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 When Jesus was asked, Good Teacher, what should I do to get eternal life? Jesus replied to him: Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone (Mark 10:17). These extracts from the conversation between the rich young men and Jesus, leads us to a deep reflection. Why Jesus who is God refused to be called “Good” when he said I’m not good but God alone. Is this a modesty? No one knows. For the kimbanguist theology, this conversation has shown us a new light on what should be understood as “Holy” There is no doubt that Jesus himself refused to be called good because he was still a human in flesh. Even if he did not lean himself to human desires, he knew about difficulties and struggles that every God servant must be delivered to in order to remain blameless to the lord. There is no doubt that as God Jesus who is and was holy, did not want to express it himself. The example that the kimbanguist theology take from this conversation between Jesus and the young rich man is that, no living human is holy. A human in flesh can constantly strive to holiness without even reaching to it because of flesh. The kimbanguist theology considers the community of saints as of those who are already dead, those with whom the Christ have already received in his heavenly kingdom as they were faithfully God followers during their lifetime on earth. Now, being a holy Christian as we are still in flesh is impossible in the kimbanguist theology. But yes, to those who have overcome Satan as the example of those we can name as Abraham, Noah, Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, John the Baptist, the apostles. Why not Simon Kimbangu and many other young, old, man and women? Does it make any sense to imagine that a king as the head of a government be without court, without friends? Moreover all citizen of any nation, as good and competent as they are cannot all be part of the entourage of the king or the head of state? Similarly, it is reasonable in the saint community to think that there are people who enjoy the special privilege of being part of the royal court of Christ. The book of Apocalypse says that they are no old people who prostrate themselves constantly in front of majestic divine throne? The condition of being part of Christ heavenly kingdom is answerable only to God in any exclusivity. We are confident that Simon Kimbangu is part of this privileged environment of Christ just as the apostles and other servants of God. The kimbanguist theology takes the most benefits from the existence of this privileged group around Christ. Indeed, although the kimbanguism being Christian did not need intermediaries to transmit their complaints and supplications to Christ through prayer, and may seek the spiritual assistance of St. Paul, St. Peter, and specially Simon Kimbangu for their support to any cause to Christ. This is not mandatory because Christ receives directly all prayers. It is evident that kimbanguist use this discretionally possibility. This is comparable to a child who seeks the assistance from his father by using the complicity of his or her mother in order to get whatever he wants. There is nothing wrong to that as it is clear that Simon Kimbangu he is the one who supports our prayers to Christ as they are as a team, so that the lord takes action as quickly as possible. For kimbanguists, Simon Kimbangu is the way that leads us to discover Christ. His ministry and work has given us the living and irrefutable proof that Christ was not only the redeemer of any particular people but yes for all mankind. As of the kimbanguist theology, Simon Kimbangu is a sort of Simon of Cyrene who carried Jesus cross.  Read More
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