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     Even when somebody died, people called and relied on Kimbangu spirit by saying, "Kimbangu , Kimbangu come and bring this dead person back to life, and that person returned back to life and began crying. The joy flooded arround them as they  were relieved. Also in Kongo Kingdom came a woman prophet called Kimpa Vita who also critised negative actions of Europeans missionaries. Her message was accepted by the african people and became the hope in the Kongo Kingdom. She revealed that the spirit of Kimbangu will be born in flesh in a human form. He will be invinsible and will stop slavery saving blacks and the entire africa.

      The people of the Kongo Kingdom were deeply disillusioned by european missionaries. The role of colonial and so called misssionaries eventually caused  declines in the Kongo Kingdom. They were  implementing strategies for the division of Africa where workers were reffered as black slave builders . On February 26 1885 at the colonial conference in Berlin  led by Otto Von Bismarck, Africa was in fact unilaterally voted  as a real cake shared by colonial practicing a terrifying oppression of the people. But the Kongo people continued calling the spitit of Kimbangu in their lamentations and distresses until 1887. Indeed Wednesday september 12,1887 Kimbangu was born in the Kongo,which automatically marked the end of slavery in 1887. Kimbangu mission had already been presented to you as i first started on discribying his mission at the begining of my story.

      in 1910 four years before his customary marriage, Kimbangu revealed to all that God will grant three children all boys. And  i will be born again in 1918. His three children were in fact
- Kisolokele Lukelo Daniel Charles ( 02-12-1914 to 03-17-1992) - Dialungana Kiangani Paul Salomon (05-25-1916 to 08-16-2001) and finally Diangienda Kuntima Joseph (03-22-1918 to 07-08-1992. So his revelation came true at Diangienda's birth considered as Simon Kimbangu himself. Kimbangu taught on justice, equality of races and ordered people to abondon obscurantist practices, fetishes, and magic idols and follow God's word.  People believed on his teachings bringing growth of faith in God among Africans rather than Europeans missionaries teachings which brought distabilization to people.

         The African people became hopeful and many of them had abandoned Their old way of following the path of God. Kimbangu success was clearly seen  and everyone wanted to listen and follow his instructions, which brought people in Nkamba. Many of whom came from different regions . In fact Simon Kimbangu was not a prophet as he  was asked by De Rossi during his  sentence. He replied that i'm not a prophet but the messenger of the lord Jesus Christ, the spirit of truth who is the third person in the trinity God the holy spirit.    Read more