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In March 1921 he cured a woman called Nkiantondo just in laying his hand on and prayer. This first miracle news spreaded all over the region and led many people to Nkamba. In April 6 when he was accomplishing his mission in public for the first time, he preached the gospel and cured people with any kind of ailments. Kimbangu rose dead people back to life, made blind people able to see, deaf people able to talk, deficient people able to walk. A number of people had suffered some incured ailments that doctors could not heal, but Kimbangu was able to heal them just with a prayer. Kimbangu ordered people to abandon sorcery, adultery, alcool, tabacos, unusual dancing and traditional magics. He revealed the truth of the bible through the power of the Holy spirit. For what he was doing, people started calling him the savior. Unfortunately his mission only lasted 6 months.

In fact, people came from different regions to seek salvation. Army, Farms, Hospitals and Companies were all closed because workers abandoned their dailly works in direction to Nkamba.
Catholic missionaries,Baptists missionaries and business people in the region including Thysville and Leopoldville the actual Kinshasa, complained on how Kimbangu's divine miracles made their businesses go down. For that reason, the Belgian administration reacted by craking down on all of those who had broken their hiring rules. A warrant was issued against Kimbangu. On June 6 1921, soldiers came to invade Nkamba in order to arrest Kimbangu and his followers. But they managed to scape in the bushes leading Kimbangu to fulfill his mission in the secrecy.

On September the 10th 1921 Kimbangu was preaching with his furious face and staring eyes addressing to the crowd as follow, today is a special day for black people and the entire humanity. I'm revealed that the moment of my arrestation has arrived. Because of that , an incredible difficult moment of persecutions on me and my followers will lunch. But be calm and confident because God will be with us. He will never abandon whom ever believe in him. The Belgian government authorities will physically arrest me. but you my people, be silent with non violent acts . Remember this, they will never destroy the work that i have accomplished. It is true that my physical personality will be submitted into humiliation and tortures. My spiritual personality will also be put into fight against the injustices caused by the people of this world who are in darkeness. People who came to colonize us. But i came to liberate the people of Kongo and black people accross the world. Today we are still being persecuted, but in times to come, white people will become black and black will become white. Not in the color of skin but we will assume all of the responsabilities of our continent on our own and they will be submitted to our decisions. We will also be the same as they are in their countries. For everything that is going to happen on me and you my followers, i will not punish them but the lord himself will .

In days to come, a temple will be built in Nkamba in which the spiritual interests will be considerably beneficial to our country, the African continent and the entire world. You will see it when that moment comes. War will persist in the entire world and the Africain goverments will be seduced on white people influences and advises causing war and killing one onother in Africa. Lot's of young people will leave Africa in search of a better lives in Europe, America and Asia. The entire Africa will be independant. Dictators will come into power after the independance. It will take a million miles for black people to regain their spiritual maturity which will allow Africans to be materially and spiritually independant ,then the third step will emerge. The great king of the king will be born in the Kongo. He will be engaged with an highly important mission which will make him a great political, religious and scientific leader. He will restore the broken link between God and his beloved people by bringing harmomy among Africans. Because there has never been any race on earth being mistreated, humiliated like black people. I myself Kimbangu will be the master of that coming King.

The King will come with a powerful spiritual message in a book. This book will be rejected . But will eventually be accepted by all. The King will also be affronted by the people of his generation. But graduallly, people will understand him and follow his instructions. Who will prepare the people of Kongo without that coming King (Instructor) ? before that the people of Kongo must at first be instructed. You don't know what the spiritual war means.
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