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 Kimbangu he is the one that invites each one of us to carry his own cross and walk behind the footstep of Christ without failure. The kimbanguist theology makes a permanent honor to those who just in time and space, were worthy servants of the lord and his redeemer messiah. These people do not belong to the past. They live as they are with Christ and pray constantly for the humanity because they support the work of the Holy Spirit that intercedes for us to the lord and Christ.

The kingdom of heaven 
     As Pilate questioned Jesus, and he replied, my kingdom is not of this world. If that was the case, my servants would fight for me so that I might not be delivered to Jews. But my kingdom is not from here (John 18:36). The kimbanguist theology does not embrace the view that mankind would already live in the kingdom of God as claimed by some Christian theologies. It's true that Christ came to fulfill his mission of redeeming mankind from sins to create conditions that would liberate man from the clutches of Satan. As of the Kimbanguist theology, the kingdom of heaven is essentially a heavenly kingdom to those who have left the flesh and put on a spiritual body are part of that kingdom as justified by Christ. Accessing to this kingdom is selective and follows the criteria of grace, faith and the practice of God’s commands. In the other hand, being saved is equivalent to enter this kingdom. There will be a time when the kingdom of heaven will descend down to the earth, according to John’s vision. But it will only happen at the advent of Christ (Apocalypse 21:2). The world of today is plagued and undermined into  sin, hatred, violence, immorality, injustice, irreligion, misery, death and even more not mentioned, which none of these are seen in the kingdom of heaven. Isn’t Jesus who taught to his disciples that in his coming he will place righteous on his right, and say come and get my father’s blessing and inherit the kingdom of God? Shortly before his death, Jesus reassured and promised them to welcome them in his heavenly kingdom.


       Millions of Christians throughout the world who have received the missionary’s gospel from the west, are still struggling to free themselves from the misdeeds and arrogance of a type of theology that some middle north Atlantic wanted to impose elsewhere. Until the end of colonial era, everything happened as if God could only reveal himself to mankind through the west. Nowadays, these people no longer want to be Christians in the image and likeness of these westerners. Some Christians theology consider North Atlantic with contempt and suspicious to any theology coming from elsewhere. As this theology unilaterally defined criteria of a “valuable baptism” even the invaluable baptism.
     Doubtless, the baptismal practice in the kimbanguist church is mainly through prayer and laying of hands which is rooted in the bible. The church practices what is called “the baptism of the holy spirit “that John the Baptist talked about before Christ’s ministry. I John the Baptist, I Baptize you with water to bring you repentance but the one that cometh after me is so much greater than me and I’m not worthy to be his slave. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire “(Mathews 3:11)”. I have baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit “(Marc1:8) “, (Luke 3:16). The same as John 1:33-34 I did not know he was the one, but when God sent me to baptize with water,   Read More