbanguists is that one day, Belgium and all Congolese kimbanguists open and find folders containing thousands of innocent people who were killed in appalling and inhuman conditions and genocides in the territories. This will be the time when congolese kimbanguists and the entire world will raise the name of all those people and soldiers who gave their lives for congo freedom.