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 But these are only effective to a dissent good Christian who respects all of the principles and methods ordered by S. kimbangu and the twelve commandments given by God which allows the Holy Spirit to act. The other step is based on the prophesy realization. The establishment of the kimbanguism is organized in a collective way of living among kimbanguists. The principles and methods brings hope and spiritual salvation that shows a total liberation from wickedness. Besides church programs and retreats, the kimbanguist congregation put themselves into well formed church associations to enforce cultural, social and economic aspects as we can find divers associations like choirs, women and men associations that creates an integral part in the true kimbanguist way of living, as it shows how the kimbanguist church and its Christians impregnates all of the aspects of all individual life into a collective one. It is imperative to mention that kimbanguists are involved in the society by putting a dissent behavioral conducts linked to the principles and methods that I early mentioned. In conclusion, the principles and methods that were elaborated by Diangenda Kuntima who was the late spiritual leader in connection with the Holy Spirit himself, governs the kimbanguist’s daily behaviors. The implementation of this way of living in the society has made a true kimbanguist to become more touched by the Holy Spirit. This is the contrary to a false kimbanguist who disrespects the principles and methods including the Ten Commandments. This is a very spiritual connection to God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.