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Between 1921 and 1959 , 37,000 kimbanguist families or suspected were deported to the north east and south eastern of the republic democratic of Congo . only 2,000 families survived the banished and deportation to the appalling condition. all others had perished because of persecutions.  the troublemakers trial of the Belgian Congo peaceful began on September the 29th 1921 ,  which lasted five days. more than hundred of mans and women including children marched without committing any act of violence or deny  counts against them. none of any fair trial, human right and justice were recognized by the Belgium conquerors. the consequences of the outcome of these lawsuits were ridiculous tears and human disconsidaration which was used without having any right of speech as deemed blasphemous. They lost their clans, lands and were banished from the land of their ancestors to satisfy their mercantile ambitions.  After the trial day,  while awaited for execution, the hunting of mans and women continued across the lower Congo. Also arrests and imprisonments succeeded in Luozi (North) territory and south, and from south,north of the cataracts and the territory of Mayombe. All of the sudden, the number of guilty grew geometrically. The trial was stopped for the reason that, whoever suspected as being from Bakongo tribe was indeed  considered as Kimbangu movement followers. They were arrested and sent to Thysville which is actually called Mbanza Ngungu without trial, judgement because of their membership and belief. They were liable to perpetual residence in the upper Congo with their families and their properties were all confiscated. The trial of Kimbangu and his family including his followers was  expeditious as organized by the Belgian. Kimbanguist legal experts in civil , criminal and military right will one day demand the revision of these trial. The Belgium who settled these trial at the time of these events had exceeded to use of authority and power. All treaties that were emplemented at that time which were supposed to protect human right as established by the Belgium Government, had indeed been violated.  It is evident that the bad treatment, imprisonment for religious reasons or views that mans and women including children had suffered, should not be the case of all these. But the Belgian  authority just wanted to show the eyes of their peers  that slavery had not been banished. But continued in a different form. Because when it came to rules and methods nothing had changed for black considaration.   

The settlement was the extention of slavery deceaded     

The separation of urban organizations were noticed. That means, whites on their side and blacks also on their side.  Black children were not attending white schools. Hospitals, shoppings and even jobs were all divided by skin colors.  Peripheral agglomerations were paradoxically called Belgian cities, but none of them had lived there.  Finally, stores, hotels, restaurants and boats had two classes. One only reserved for blacks and the other one reserved only for whites. But dear father wrapped in white robes ironically preached brotherhood and equality of all race in front of the lord. The trials and conviction of kimbangu and his followers were the most shameful in the twentieth century as ever known. It was mainly the work of the roman catholic church . References should be taken at the time of Nantes inquisition where people from another religious faith were exterminated in masse  and outcasted from society. 
During the opening of the first kimbanguist school in Kinshasa  in the month of January 1960, the kimbanguist spiritual leader father Diangienda Kumtima stated that “ we are demonstrating no hatred or revenge to all of those who have mistreated us . It is certainly difficult to forget all sufferings  and mistreatment that we faced in the past because of race. Our lord simon kimbangu taught us to forgive all of those who have arrested, tried, convicted and thrown us in prisons in the name of christ’s testimony as we revealed the truth and  his presence among us,   obeyed to his commandments, performed his works and spreaded his words among nations. We have suffered all kinds  of humiliations and racial denials. Our victory is that , we have not shown any revenge against all tones of provocations against human right violations that we were all victims. We have demonstrated our ability to realize the power , love and humbleness that christ had shown us .  Read More