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 The fact that Kimbanguist theology rejects the notion of unlimited divine love in respect to humanity. This doesn’t mean obliterating the concern that the lord has towards the humanity. Although the kimbanguist church does not have a narrow vision of this love nor a grim and vengeful. If this was the case, it should be hard to explain doubtless that Jesus sacrifice just enrolled in the course of his love. As he has full of love to the humanity,  he prefers to agree with the condition of his salvation rather than imposing. Christ believers make their daily experience on patience and divine love. If God was not love in being tough to human for a slight sin, no one would live. The long lasting God’s patience towards human wickedness in which some say that God’s love is unlimited and hell exist only in the imagination of those weak minded people.
In fact, human has a tendency to deliberately abuse God’s patience as St Paul says “it should instead be our profit to produce repentance”. If salvation depended exclusively to God without human participation, there is no doubt that the all humanity would benefit. But Christ himself proved that, this is not the case. As of the kimbanguist theology, Jesus through his sacrifice, created first the three condition of salvation for every human. That is grace. In the other hand, the divine love is one of most important condition but not sufficient to produce salvation. Human must find mechanism to grant salvation. Grace has already been provided by God. The kimbanguist theology reduced the following equation: Salvation=grace +faith + good works
Precisely because of human presence in the society, they are many who refuse to have faith in God and obey his commandments. That’s why Kimbanguist rejects the idea of a collective salvation. After all Christ never said that.  . But yes, each one will be rewarded according to his works. Kimbanguists makes much of repentance. Although Christ has recommended to pardon victim several times, there is no need to abuse God’s generosity and magnanimity. In the kimbanguist theology, repentance works better if the person in sin seeks to adopt radically a positive behavior that marks a complete rupture to each individual’s past bad behavior. The penitent must feel the gravity of his sins and thereafter act in order to stop the same mistakes from happening over and over.
 Repentance And Confection 
           The conception of repentance and forgiveness as understood and practiced by the kimbaguists is in contradictory with the practice of excommunication. Clearly , the church cannot excommunicate anyone . but all perpetrators of a serious misconduct are put into a state of discipline. Which means to prohibit them to take part in the sacraments for a specific period of time not more than six months. But it can also be longer than six months in case of willful violation of regulations prescribed to any matter. During this given time, the perpetrators must be in contact with pastors for a special sermons aimed at his spiritual and moral rehabilitation. The acts of repentance must be tied to confection. For kimbanguists, a full repentance requires that each one is bound to a sincere confession of his sins. Although, there is a possibility for people to confess to a pastor, the kimbanguist church also considers more on confessing in front of people. It’s to mention that this is not an imposition . but it is also the most common used in the kimbanguist church. The person confesses his sins and humbled himself before God and his fellows who serves as witnesses to a such confession to help intercede with the lord in favor of that person as he or she feels lonely. It is easier to commit sin than confessing in presence of people. We must believe that there is no way to hide ourselves to God, that’s why the person in guilty must take his shame and embarrassment out and be stimulant.