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          Simon Kimbangu appeared few months after his death to his disciples and stayed with them for 10 days. During those days, Kimbangu gave them so many instructions in how they should continue building the church which he started himself. He gave revelations on things that  will happen in the future promissing that, among you my disciples, some of you will not die until seing  them happen. As an example of mama Mikala Mandombe who also was arrested with Kimbangu .  She recently died after seing some of the revelations fulfillment  . 
          Father Simon Kimbangu revealed that all of those who were arrested together with me will be released from prison. And said, when you see this happening, the independance of Kongo will next take place and spread all over Africa. All colonists will regain to their places of origin by God's power. And so it happened in the 60s when the Kongo became independant and the Africa in general. S. Kimbangu also pointed that i have my children that were sold in foreign countries. They  will gradually be returning back to rebuild Africa.                                                                                                      
               During those ten days before disappearing, he told  his disciples to ask whatever they needed so that he could give them .  Some of those disciples asked if he could take the death away so that we could live eternally. S.Kimbangu replied to them as folllow, if i take the death away, you tell me what to replace after that? they did not have any answer to that .

               Then S. Kimbangu continued by saying , the son of God passed through death, I myself the third person in the trinity passed through death , which means, there is no reason to take that away, because that's  the only way to go back to the father. But i'm leaving you the bible, where you can find everything you will need. Read it by following my principals, but not the principals  of those who brought you this book , because the bible  contents had already been altered for their interests. S.Kimbangu made a demonstration to them by showing  a live vision of how the paradise looks like in a live motion. Which led some of his disciples to ask if they could die earlly so that they won't miss entering to paradise. Simon Kimbangu 's last word to his disciples was , I'm leaving now but  hear this,  Christ has given me the key to heaven and all four corners of the world. I have overcome the world. In days to come, there will be only  - ONE CHURCH           
                                                        - ONE LANGUAGE
                                                        - ONE GOD, I MYSELF KIMBANGU the God of your ancestors.
After saying that he blessed them for the last time and then disappeared.  This does'nt mean that he disappeared forever. Until now he shows up to people continuing to give revelations anywere in the world. He shows up revealing things that already passed long time ago mainly in times of our ancestors. He shows up revealing things to come in the future. Here in America he showed up last year in North Carolina exactlly on his birth date September the 12 2009 to a person who is from different religion for three consecutive times. Which shows the meaning of his death dying with one eye open and one closed as the answer would be, i Kimbangu i'm among dead people and among those who are still alive.    Read More     
Kimbangu's Appearance Few months After His Death